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So you’ve heard all about the ShopBop sale by now…

You still have a day to shop so I’ve put together my dream wishlist of pieces currently on ShopBop in for those soon-to-be mamas and those busy moms on-the-go. Enjoy!

For the stylish expecting mama:

  1. Bodycon Layering Dresses by Ingrid & Isabel (Image 1 here, Image 2 here)


I was obsessed with knit bodycon dresses all throughout my pregnancy. It is just too easy to layer a printed kimono, long line jacket or cozy sweater and constantly change up the look.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 12.08.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.37.45 PM.png

2. The Maternity Jumpsuit by Hatch (here)

1st Trimest

1st Trimest

2nd Trimester

2nd Trimester

Whether you are 3 months or 6 months, jumpsuits were my most unexpected pregnancy style find. They give that extra room around the middle while still allowing you to be comfortable and on-trend. Check out some of my favorites below.

3. That Knot Life (Knotted Sweater here)

1st Trimester

1st Trimester

4th Trimester- 1.5 Month Post-partum

4th Trimester- 1.5 Month Post-partum

Not quite ready to let the cat out of the bag? Knot front details are an easy way to hide a growing baby bump. I used this trick well into my 2nd trimester.

STYLIST TIP: You can continue to wear these styles throughout your 4th trimester as you let your waistline discretely shrink back to it’s pre-baby size.

For the new mama with little time but a whole lotta style game:

1. Trend watch! Fashionable slippers (These beauties here)


You know what wasn’t hard to find? Examples of me rockin’ my fashionable slippers. Even before baby, these were a staple in my wardrobe. They are trendy, comfy and oh so easy. Clearly they make me pretty happy as well considering the laughter in each of these photos. :) See some of my favorites below with some budget friendly alternatives as well.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 12.26.32 PM.png

Speaking of things in all my photos…

2. Belt Bags are back in style and I’m IN LOVE. (especially this one by Anine Bing)

Photo Mar 24, 1 44 16 PM.JPG

What could be a better trend for mamas than the belt bag trend. Hands free, stylish and a throwback to our youth. I think all of our mothers owned a fanny pack or two in their day.

3. #GIRLPOWER (this Tee here)


Alright, here’s the deal. We are busy, sometimes breastfeeding, we are a little bit (okay a lotta bit) tired and we just grew a human inside of us for over 9 months. We could use a daily reminder that we are superheroes. Why not indulge in some #FEMALE themed gear for that extra reminder that “You got this Mama!”

So what is this sale anyways?

Here’s the deal. ShopBop is currently having a sale from now until tomorrow, April 12th. You take 20% off orders under $500 or 25% off orders of $500 or more with code EVENT19.

Alright, one for the road. I just couldn’t help myself If you still haven’t found anything I’ve included my wishlist Spring items in the widget below. Happy shopping!

With love,


SHOPBOP SALE ALERT! Our favorites in every trend

ShopBop is having an awesome sale this week and guess what?

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found some of my favorite pieces on sale over at the ShopBop site from my IG looks. Don’t you worry, there is a little something for every one here. So let’s get started.

From my recent looks:

  1. For Love and Lemons one-piece bathing suit.

Remember this amazing For Love and Lemons one piece I rocked with the fam this weekend? Well, head over to ShopBop here to get your own (on sale!) And check out a few of my other Spring getaway recommedations in the widget below.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.42.06 PM.png

Throwing it back to my pre-pregnancy days with this amazing dress by Cleobella. You can get the same one here.


This 3D hearts Chaser sweater is comfy, casual, cute AND on sale! These are a few of my favorite things….

Photo Mar 24, 1 44 16 PM.JPG

Every time I rock these silver glitter ankle boots Rachel asks me where they are from. Clearly, they are quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe. Get your own pair here.

Remember these joggers from my coffee date with Senna and 5oclocksunday. Well they are by David Lerner and you can find them here. You are welcome, you officially will live in these because unlike your lazy day sweats these are acceptable for day to day life ;)

So what is this sale anyways?

Here’s the deal. ShopBop is currently having a sale from now until April 12th. You take 20% off orders under $500 or 25% off orders of $500 or more with code EVENT19.

Better get to shopping! Oh, and stay tuned to tomorrow’s post about my current ShopBop obsessions to help you stylishly conquer your mom style and up your pregnancy OOTD game.

With love,


OOTD: embroidered summer dress

summer, summer, summertime...

in capitola, CA.


I can't get enough of these colorful walls, how picture perfect is Capitola? This embroidered white dress has such beautiful detailing that it truly speaks for itself. Delicate jewelry and a statement bag from Salar Milano gave my look the edginess it needed. Don't forget to check out my shopping guide below for similar styles. 

Look 1: (Insert Description/Outfit Title)

Embroidered Dress: Rahi Cali

Shoes by Bedstu

Earrings by @jemmasands

Purse by @salar_milano

Rings by @Luludesignsjewelry


Shop My Look


It's so fun meeting you all. While shooting photos someone yelled "Chantelle" and I looked around to see an unfamiliar face. After introducing myself I met the cutest girls!!! They were on vacation in Capitola with their family. It's seriously way too fun meeting you guys, please keep saying, "Hi."

With love,


OOTd: pink, ruffles and all things girlie

flirty & feminine

at it's finest in capitola, CA.


There are just some days that I want to dress unabashedly girlie. This outfit has it all: pink, ruffles, floral prints, heels. All of the feminine details that make me really "feel like a woman." Summertime in Capitola really did bring it out in me. How amazing is this off-the-shoulder top by Misa? The oversized ruffle is such a statement that I kept everything else fairly simple and let the neckline do the talking. It paired perfectly with a pair of printed high-waisted shorts by Rails. Once again, my all time favorite booties by Bedstu make an appearance because they genuinely are the most versatile and comfortable in my closet. 

