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Boho Mommy and Me Newborn Style

So, how has my style changed post pregnancy?

To be honest, not much. I still love my activewear and a great wrap dress - which is the perfect nursing option. Cute diaper bags (like this convertible backpack from Luli Bebe) have replaced my purses and I’m living in Birdie flats (which are great for carrying baby and all this gear up and down my front stairs.)

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for my new mom nursing style.

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Shown in This Look


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Pregnancy Style: Knotted Knit Dress
Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

Vici Dolls is one of my favorite companies to work with.

They constantly have new items and for great prices. I especially love easy anything- but - basic knit dresses that I have clearly been rockin' throughout the second trimester of my pregnancy. Because Vici Dolls gets new items so often I've also put similar dresses below. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for pregnancy friendly knit dresses. 

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Pregnancy Style: Cotton Printed Jumpsuit

My next (pregnancy friendly) Vici Dolls looks is this super comfortably and breathable cotton printed jumpsuit.

I paired this with my ultra-comfortable grey heels that I've been living in throughout my pregnancy as well as a classic denim jacket. Prosciutto, of course, is the ultimate accessory. That is, until baby arrives!

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for pregnancy friendly knit dresses. 

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OOTD: Baby bumps and band tees

I love rock & roll,

so put another dime in the jukebox baby.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

First trimester pregnancy dressing is difficult.

The bump is definitely growing, but not noticeable to everyone quite yet. I can't really show it off yet don't really feel comfortable in my crop tops and matching sets anymore. That's why I've been living in oversized tops and sweaters worn with leg lengthening jeans. These amazing flared jeans are so long they require sky high heels but I don't mind the extra height. This look is all Vici Dolls, one of my favorite places to shop right now. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for graphic tees and jeans. 

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OOTD: Striped Jumpsuit

Now you see it,

now you don't. That's the way I feel about my growing baby bump.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

jumpsuits as maternity wear...who would have thought ...

This striped jumpsuit from Swirl Boutique hides my growing baby bump surprisingly well. I had never considered jumpsuits as maternity wear but I am realizing quite quickly that I value comfort AND style while pregnant. But mainly I just want to be comfortable because when pregnancy fatigue hits, it hits hard. This little number is perfect for running errands around town and relaxing on the couch. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for red striped jumpsuits. 

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My Wedding Day Part 2

First we got married in the Redwoods...


Next we danced the night away...

Now it's time for Part 2 of my wedding day sneak peek. For even more photos and all the details head on over to Green Wedding Shoes to see their full feature on our wedding. 


photography: Ty French // venue name: Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel, California, USA // event design: Bride + Ryder Sloan Events // planning: Lauren Wakefield with Ryder Sloan Events // florals: Christine Cater // wedding dress: Galia Lahav // bride's shoes: Chinese Laundry // bridesmaid dresses: BHLDN// hair stylist: Hair by Chrissy // makeup artist: Moni Sebestyen  // groom attire: Suit Supply and The Tie Bar // bride's 2nd dress: Haute Bride // videography: Sharkpig // paper goods: Aerialist Press // calligraphy: Evalyn Duke // catering: Santa Lucia Preserve // cake: Susie Cakes // desserts: Smitten Ice Cream // tabletop rentals: Frances Lane // furniture rentals: Found Rentals // linen rentals: La Tavola Fine Linen // music: DJ Cams // officiant: Tim Draper // lighting: Impact Lighting // photo booth: Smilebooth // ceremony strings: Corelli Strings // silent disco: HUSH Concerts // cookie placecards: Grace&Gusto // rentals: Theoni Collection

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 9.07.43 PM.png

It was a day to last a lifetime and I'm so happy to share it with you all. And now.... it's time for baby! Stay tuned for all of my thoughts on motherhood, my pregnancy and a behind-the-scenes look into our parenthood journey. 

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Sneak Peek into My Wedding Day

So... I got married.


And it was pretty amazing...

