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Video: Recreate my Bridal Makeup in 15 minutes

I loved my bridal makeup so much I recreated it for an every day look.


I was so in love with the natural glowing makeup that Moni created for my wedding day that I asked her to translate it into a 15 minute look that I can wear any day. We used all of the makeup from my big day but limited the time we spent in order to make this a realistic every day look. How much do you love it? You can never really go wrong with a nude eye, glowing skin and pink lip. To learn how to recreate this look yourself see our full tutorial and shopping guide below. 

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Video: My Bridal Shower

With just one week left until I walk down the aisle, I wanted to take a second to share some of my pre-wedding events with you all. Starting with my bachelorette brunch hosted by Birdies and now with my beautiful bridal shower hosted by my Maid of Honor and sister Savannah. Not only was the shower beautifully bohemian but it was a great time to share with my friends, family and bridesmaids. We played games, shared stories and feasted on far too many delicious sweets. Enjoy!


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A year of white: My Bridal Style Part 2

Because it's a nice YEAR for a white wedding....

Alright, here we are with Part 2 of my year of pre-wedding outfits. In this edition we tackle what to wear to brunches, showers and my actual bachelorette party outfit that I showcased this last weekend in San Francisco. I'll share more on that amazing weekend later, but for now let's get to my favorite wedding whites. 



If you read Part 1 on the blog, then you already know that I am really enjoying having so many excuses to rock white this year. With less than a month left to the big day, I'm soaking up every last opportunity to put my favorite white outfits to use. Read on for shopping guides, tips on recreating each look and alternative events to show them off at.

Look 1: A lace paneled cocktail dress  


I love the lace collar on this dress by Elliatt Collective and the length is very classic. The sheer paneled pieces add some sexiness without making my family blush to much. I added a simply nude sandal so that the shoes didn't compete too much which the intricacy of the dress design.  

But where do I wear it?

  • To your engagement party
  • To your rehearsal dinner

Style Tips:

  •  This look lends itself to more nude and natural makeup. The dress is glam enough on it's own so a nude eye and lip keep it feeling youthful and fresh.   

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Look 2: a dress for the blushing bride


Don't consider yourself a traditional bride? Want to add a little surprise on your big day? Don't look great in white? Why not try a modern blush party dress? This dress is another win by Elliatt Collective - can you tell I'm a huge fan of this label? This style is from last season but I've included some equally jam-dropping blush dresses in the shopping guide below. 

But where do I wear it?

  • To your rehearsal dinner
  • For your engagement photos
  • As you reception party dress

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Look 3: Let your Lingerie play peek-a-boo 


Why wait until the honeymoon to put all of that bridal shower lingerie to use? Let those pretty white lace pieces peak through with a sheer bodysuit and lace mini. What a great way to get multiple uses out of that white lace lingerie. 

But where do I wear it?

  • Your bachelorette party
  • Your honeymoon

Style Tips:

  •  Feel a little TOO flirty? Pair down this look by adding a wool fedora, booties and a leather jacket. Nothing says California cool girl that a little leather and lace. 

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Missed part one? Check it out now!

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Photography by: Anastasia Sierra

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

A year of white: My Bridal Style Part 1

I'm going to the courthouse and I'm..... picking up my marriage license....

You know what, they don't write many songs about going to the courthouse to pick up your marriage license, or going to the bar for celebratory drinks with your future bridesmaids. I know, it's definitely a missed opportunity. Even still, these are both great excuses to wear white when you become a soon-to-be bride. I have tried to make the most out of my year and a half long engagement, wear a little (actually a lot) of white and really embrace my bridal style because Hey! I'm about to marry the man of my dreams and that is absolutely a reason to celebrate. 



I recently featured some an article on The Wedding Chicks called 5 Occasions To Wear White Other Than Your Big Day  but I wanted to take a second look and give you all even ideas of where to wear these looks. Read on for shopping guides, tips on recreating each look and alternative events to show them off at.

Look 1: A LWR (little white romper) is a great alternative to a LWD 


This look basically says, "I'm go-going to the chapel." You like what I did there? If you've always loved your legs then what better way to showcase them then in a Little White Romper? The beauty of this outfit is that you could where it to any of your pre-wedding festivities listed below AND then pack it with you to reuse on your honeymoon. The romper I've shown above is from Bless'ed are the Meek but you can shop alternatives here

But where do I wear it?

  • To pick up your marriage certificate
  • To your bachelorette weekend
  • To wedding dress shop with your gals
  • To celebratory drinks with your friends
  • On your honeymoon

Style Tips:

  •  This look screams sixties so go all out with some statement oversized shades and platform heels. 