Look 1: (Insert Description/Outfit Title)

Top: @misa_losangeles

Shorts: Rails

Shoes: Bedstu

Purse: @salar_milano


I wore this outfit on a day date in the cute little beach town of Capitola, CA. It's nice to spend a little time south of the city where the weather feels a lot more like summer. That's why I brought out some of the things I don't get to wear in San Francisco's June gloom... like shorts, for example. Love this look? I've included a shopping guide below so you can put together something similar. Enjoy!

With love,


Photos by Breana Taylor, Edits by Chantelle Paige

Photos by Breana Taylor, Edits by Chantelle Paige

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DIY Bridesmaid + Groomsmen Goodie Bags

What exactly went into my bridesmaid's and groomsmen's gift bags?

I wanted to show my appreciation for these boys and babes with tons of products to make them feel special on our big day. 


For the Gals

While in the middle of a wedding everything seems so revolved around me and my soon to be hubby I wanted to be sure to spoil the people taking their time to celebrate with us! I decided to put together these fun boxes for the bridal party, our parents, and our siblings. It was a little mixture of things I love and use all the time, like Invisibobbles and Bling Wipes, and things they might need during the wedding, like  Essie nail polish, Storybook Cosmetics makeup (btw this is my friend of 12 years company!!! WOOHOO), and dry shampoo. I also included a little something extra from my friend's beauty company Storybook Cosmetics. I put it all into an amazing Bridezilla inspired bags by The Wedding Chicks!

I also, included a necklace I had designed with Motif. It's a locket that comes in silver and rosegold (I included the rosegold) that says Sister, Bestie, Mother, Daughter, or Lover. I gave Mother to my mama + my soon to be mother-in-law, Sister to my sissy Savannah Labrant and sis-in-law Lisa, and the Bestie to the bridal party! If you want to buy your own locket click here!!! 


1. Liquid Lipsticks (Storybook Cosmetics)

2. Hair ties (Invisibobble)

3. Nail polish (Essie)

4. Dry Shampoo, Shampoo and Conditioner (Evo)

5. Body scrub (Mineral Fusion)

6. Necklace (Motif X Chantelle Paige)

7. Jewelry Wipes (Bling Wipes)

8. Makeup Brushes (Storybook Cosmetics)

9. Highlighter (Amazing Cosmetics)

10. Chapstick (EOS)

11. Eye mask and Misc Goodies (Behrman PR... PS thank you guys so much for the goodies!)

For the guys


For the guys, I gave them some love from The Tie Bar.... socks + belts (we also gave the guys all shirts and ties). Plus EOS for those chapped lips, some skincare love, and a few other goodies you can see below ;) 

1. Belt + Socks  (The Tie Bar)

2. Chapstick (EOS)

3. Misc. Goodies (Behrman PR

4. Hair Products (Oribe)

Shop this gift guide:


I really should have made myself one!..

PS. BIG thanks to Minted for the amazing cards! I was obsessed and they made it so incredibly easy. Also, thanks to Behrman PR for the help with all the girlie goodies. 

The goodie bags were hits! I was ecstatic to show my friends and family how much I love them and how thankful I was for them being part of my big day. I highly suggest putting these goodies together for either your way to ask your bridal party to be in your wedding, or do it like I did where you're thanking them the day before for saying yes months prior. There is no wrong way to show your appreciation to the people you chose to stand beside you on your wedding day. I hope this helps give you all tons of gift bag ideas. 


With love,


My Bachelorette at Safari West

my second bachelorette party was pretty wild. ya know, because it was a safari. 

I have the best friends! The girls who couldn't make it to my bachelorette weekend in San Francisco surprised me with a day trip. They showed up to my house at 7am blasting safari style jams and dancing in full safari getup out front of my door. They took me to Safari West in Santa Rosa and we had the most amazing time!!!! 

It also gave me the opportunity to rock this amazing white leather jacket by dstld that was hand-painted for my wedding day by Debby Amosa. Be sure to check out more of her custom painted clothing on Instagram (@deb_Amosa). 

Highly suggest this for part of a bachelorette weekend. It was so fun, we drank champagne on the safari jeep and toured the grounds seeing all sorts of amazing animals. The best part was that I felt so loved by my incredible friends.

Love you, Haley, Holly, Kylie, and Breana! If you want to see more from the party check out the photo diary below and Youtube video of our day. 

With love,



My white custom leather jacket  is by

Dstld and was hand-painted by Debby Amosa Follow her on Instagram @deb_amosa.


OUTFIT Details


Jacket: dstld (use DISCOUNT CODE: IGCP for 10% off)

Shoes: Birdies

Shorts: ASbyDF

Top: Margaret O' Leary

Hat: Wyeth

Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear



My Bridal Brunch hosted by Birdies

Bridal Brunch with Birdies + Bridesmaids.... alliteration at it's finest folks. I'll be here all week.

Okay, but really, my bridesmaids planned such an amazing weekend for my bachelorette. I felt spoiled. BUT, Birdies blew me away. They put together a breathtaking brunch! There was a balloon arch, flowers gallore, yummy savory and (most importantly) sweet crepes, and Table and Teaspoon (they are a brilliant "rent the runway" for table linens) decorated the table with fabulous colors.


Birdies gifted each of my ladies with a pair of shoes. Talk about nice! Just for transparency for you all, I got my first pair of Birdies a few months ago (the black pair with little leopard tassles) and I have been wearing them non-stop. I literally have them on my feet right now at this little coffee shop in Santa Cruz as I'm typing this blog post. That being said, because I fell madly in love with their shoes we discussed doing a brunch for all my friends in their store. With my bachelorette party right around the corner we figured it'd be the perfect opportunity for our party. Birdies blew me away with how thoughtfully put together the brunch was! Seriously, I adore you Marisa (one of the amazing owners in the photo with me below).


My surprise flower crown perfectly matched my earrings!