Here's a sneak peek of some of my favorite wedding day moments. For even more photos and all the details head on over to Green Wedding Shoes to see their feature on our wedding. 

Moments after putting on my dress, I burst into tears. Everyone, of course alarmed, asked if I was okay? I started laughing while tears kept flowing saying, “I’m just SO excited”! Looking through these it made me cry again, mostly because I’m now a pregnant hormonal lady, but also because I am still just so excited I got to marry you, Coulter. I love you.
— Chantelle Paige

Want more? Check out our feature in Green Wedding Shoes and stay tuned for Part 2 of my wedding day photo journal.

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OOTD: Sundresses and Iced Coffee

All you need is some sunshine,

some Philz coffee and a sundress from Swirl Boutique...

Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

Summer days call for a cotton sundress ...

This printed mini dress from Swirl Boutique was a great choice for a hot summer day. I love the simply, delicate print of the cotton which felt flirty and feminine as well as the flattering waistline. I accessorized this look with my personalized necklace from GLDN and my favorite weekend morning accessory... a Philz Coffee iced mint mojito. If you haven't had one of these babies you really need to head down to your nearest Philz and order one pronto. You may even catch a glimpse of me and Prosciutto waiting in line. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my favorite cotton sundresses.

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Home: My new kitchen look

a funny lil' story about moving in together...

So, when I moved in with Coulter I loved most of the major pieces in the house, with the exception of our dining chairs. They were olive green leather chairs, fabulous in the right home, horrible in our very modernly basic palette home. That being said, I've been dying to change them. It's taken me a while but I decided to have some fun with it. We knew we wanted to add some color to the kitchen, I just had to figure out how. That's when I stumbled across this GORGEOUS inspiration photo one day. It was a photo of a green house that had a little kitchen table with a light green velvet sofa behind it. That was it - I fell in love! So there I was, in love, and thinking to myself, "Why can't I have a sofa on the backside of my kitchen table? People use benches all the time, a couch is just a much cozier bench." So, I went for it. I got the Peacock velvet couch from Joybird, it is this gorgeous blue/green color. Now to find a great way to compliment the colorful couch and subdue it a little.... a woven grey chair. I didn't go completely tame, as you can tell, the fabulous chairs have gold legs! The woven grey also has the tiniest touch of baby blue, which I adore!!!!! All this to say, my kitchen went from being one of the biggest eyesores in my home to my favorite cozy nook! I mean, I am legitimately cooking meals now just so we can eat at home and enjoy this space ;) So, thank you Joybird!!!! 


I chose the Peacock velvet couch from Joybird, as you can see it is this gorgeous blue/green color. Now I needed to find a great way to compliment the colorful couch while also subduing it a little. Enter these woven grey chairs. I didn't go completely tame, as you can tell, these grey chairs have fabulous gold legs. The woven grey also has the tiniest touch of baby blue, which I adore. All this to say, my kitchen went from being one of the biggest eyesores in my home to my favorite cozy nook. I mean, I am legitimately cooking meals now just so we can eat at home and enjoy this space. So, thank you Joybird


My advice is this: find the one place in your house that you walk by and go "hmmmmm, that could be better" and make it better. Don't wait, do it now. I dragged my feet (literally for a year and a half). But once I actually took the time to figure out what I wanted instead, it was only a matter of weeks to change it. If you're a homebody or work from home, like I do, having your home feel comfortable and cozy is a MUST. Take the time, make the little tweaks. I promise you'll appreciate it far more than you even think you will. 

Thank you again to Joybird for the amazing couch and chairs. You officially saved my kitchen. 

With love,


Home: My office redesign

I have been anxiously waiting to show you how I redid my office!


First of all, I have to give a big thanks to Wayfair Registry for this post! Most everything you see in these photos is from Wayfair. They have everything from Jonathan Adler to a Moroccan pouf a.k.a. there's something for every price point!  