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Look 2: Go modestly alluring in A crocheted lace


Would we call this farm girl chic? If you want to avoid feeling like a tablecloth in an open weave lace crochet just skip the white slip. The open weave of this Asilio dress (similar here) allows just the right hint of skin to peak through and creates a surprisingly sexy silhouette. Not ready to ditch the slip? See my style tips below.

But where do I wear it?

  • Bridal Shower
  • Post-wedding brunch

Style Tips:

  •  Add a nude slip if Great Grandma plans on making an appearance! This beautiful little number can be shockingly revealing. Not worried about it? Be sure to invest in some white boy shorts or high waisted panties and let a little skin peak through.

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Look 3: A classic strapless cocktail number 


...Because we all look good in a sweetheart neckline but not all of us get the chance to wear them on our wedding day. I think this cut can be so classic and flattering on so many different figures, which is why I chose this dress by Bless'ed are the Meek as a safe bet for most of your pre-wedding occasions. It's simple, classic, flattering and a length that is appropriate for most bridal situations. You can shop similar styles here. Of course, I added some sky high heels for a bit of glam (and height) but I kept the accessories to a minimum. All you need for this look is a great fitting dress, a smile and that beautiful bridal glow. 

But where do I wear it?

  • A formal engagement party
  • Your engagement shoot
  • Your rehearsal dinner
  • As your after-party dress

Style Tips:

  •  Keep accessories to a minimum and play off of the classic minimal vibe of this look

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Wedding Style Series with (SPOILER ALERT) a subtle departure from your traditional bridal white. 

With love, Chantelle

Photography by: Anastasia Sierra

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

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One boho dress for three pre-wedding events

Have you ever found yourself wondering why it is that your friend that normally lives in sneakers, all of the sudden opts for 5-inch stiletto heels on her wedding day? Or the girl that you've never seen wear her hair up chooses a classic French twist rather than letting her wavy hair run wild.

I, personally, think it's because so many women feel there is an expectation on them to transform into "the perfect bride" from the minute they get engaged. And, in doing so, sometimes they lose touch with that special personal style that makes them so unique to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with letting your own quirky style peek through in your day-of wedding attire, as well as throughout all of the wonderful outfit opportunities leading up to the big event. Especially if you’re usually more bohemian casual than glam queen, like me.


To demonstrate how cool it can be to incorporate elements of your daily style into your pre-wedding looks, I've chosen this dress from David's Bridal and styled it for three different events in ways that playfully reflect my own everyday style. I've taken my casual bohemian wedding theme and translated it directly to each of these outfits.

P.S. you are totally allowed to use the same dress for all three of these events. There are no rules, just find fun accessories to jazz each look up!

This budget-friendly dress is a soft floral lace sheath gown with a blush lining beautifully done by David's Bridal. I love how soft and effortless it is while still feeling fresh and fashion-forward.


Look 1: Engagement Party


I love the playfulness of this look. Engagement parties are a time for celebration, without the stress and pressure of the big day. Why take yourself, or your look, too seriously? I loved the juxtaposition of a ripped denim jacket contrasting the tiara. The jacket screams "cool girl casual" while the tiara says "I'm playing princess for the day!"

Look 2: Engagement Photoshoot


For the engagement shoot, I wanted to incorporate something from my everyday wardrobe to keep the full length lace dress feeling more relaxed and more "me". So,I chose a cream fedora from my Lack of Color hat collection. Pro tip: I used this beautiful David's bridal headband as a hatband to add a little touch of sparkle. My amazing fringe sneakers are from Emonk Ibiza and added just the right amount of bohemian casual, and editorial edge, to finish this look off.

Look 3: Rehearsal Dinner 

dsc01163 2.JPG

One thing some brides forget to include in their wedding budget are all the pre-wedding outfits, including the rehearsal dinner dress. Why not buy one amazing dress for both your engagement party, shoot, and rehearsal dinner? It was so easy for me to completely transform the vibe of this dress from bohemian casual to rustically ethereal by quickly simplifying my look. Goodbye wool hat, hello sparkling headband. Wear those awesome sneakers again and save the teetering heels - and your sore feet- for the big day.

Shopping guide:


Thank you to David’s Bridal for sponsoring this post. I truly loved this dress! To check out more of their little white dresses click here. To find a location near you, click here! Most importantly, know that you are an incredible human being and there’s a reason he/she put a ring on it. Let that inner beauty shine and have fun being YOU on your big day.

With love, Chantelle


Photography by: Holly Dyche and Rachel Brooks

Floral arrangement by: Bloom Equation

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

Hair & Make-up by: Moni Sebestyan