Crown designed by Ampersand in San Francisco

A little about Birdies

They are two amazing moms who were sick of wearing flats that weren't comfy. They took some high fashion slides and their favorite slippers and combined the two for what I venture to say is the perfect slip-on shoe. The comfort is truly that of slipper, but unlike the horrible Ugg phenomenon of our youth, they look INCREDIBLE and you would NEVER KNOW IT WAS A SLIPPER! Truly. I mean until I said that you were just looking at our feet saying "wow, cute slide" weren't you? 


A little about the guests

At this brunch, I had my bridesmaids- Savannah Labrant (sister and MOH), Madison Fisher, Marissa Mason, and Mackenzie Rylander (those three are my cousins), Rachel Richardson (Creative Director for this here blog you're reading and my bff), Liz Huett (incredible singer, check out her music video for H8U here... I'm in it!), and Lisa (my soon to be sister-in-law). Plus, some other amazing friends.... Melissa Richardson, Breana Taylor, Brianna Garcia a.k.a. Shop Tiki Girl, Rebecca Zamolo, Erin Maynard a.k.a. Storybook Cosmetics, and Trace Lehnhoff. 


 I felt loved, celebrated, and giddy all day. Thank you so much to all the friends I mentioned who helped make the weekend amazing (especially you Rach, as you did 99% of the helping haha!).

...and thank you SO much to Birdies for the immense amount of love you showed, the attention to details, and the INCREDIBLE SHOES!

With love,



Party Details


Hosted at Birdies Union Street Location

Photography by Shandru Photography (@shandruphotography)

Table Design by Table + Teaspoon (@tableandteaspoon)

Flower Crown by Ampersand SF (@ampersand_sf)

Chantelle's Dress by Show Me Your Mumu (get it here)

Chantelle's Shoes are The Wren by Birdies



Guest Post: Mad Hatter themed Baby Shower

How to: 

throw a Mad Hatter themed Baby Shower

a Guest Post by Rachel Brooks of 5 o' clock Sunday

Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-15.jpg

Hello Everyone! I'm Rachel Brooks, a.k.a. Chantelle's partner in crime and the woman behind the camera most days at Bridge to Bohemia. Chantelle and I decided to try something a little different for this feature and have me step in to write about the wonderful experience that was my baby shower for my future daughter, Miss Lennon Leigh - a little lady who is due to make her appearance any day now! As I sit here reflecting on this day, I'm filled with so much appreciation for not only my friendship with Chantelle, but also her talent and creativity in putting together this day with my amazing little sister Melissa Leigh. I'm so lucky to have ladies in my life that went the extra mile to create a magical little wonderland for Lennon's special day. That said, I've broken down our day for you and the steps you can take to recreate a Mad Hatter tea party theme for yourself, your child, or some special lady you love. 

1. Decor + Special Touches

In my opinion, the key to pulling of this theme is absolutely in the visual and personal details. Chantelle and Melissa (my sister) spent so much time and care in executing this theme. Luckily, they had a beautifully decorated home to utilize as our venue and all that left them with was how to transform this space in a little bit crazy, little bit whimsical tea party setting. Bring in an array of flowers, porcelain, and handmade animal masks and we felt like were truly sailing away into the shores of a children's storybook. 

Those Masks

I still can't get these headpieces off of my mind. When I first told Chantelle my theme idea, I pulled up a picture of these exact masks and said, ".... and then, what if everyone was wearing tea dresses but with these insane animal masks?" Never in my wildest dreams did I think they'd show up on our doorstep. The artist, Curious Fair, that creates these is from the UK and each mask is a one-of-a-kind creation. The detail and intricacy is unparalleled and that is coming from someone who spent a full semester in a sculptural hat making class. Let's just say that my work didn't turn out quite this good. Each mask is made entirely of feathers and we loved these whimsical creatures so much that we shot a mini bridal editorial with them (stay tuned for more to come on that). Check out more of work from Curious Fair on Etsy.

Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-20.jpg

The Flowers

Leave it to Chantelle to be a closet DIYer. She ventured out of her neck of the woods to the San Francisco Flower Mart to create each of the floral arrangements herself. I loved that she chose to contrast the ornate femininity of the tea sets with leafy greens and a subtle palette of florals. The weightiness of the floral arrangements made it just the right amount of girlie for a recovering pink-a-phobe like myself. 

Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-2.jpg

The Tea Set

In order to put together the perfect mismatching tea set we partnered with Wayfair and Chantelle handpicked each the following pieces to build the beautifully eclectic combination you see above. Talk about talent and dedication! Good news, whether you are building a mismatching tea set to entertain, display, or simply throw a party she already did the hard work for you. Here is the full list of what she chose so you can recreate this bohemian look yourself:


Tea Sets (1 of each of the following)

Tea Cups (2 of each of the following)

Tea Accessories (1 of each of the following)

Cake Platters (1 of each of the following)

Dessert Plates (about 15 plates)

Asian inspired Tea Sets from (1 of each of the following)

Serving Trays (1 of each of the following)

The thing I didn't realize about Wayfair is that they have their own registry which is great for not only brides but mamas-to-be like me. I have purchased half of the stuff for Lennon's nursery from Wayfair, including her rocking chair and rugs, and wish I would have set up a registry earlier to help with some of the nursery decor! Set your own registry up here. Now let's see how the decor all looks all together...

The Special Touches

I mentioned before that Chantelle is a closet DIYer but did you guys also know that she also sews? I learned that fact while filming a YouTube DIY clutch tutorial last year. You see that cute little teepee that Smooch is claiming as his own? Well, Miss Chantelle Paige whipped that baby up herself. One of these days I'll have to ask her how exactly she did it but I will note that Coulter had a little part in picking the perfect beach wood to make it happen. I'm currently obsessed with these adorable little tents for kids that are quickly circulating the internet (customize your own here). These sweet personal touches like this industrial Lennon sign (from Target) and DIY teepee made the day feel intimate and incredibly special. I still cannot believe the amount of care that went in to planning this perfect day. 

2. FOOD  + Activities

My sister, seen laughing below, was our Director of Activities for the day. Not only did we drink tea (for me) and champagne (for the other ladies), eat tea sandwiches (Whole Foods caters some great options) but we played Jeopardy, opened gifts and shared some future Mommy words of wisdom. 