I wanted this office to be practical but still cute, of course. We are going to Morocco for our honeymoon and it has me getting all the feels, which I'm sure is apparent to you from the decor. I thought that the ergonomic black chair would be nicely complemented with a black and white rug and I was glad I went that route cause I feel like it tied it all together. The desk is amazing cause you can sit or stand with it. My last touch of Morocco is in the poufs, in my opinion, they add a little homey feel to the office plus they are great seating for any guests!


I added in these rose gold pieces from West Elm to accentuate the rose gold in the grey faux fur bench. The fur bench was the first item I chose (after the desk and chair). I just thought it was so fun and cozy. Since the room is small I couldn't do a couch so this was a great compromise. 


Last but not least you add in my office buddies Rachel, Smooch, and our newest office aide Lennon Leigh. She's working pretty hard for a four week old! 

Re-doing a room doesn't have to be as scary or expensive as you think it will be. You can do it, don't worry, and you'll feel very accomplished once it's done!

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One boho dress for three pre-wedding events

Have you ever found yourself wondering why it is that your friend that normally lives in sneakers, all of the sudden opts for 5-inch stiletto heels on her wedding day? Or the girl that you've never seen wear her hair up chooses a classic French twist rather than letting her wavy hair run wild.

I, personally, think it's because so many women feel there is an expectation on them to transform into "the perfect bride" from the minute they get engaged. And, in doing so, sometimes they lose touch with that special personal style that makes them so unique to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with letting your own quirky style peek through in your day-of wedding attire, as well as throughout all of the wonderful outfit opportunities leading up to the big event. Especially if you’re usually more bohemian casual than glam queen, like me.


To demonstrate how cool it can be to incorporate elements of your daily style into your pre-wedding looks, I've chosen this dress from David's Bridal and styled it for three different events in ways that playfully reflect my own everyday style. I've taken my casual bohemian wedding theme and translated it directly to each of these outfits.

P.S. you are totally allowed to use the same dress for all three of these events. There are no rules, just find fun accessories to jazz each look up!

This budget-friendly dress is a soft floral lace sheath gown with a blush lining beautifully done by David's Bridal. I love how soft and effortless it is while still feeling fresh and fashion-forward.


Look 1: Engagement Party


I love the playfulness of this look. Engagement parties are a time for celebration, without the stress and pressure of the big day. Why take yourself, or your look, too seriously? I loved the juxtaposition of a ripped denim jacket contrasting the tiara. The jacket screams "cool girl casual" while the tiara says "I'm playing princess for the day!"

Look 2: Engagement Photoshoot


For the engagement shoot, I wanted to incorporate something from my everyday wardrobe to keep the full length lace dress feeling more relaxed and more "me". So,I chose a cream fedora from my Lack of Color hat collection. Pro tip: I used this beautiful David's bridal headband as a hatband to add a little touch of sparkle. My amazing fringe sneakers are from Emonk Ibiza and added just the right amount of bohemian casual, and editorial edge, to finish this look off.

Look 3: Rehearsal Dinner 

dsc01163 2.JPG

One thing some brides forget to include in their wedding budget are all the pre-wedding outfits, including the rehearsal dinner dress. Why not buy one amazing dress for both your engagement party, shoot, and rehearsal dinner? It was so easy for me to completely transform the vibe of this dress from bohemian casual to rustically ethereal by quickly simplifying my look. Goodbye wool hat, hello sparkling headband. Wear those awesome sneakers again and save the teetering heels - and your sore feet- for the big day.

Shopping guide:


Thank you to David’s Bridal for sponsoring this post. I truly loved this dress! To check out more of their little white dresses click here. To find a location near you, click here! Most importantly, know that you are an incredible human being and there’s a reason he/she put a ring on it. Let that inner beauty shine and have fun being YOU on your big day.

