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My OOTD: Under $100

What I wore for Friendsgiving... a budget friendly OOTD. You can thank me later, and ice-cream is appreciated. 

Photo Nov 20, 5 31 11 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 20, 5 33 24 PM.jpg
White Zaful Sweater
Photo Nov 20, 5 33 36 PM.jpg

Can you believe this OOTD is under $100?

Why else would I be smiling?

So I'm never one to shy away from paying for that one perfect piece that I know I'll love forever, but I will say that I much prefer adorable fashion finds that don't cost an arm and a leg. I especially love this when trying out trends that come and go quickly like these fringed denim pants. I still find it hard to believe that this whole entire outfit can be purchased for under $100 total and look this luxe on. Just to be sure, I put it through the hardest test I could find... Friendsgiving with some of my most stylish friends. I have to be honest with you, there were more than a few "where did you get that" comments. 

Shop this look

Cropped and Fringed Denim Pants $21.34

Embroidered Booties $33.99

Cropped White Sweater $27.99

Fringe Earrings $3.41

+ 10% discount when you use my code! 


 Total: $78.05 ...Happy shopping!

With love, Chantelle