My favorite part of the day was that each woman wrote a handwritten message to Lennon and offered their advice for my future little girl. You can see candid moments from the day below, as well as Chantelle sharing her wishes.  

Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-10.jpg
Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-9.jpg

3. Dress Code

Another important part of this theme for a fashion addict like me was obviously the dress code. I love to play dress-up and wanted the ladies to feel free to go all out and dress the part! The dress code was listed as the following:

Come dressed in your best Tea Party Chic attire. You know that one dress in your closet that always feels a little "too much"? Well, throw it on with your pearls, fur, fascinators, embellished heels and gloves. Now is the time to fulfill all those little girl dress up dreams and come fit to tea with the Mad Hatter himself. I, personally, think my ladies went above and beyond with the dress code and became the best decorations of the day.

Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-19.jpg
Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-13.jpg

4. What We Wore

So what exactly did we where? See our styling details below. 

Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-18.jpg

On Chantelle:

Owl Mask by Curious Fair

Hair and Makeup by Moni Sebestian

Dress by Talulah via Infinity Cr8tive 

On Rachel:

Crown by Curious Fair

Hair and Makeup by Moni Sebestian

Dress by Shoshanna via Rent the Runway

Embellished heels (similar here)

Vintage Jewelry was my Grandmother's for a personal touch 


5. Reflections

I was apprehensive to do a traditional baby shower because being the center of attention has never been my thing but ultimately I'm so happy I let them do this for me. They took all the best parts of bringing a new baby into the world and surrounded them in the most non-traditional, out of the box, fashionable theme I could ask for. There was so much love and warmth from the woman in my life and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The best part is that Lennon is coming into a strong, creative, supportive, diverse tribe of aunties and I cannot wait to see what she learns from each and every one of them. 

Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-22.jpg
Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-11.jpg
Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-12.jpg
Mad Hatter Baby Shower_5 o clock sunday-21.jpg

Thank you to Chantelle and Melissa for making this day happen and Breana Taylor for her photographing these wonderful moments. 

3 Ways to love on yourself!

3 ways to love on yourself! 


Self-love is SO important. We spend a lot of our energy loving on others, which is amazing, but we should spend a little energy loving on ourselves as well. There are a plethora of ways to self-love, from mani/pedis, to massages and facials, to just picking up a good book and snuggling in on the couch. I challenge you to love on yourself in at least one, if not all three, of these ways!


1: Lingerie

I don't know why lingerie is so taboo to speak about. Most of us have something lacy in our undie drawer, if not a whole drawer dedicated to these fun sexy pieces #guily. So, I wanted to come out of my shell a bit and tell you some of my favorite styles. I LOVE a good teddy, this one by Oh la la Cherie covers just enough, and fits so well! My all-time favorite, for my body type, is a bra/undie/garter/thigh high combo by Cosabella. It makes me feel confident in my own skin. I'm a firm believer that lingerie is as much for us ladies, if not more so, as it is for your S.O. It's a MAJOR confidence booster plus it's so incredibly fun to get out of your comfort zone and feel empowered in your own skin. Find a fit that makes YOU feel self assured, bold, and sexy and add it into your drawer ;) DO IT! 


Black is a great go to, but once you have that in your repertoire I highly suggest adding in some red. It's fiery, bold, confident, and sexy... in my opinion. 

Teddy by Oh La La Cherie

Bra + thong + garter + thigh highs by Cosabella


Shop My Look

2: Thistle

To say Thistle has changed my energy level and confidence is a MASSIVE understatement. I am the worst at eating salads, much less planning a healthy meal. Thistle delivers to my doorstep (on whatever day I specify) and then I just grab and go, or warm them up in a skillet and eat it at home. For someone who hates veggies, you can trust me when I say these meals taste incredible!!!!!  Your gut health is important, and what better way to love on yourself than to give yourself an energy boost and live a cleaner healthier life. Trust me when I say this is a MUST TRY DELIVERY!!!! 


Check out Thistle here 

Use Code: CHANTELLE2FREE to get 2 free meals in your 1st order!!!! 


3: Luxury Beauty Products

Lastly, when your face is glowy, healthy, and beautiful you majorly feel loved by yourself. Here's the products I've been using/rotating weekly :) 


Dr. Hauschka facial toner

Dr. Hauschka rose day cream

Kate Sommerville exfoliating treatment

Elemis day cream

+ Codage's goodies I highly suggest checking out their "custom-made" option. Do the survey and see what they say your skin needs!


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My Valentine's Day Looks

From Day to Night... 

I've shared exactly what I'll be wearing to work, drinks with my gals, and dinner with my love/fiance this V-Day.


Valentine's Day isn't just about having a significant other, there are so many different ways to spread some love. Self-love included! This year I decided to really go all out and incorporate something festive into each of my outfit options. I also tried to avoid the typical all-red outfit and chose key pieces that I already had hanging in my wardrobe... with some new additions. Recognize any of these items? That's because most have been shown to you before! So, here's my take on spicing up some items you might already have in your wardrobe with my "must-have" pieces ;)

Look 1: Not your typical pink + red 

Occasion: A festive yet casual outfit to wear all day

Must-have piece: Plaid maxi skirt by Vintage Havana (similar here

Pair it with: A blush bodysuit (similar here), suede bootie (update style here), layered jewelry, and the new Vogue Eyewear!

Photography by  5oclocksunday

Photography by 5oclocksunday

This plaid maxi skirt is by one of my favorite brands, Vintage Havana, I'm obsessed with them and wearing one of their sweatshirts as I type out this post ;p Skirt: I love that it has some red in it, without screaming "V-DAY!"... I've also gotten so much wear out of this skirt, now $30 :D (flannel top same pattern found here). Now let's talk about this top, at this point we should all own a great fitting bodysuit. One that can easily pair well with both jeans and skirts. The bodysuit is the perfectly fitting tee of 2018 (similar less fitted here). If you don't have one immediately go purchase one!!! I have worn this comfortable little baby, by kookai, time and time again and it has yet to fail me.  BRAND NEW VOGUE SUNNIES! I'm in love.  Plus my go to Chinese Laundry mules (similar here), you've seen me wear TONS. Tan booties are a must have, great at leg lengthening ;)


Shop My Look

Look 2: Can't go wrong with leather and lace.