With love, Chantelle


Photography by: Holly Dyche and Rachel Brooks

Floral arrangement by: Bloom Equation

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

Hair & Make-up by: Moni Sebestyan 

OOTD: The Perfect Silk Midi Dress

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

Photos by  @5oclocksunday .

Photos by @5oclocksunday.

...I feel pretty and witty and....."

But really! I'm obsessed with these Silk Laundry dresses. The way they hit your body and how they are loose at exactly the right places, leaving a little left to the imagination but hinting at all the right curves. In the first look, I chose to dress down silk fabric with a denim jacket and sandals whereas in the second look I glammed it up a bit with a studded tote and heels. These dresses are versatile and comfy, no wonder I got two of them!


So which dress is your favorite? I'll be honest, I've worn this floral number at least three times since I've gotten it and find it slightly easier to rock than the red. But, the red dress is the perfect bold choice for an event that you really want to make a statement. Want to get one for yourself? Head over to Silk Laundry or check my alternative options in the shopping guide below. 

With love, Chantelle

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OOTD: A boho maxi perfect for Valentine's Day

A bohemian maxi with just a little extra...

Valentine's Looks-7.jpg
Valentine's Looks-15.jpg
Photos by Nicole of  @43rdavephoto .

Photos by Nicole of @43rdavephoto.

You all know that I love a great maxi dress...

I live in them!!! So, I was thrilled when I found this maxi dress by Cleobella. It's a great day or night V-day date outfit, and I love the cleverly placed florals ;) Cleobella can do no wrong in my eyes though!!!  ...hence why I paired it with their clutch. Regardless of what you wear this Valentines Day though, I hope you feel sexy and loved!!! 

Valentine's Looks-17.jpg

The bodice of this dress is so beautifully detailed that I chose not to over accessorize it and simply let the neckline do the work for itself. I paired it with a maroon suede heel by Sam Edelman and this oversized embellished clutch by Cleobella. 

Valentine's Looks-5.jpg
Valentine's Looks-16.jpg

This outfit was originally posted on one of my favorite blogs, Advice from a Twenty-Something, my super cool girl crush Amanda Holstein's blog. She asked me to be a guest collaborator on her blog once a month (woohoo). If you want to check out our blog post on her site you can read more here. In the meantime, enjoy my shopping guide below with not only these exact items but my higher and lower priced alternatives so you can recreate a similar look that's all your own. 

With love, Chantelle

Valentine's Looks-19.jpg

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OOTD: When life gives you lemons.

When life gives you lemons...

XIX Palms Lemon Dress
XIX Palms Lemon Dress 2
Photos by  5oclocksunday

Photos by 5oclocksunday

....throw on a matching floral print and take some pictures.

I've been following the brand XIX palms for a while now - I'm pretty positive it's called Nineteen Palms but don't quote me on that. The lovely founder was one of the first few companies that I started working with in fashion and I've continued to be a fan of her bohemian printed dresses and flattering silhouettes ever since. Somehow, they always make me feel sexy and slim by accentuating all the right places. She has found the perfect point at your waist to make you feel 5 lbs slimmer (not that you need to be at all, you're perfect as is, little lady!). BUT, I feel like I can always down a pizza and still feel fabulously confident... and if that isn't a reason to buy a dress, what is?

Printed wrap dresses are part of my signature look and I try to use various styles of accessories to change the feeling of the outfit from boho, to edgy, chic or dressed up. This time I simply paired this yellow floral print with my rose-colored, velvet Chinese Laundry shoes from Zooshoo. These massive platforms are the first step to getting date night ready with my 6' 5" fiance!

Want this dress, you can find it here. Want more bohemian dress alternatives? Shop similar styles in my shopping guide below. 

With love, Chantelle

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Lemon Print Dress  by Show Me Your Mumu

Lemon Print Dress by Show Me Your Mumu

Two-piece dress by XIX Palms

Two-piece dress by XIX Palms

Striped Wrap Dress by XIX Palms

Striped Wrap Dress by XIX Palms