Occasion: Galentine's drinks with my ladies (while maybe looking to flirt a bit, if single ;)

Featured pieces: Red lace bodysuit by GUESS

Paired it with: A fitted leather jacket by DSTLD (IGCP for 10% off!), black cropped jeans, and maroon sandals.


I originally showcased this lace bodysuit,  and this look's must-have piece, with it's matching skirt in my holiday dressing guide. Honestly, since then I've been dying for an excuse to wear it again. This time around, I dressed it down with my current favorite cropped jeans and a tailored leather jacket, my go to, by DSTLD (use PROMO CODE: IGCP for 10% off). A few layered gold necklaces similar here and here) and a simple maroon heel kept this sexy look from feeling too expected. 

I have been living in these asymmetrical cropped jeans by AG jeans. They are super flattering and super versatile with just the right amount of edge.  Get a pair here.&nbsp;

I have been living in these asymmetrical cropped jeans by AG jeans. They are super flattering and super versatile with just the right amount of edge. Get a pair here. 

Shop My Look

Look 3: Not so innocent

Occasion: Dinner date with my fiancé

Featured pieces: White lace dress by Saylor

Paired it with: Clare V. clutch (similar metallic here), Chinese Laundry heels, and 8 other reasons necklace


Whether it's a little black, red or white dress, they all share a common thread: simplicity and major sex appeal. This year I'm getting married and I'm all about the LWD ("Little White Dress"). This white lace dress combined with blush tones eludes innocence on date night, but - because it's still a tight little dress- says otherwise. My first choice for a date night heel is that it always needs to be over 5 inches, 6'5" fiancé haha, which is why I am constantly rockin' this suede heel by Chinese Laundry. I love non-matching matching, a.k.a this pink Clare V. clutch (similar here) with the blush heel (I did a similar color combination on Look 2 with my maroon heels and bright red bodysuit). It ties the outfit together without feeling too matchy-matchy. This delicate necklace by 8 Other Reasons is the perfect layered complement to my favorite plunging necklines. 


Shop My Look

So, I'm sure you are wondering what we are doing for our Valentine's Day date night. Well, this year part of Coulter's Christmas present to me was a trip to Tahoe. I had him postpone it, and now we are making it our V-day getaway! Bringing the little fur babies along and staying at the base of Squaw. So my date night outfit will involve a VERY large coat and some hot chocolate! BUT, I will be with the 3 boys I love most (Coulter, Prosciutto the mini pig, and Smooch). 


I hope no matter how you plan on spending your Valentine's Day this year that it's a day filled with lots of love -- and a ridiculous amount of sweets of course. If you have a S.O. shower them with love, if you don't shower yourself and your friends with it! Either way, love on yourself a bit this V-day, you deserve some extra love Feb. 14th!

With love

Chantelle, Coulter, Prosciutto and Smooch

OOTD: Twinning in monocrome

Accidentally twinning with my bff!


Might I add she's pregnant and STILL more fashionable than I am. Ladies (and gents) meet my BFF, Rachel aka 5oclocksunday, and her little baby girl bump! These pictures were taken as we headed out for our afternoon coffee and lunch date. It's normal to eat lunch at 4pm right? Glad I found a friend whose eating habits are as often and sporadic as my own.

Now onto the clothes! Rachel showed up in a pleated black dress from H&M and these white platform sneakers. I have a similar pair -my favorites- from Grates. Meanwhile, I am absolutely loving this flowy white top by I.Am.Gia (similar here). The movement in the arms make me smile and all I kept thinking while wearing this was, "Where's my Beyonce wind at?" I chose to pair it with a high-waisted XIX palms skirt - you may remember the brand from my last post. Finally, I had to throw in my new favorite winter trend: metallic rose gold shoes. These particular mules are from Boohoo and so affordable.  Note: I'm currently screaming #ICan'tEven! I topped the look off with my two most important coffee date accessories: Rach & the bump.

Look 1: Chantelle

Featured piece: Cropped blouse by I.AM.GIA

Paired it with: A high waisted black skirt and metallic mules


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Rachel's Look

Featured pieces: Pleated Dress by H&M

Paired it with: White platform sneakers and oversized plastic headband


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What about you guys? Do you like to twin with your bestie? Comment below and send us photos of you and your best friend's fashionable twin moments.

With love, Chantelle

Worn two ways: Oversized Sweater

Worn two ways: Oversized Striped Sweater by The Knot Sisters


I've been following The Knot Sisters on Instagram for a while now, and have gotten their incredible clothes from various boutiques in the past. I love the brand's laid back style/aesthetic and the fact that they were founded in Orange County (basically my second home) and that their "casual cool girl" style reflects that. All that being said, when I got invited to their holiday party at their pop-up shop this winter I had to make the trip down to meet the founders in person! I dragged my sisters, Savannah LaBrant, and bestie, Rachel Richardson, with me as well.... OF COURSE! The Knot Sisters owners, Cheryl and Jamie, are incredible boss babes that have been friends for years, might I also throw in that they have amazing personal style themselves. These besties were constantly mistaken as sisters, so when they started their own business and it came time to name it, it only made sense to let people know that they were kNOT SISTERS. 

One of the favorite pieces that I took home was this striped sweater so I decided to show you how to wear it two different ways. 

Look 1: Bundled up and casual

Featured pieces: Oversized striped sweater by Knot Sisters

Paired it with: A pink shearling coat, light denim jeans and bohemian accessories

Photography by  5oclocksunday

Photography by 5oclocksunday

For the first look, I paired the sweater with DSTLD jeans, Nena & Co purse, Artemis sliders, and a shearling Guess Jacket. 


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Look 2: Unexpectedly dressed down with a sneaker.

Featured pieces: Oversized striped sweater by Knot Sisters

Paired it with: Printed knot sisters skirt, a Motif necklace, and custom sneakers by Shoes of Prey.


This second look is my slightly dressy, yet still casual, alternative. I loved pairing the sweater with a midi skirt, and dressing it down even more with a sneaker (similar item here). I have genuinely LIVED in this sweater since I got back to cold SF after my Hawaiian getaway. It's a go to piece for me currently, and I'm obessed with how cozy it is and how easy it is to style. 


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What do you guys think? Which look better suits your style? Let me know your favorites in the comments below. 

With love, Chantelle

2018 Fitness: New Year, New You?


New Year, new me. 

Well, kind of.

It's officially the New Year and everyone is talking about health and fitness goals. Now, I've mentioned my love/hate relationship with working out in the past but I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify. There are some work-outs that I can't get enough of -- yoga, pilates, BodyROK to name a few -- and some that are best left to pretty much any one but myself -- cue running, biking, heavy weight lifting. I've learned enough about myself and my body over the years to know that as long as I get in a few days of yoga a week, maintain an active daily routine and eliminate the foods that cause me serious weight gain I can maintain a body I'm happy with. Does that mean that, like very woman, I have things I love and things I'd love to change? Absolutely! But, in general, I try to incorporate eating and lifestyle habits that are sustainable over time rather than follow every fad diet or work-out for as long as I lose interest. Goals aside, stay tuned to know one of my secrets to taking my healthy lifestyle to the next level in 2018.


2018 Secret: A little extra MOTIVation.

I've been looking for a new fitness tracker for a while, but everything felt so bulky and hard to incorporate into my daily wardrobe. That's when I found the MOTIV ring fitness tracker. You see what I did there? A little extra MOTIVation. I'm in love with it. So much that I got one for Coulter as well and have been recommending them as gifts to my friends. It tracks my steps, heart rate, and sleep, plus did you notice that it doubles as a cute piece of jewelry? 

Shown in this look:

MOTIV Fitness Ring in Rose Gold

LIME & VINE Carah Short Sleeve Tee in Black 

LIME & VINE Selah Legging in Black

ALLBIRDS Wool Tennis Shoes

**Note: Some of these items are sold out so I've included my other favorites from these designers below!

Shop similar items below:

All photography by Rachel Brooks of 5 o'clock Sunday

All photography by Rachel Brooks of 5 o'clock Sunday

As for my 2018 health and fitness goals. I'd like to eat healthier during the day and save my indulgences for dinners with my guy. I'm going to try and get back on track for my 2 to 3 day a week yoga habit. And finally, incorporate much more dog walking, slash that, general walking into my every day routine. I do have a wedding to prepare for! Don't forget to head over to to pick up your own fitness ring. Use my CODE: Chantelle20 to get $20 off!


Hey look! I'm running...

Well, actually, walking quickly up the hill on our hike but who is counting... other than my MOTIV of course.

Shown in this look:


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What about you? What is your health or fitness goal?

Comment below and tell me what you are working on in 2018!

Kisses, Chantelle

My fav Feminist brand, Dazey LA! Founder interview
This is my "serious journalist" face. All Photography by Dani Nagel from Dazey LA

This is my "serious journalist" face. All Photography by Dani Nagel from Dazey LA

You've seen me rock her vintage-inspired, female empowering, killer t-shirts on Instagram but what you probably didn't know is that Dani Nagel, the founder and artist behind Dazey LA, is a total woman-to-watch.

Over the year that we have known each other we've become friends and I have grown to not only admire her awesome designs, but also her work, talent and energy. That's why I wanted to take this chance to interview her during our recent coffee and content date on my trip to LA, so you could all get to know this #girlboss a little better! I'll be sharing my questions, her answers as well as my favorite photos from our shoot taken by Dani herself. 

You can find this shirt  here .

You can find this shirt here.


Tell us about Dazey LA! 

Dazey LA is my art apparel line with a mission to empower women! The artwork and tees are all 70’s inspired and I hand drawn all of them myself.

Most of the shirts have awesome girl power phrases right on them! We also carry other female-owned brands and artists in an effort to promote our fellow Girl Bosses. We want more women in business so we make a big point to celebrate and support that!  

Another mission of our is to create guilt free fashion. We make every shirt just for you as you order it right here in LA! The "fast fashion" industry wastes so much fabric every year on cheap clothes that don’t event sell, so we are trying to do the opposite by creating things in small batches or as they are purchased. We like to call Dazey a “slow fashion” brand! Everything is made ethically, locally, and with lots of LOVE. Our goal is to make people feel good about supporting Dazey because they know they are supporting so many good things!


What inspired you to start your own business? What made you decide to design Tees?

I have wanted to have my own clothing line since before I can remember! I had been sewing clothes for my dolls as a kid and decided I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was in middle school. I’ve also always loved drawing and art, my family is super creative so they really encouraged it.

I ended up going to school for fashion design, but it wasn’t until i had an internship with a graphic tee company I realized that t-shrit design was a career option! It was a combination of two things I love, fashion & art! I designed for many corporate companies over the years including Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom just to name a few. Then I finally built up the courage to leave my job and start my own brand! Haven’t looked back since.

Is it true that Chantelle was one of the first influencers you ever worked with?

Yes!! When you’re a brand new company it can be really hard to get people to want to support you. A lot of influencers like to work with more established brands and us little guys still have a lot to prove. As we all know Chantelle has a big heart and was so so sweet when I reached out! She was kind enough to do a post just to help out my newly launched brand! As both of our brands grew we ended up meeting in person to shoot though our friend Nikia. Now whenever she’s in town we try to meet up and get some coffee and content! 

You can find this shirt  here .

You can find this shirt here.

Did your shirts have a feminist undertone from the get go, or when did that become the backbone of Dazey?

At the very beginning I just wanted to make happy colorful tees! I have always had a feminist viewpoint and it wasn’t long before I started to integrate that into my graphics. As it turns out so many women loved it and got on board to support! As I began to grow as an influencer and promote female entrepreneurship it naturally became apart of the brand. By showing my journey of starting a business it began to empower other women to start their own as well. It feels so good to have a mission behind what you do!

That incredible Youtube video you put together was was inspiring. What gave you the idea to make it?

It all started from a challenge we did on instagram! My past summer collection was called the “summer of Self Love” and celebrated learning to love who you are despite everything. We started the #shareyourselflove challenge asking girls to tell us about their self love journey, good or bad. The pure honesty and vulnerability that came from those who entered was incredible. It broke down barriers and let so many of us know we are not alone in our insecurities. I had to share some of the stories on video so we posted a casting call. Everyone you see in that video was casted a week before through that post. We could not have asked for a more incredible and diverse group of girls. The power that video hold is all because of them and their bravery in sharing! 

Now, you’ve done swim suit and clutch collabs ... What other fun #BossBabes endeavors have you previously done, are currently working on, or aspiring to do in the future? 

We love collaborating!! Our goal is to break down the stereotypes that women should compete with one another and replace that with a spirit of collaboration and support. We have done printed headbands, swimsuits, clutches, soaps and more! We’re currently working on one with an amazing yoga and athletic company called Wolven Threads! 

You can find this shirt  here .

You can find this shirt here.

I know first hand what an incredible photographer you are! The fact that you shoot all your own content is phenomenal. How did you get started in photography? 

I am totally self taught! I had a friend of mine show me the settings and I just kept practicing. I got a decent used camera and would set up shoots with whoever was down to play around. I knew when I was going to start my own brand on a budget I couldn't afford to hire photographers all the time so figured I would do it myself! I also used to blog was back in the day so that experience helped! But yes if you’re naturally creative picking up photography isn’t so hard!! 

Speaking of photography, your boyfriend takes your pictures, right? ...and, of course, Franklin (her dog) is the world's best Creative Director.

Ahh yes! It was a similar situation with him as well, just had a natural ability with a little practice. As I began to shift from Dazey just being a brand into a brand/boss blog I wanted to have more photos of me. He has already been taking outfit photos on my phone for years so I enlisted him! And wow it took to it right away and is amazing! I am so grateful to have such a supportive boyfriend. And yes our new puppy franklin is officially know as “Franklin the photo-bomber” because he loved getting in every shot!!


Alright, any artist has had a bartending, retail, juice shop job at some point. What were some of your hustle jobs along the way? 

Haha SO TRUE!! I worked at buffalo exchange for a bit right out of school but that lasted a few months before I was fired for reasons I’m still not sure about lol. Then I took a graphic design class at a community college and had a slew of odd jobs after that. One of them I did cold-call telemarketing for pharmacy bag ads and then created the graphics. It paid horribly and was miserable. I also worked at a print shop cutting designing and business cards and flyers.

Where do you see Dazey in 10 Years? 

I want Dazey to be the ultimate shop for female-owned ethical brands! Like the revolve of guilt-free fashion. I also want to expect the media side of things and really fill our boss blog with more tips, videos, and cool articles! I want Dazey to be the ultimate shop for female-owned ethical brands! Like the revolve of guilt-free fashion. I also want to expect the media side of things and really fill our boss blog with more tips, videos, and cool articles!

Would you ever do influencer collabs? (Wink wink, cough cough)

Haha yes totally! Been meaning to do some in the next year. Lets talk.

Since Dazey has such an inspirational, love more, feminist message... what are some words you have for the Dazey babes as well as the Bridge to Bohemians?

Above all believe in yourself and keep pushing. Life is full of ups, down, and uncertainty. Every bad thing that has happened to me or door that has closed   has prepared me and brought me closer to living my dream. It took some time and life lessons, but now I do what I love everyday.

Be bold, be brave. Know what you want and ask for it! 


To purchase any of the shirts I'm wearing in the photos above and to see more on Dani Nagel head over to her shop and follow her @dazeyLA on Instagram

With Love, Chantelle

Holiday Party Looks: Christmas & New Year's Eve

What I'm wearing this holiday season!

Party dresses are one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season. Each year, I look forward to having more than one excuse to pull out the heels and get dressed up. This year, I loved my outfit choices so much that I decided to share them with you on a special Holiday Dress-Up post. I've also included some alternative options for each look that almost made the cut. 

Holiday Party with Friends

All photography by Rachel Brooks of 5 o'clock Sunday

All photography by Rachel Brooks of 5 o'clock Sunday


Rock the red

it's the color of the season for a reason ladies. 

I mean, this outfit speaks for itself. The minute I saw it on the rack I knew I had to have it. There is a subtle hint of sexy with the lace bodysuit but it's surprisingly modest when you put it on. I couldn't wait to find a party to wear this little number to. When I saw the red leather jacket to go with it, I was absolutely ecstatic! I paired it with my favorite gold Gorjiana earrings, a simple gold Motif necklace, and my go-to nude Ego stilettos to elongate my short little legs with such a long skirt. Scared of an all red Christmas outfit? Don't be! Nothing is more festive and this is the one time of year that red actually helps you blend in rather than stand out. This is the perfect statement-making look for a holiday party with friends.

Shown in this look:


Shop similar items below:

New Year's Eve on Vacation


I’ll be in Hawaii this year for New Years, so I needed something festive but comfortable and not too warm. This dress had all the pizazzyou want when ringing in the New Year. It is also the perfect shape for an event with my in laws (who I will be traveling with). You don't need to add much to make this outfit complete, which is exactly why it was perfect. Add some beachy waves, some fuzzy Ego shoes, a slew of layered necklaces and let those stars do the talking for you. Oh, and I can't forget my favorite Auguste clutch.

Hint: If you are spending your holiday somewhere a bit colder, add a giant fur coat and some sky high booties for an equally perfect pairing. 


Effortless but beaded

didn't think there was such a thing? Meet this simple beaded slip dress. 

Shown in this look:


Shop similar items below:

Holiday Party with Family


Hanger appeal vs. Real Life

this dress is exactly why you try things on. It's so flattering!


This dress’ hanger appeal vs. real life appeal was insanely different. I loved it when I saw it but I cannot express how much more I fell in love with it once I put it on. The shape of it, the cut, the neckline - oh my goodness. The waist line hits at the perfect place at my natural waist. A perfectly placed waistline is the key to making you look as trim as possible, and the slit elongates your legs in the best way! I wanted to down play the sparkles making it a bit more subdued. To achieve this look, I added a chunky Gorijana necklace, and my red-hued Auguste clutch.

Plus, I added my favorite part, the velvet mules I designed myself from Shoes of Prey. This company is makes shopping much more fun with anyone with an itch to create that shoe you've been dreaming of but just can't seem to find anywhere. First, you choose a type of shoe and then pick whatever color/colors you’d like it to be. It’s so fun, and they are insanely comfortable and unique shoes. 

Shown in this look:


Shop similar items:

Drinks with Friends


This two piece set from Show me Your Mumu is the perfect slightly casual holiday dress. Mumu is one of my favorite brands and they have expanded their style soooo much in the last year. This crop top also has shorts to go with it, if you prefer. I threw on stilettos by ego to dress it up, but my go to probably would have been some open toes booties, depending on the occasion of course! My star necklace from
Gorjiana is a new fav. So simple and gorgeous. I clearly have a crush on that brand as well ;)  

Shop this look:


Shop similar items below:


Happy Holidays!

Kisses, Chantelle

Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Part 2

Holiday Gift Guide For Him: Part 2

Last minute shopping for that guy in your life? Here's part two of my gift guide for him for the holiday season! 

Gift Idea 1: Cologne

Giving a man cologne isn't exactly a new idea but it's a great go-to gift. This year, I spent far too much time on and got a Tom Ford cologne for my fiance but I was in love with this Santal scent by Guerlain so much I got one for myself. Does anyone else end up buying their own presents at Christmas like me? It's all about the self love, right? 

Gift Idea 2: A fitness tracker that doesn't look too sporty OR too high-tech

Another gift that I got him because I loved my own version was this fitness tracker ring by MOTIV. I have the rose gold version but I got him the darker color. I love the idea of a fitness tracker but I because they are so sporty and bulky, they aren't great to wear subtly with my every day outfits. These rings are really unique and beautifully designed so they actually add a little something to your look. Like most trackers they keep data on everything from sleep, to steps to heart rate. 

Gift Idea 3: More Shoes... Specifically white shoes from Greats

I remember when I was traveling Europe and crisp white sneakers were on every well dressed guy in sight. Flash forward to today in the Bay Area and clean white sneakers is one of my favorite streetwear trends for both men and women. My current obsession is pretty much any sneaker from Greats so I actually got my guy not one but two different pairs of white options.

Gift Idea 4: Hudson jeans for the tall guy

I know I keep mentioning this but shopping for a guy over 6'3" can be infuriating. Thankfully, Hudson jeans has this amazing dark wash with an extra long inseam and I have a feeling these will be his new go-to pants.

Gift Idea 5: A Thistle subscription for a New Year healthy start

Is your guy going to start a New Year/New You craze again this January? Thistle is a great company that provides easy, healthy snacks and meals to your door. I love having their fresh juices and smoothies always accessible in the fridge and what better gift for the guy who wants to start getting his beach body back this winter!

Gift Idea 6: Comfy commuter pants for a guy that dresses up for work

Rhone is one of Coulter's new favorite brands. The other day he actually told me that he could "live in anything Rhone". That made my job fairly easy, so I picked out a full gamut of clothing items from their shop. His favorite are the commuter pants which are perfect for a guy who has to dress-up a bit for work but wants to feel casual and comfy. 

Alright guys, that's all I have for you. I hope you got tons of ideas for the man in your life. You can shop all of the products mentioned in the video below or head back to Part 1 of my gift guide for the full list of shopping ideas. Happy holidays! 

Shop my look:

Alo yoga pants -

Three dots sweater -

Allbirds shoes -


Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Part 1

Holiday Gift Guide For Him: Part 1

Looking for a gift for your boyfriend, fiance, brother, dad, hubby, man.....? Here's my gift guide for him for the holiday season! 

Gift Idea 1: Comfortable Shoes

I don't care what man you are buying for, they can all agree about one thing: comfort is key. Coulter loves these shoes from Viocin and I like to describe them as "walking in a cloud in heaven"... basically. Guys can be so particular about their shoes and clothing but once they put these puppies on, trust me they will fall in love. That, and the fact you will spend a lot less time massaging those sweaty toes because no woman actually enjoys doing that. Right, ladies? 

Gift Idea 2: Dress-up attire that is actually comfortable

How often have you heard your man, brother or dad complain about having to get dressed up for a holiday gathering? For as much as we love the holiday season for the many dress-up opportunities, men feel equally strong about how stiff and uncomfortable their holiday attire can be. Maybe we should have them walk around around in a pencil dress and 4" heels to feel our pain for a bit? OR... we could be a bit more reasonable and solve the problem with buying them dressy clothes that are as comfortable as their typical jeans and t-shirt uniform is. I love how soft the textures on anything from Mizzen + Mane are, which is where I got Coulter's full Thanksgiving outfit from this year. The men in your life will thank you.  

Gift Idea 3: Male Grooming Products

What is it about the grooming section that is so intimidating to guys? They don't want to actually shop for their own products but they have no issue using our luxury face creams within the confines of our bathroom. One of my go-to gifts is always to buy them something they won't buy themselves such as grooming products for hair/skin/beards/feet/etc. I've included some of my favorites from Jack Black, Bucklers, Oribe, R + Co, Ouai and Perricone. Check out the gift guide below for more details. Also note that the Energizing Scrub from Jack Black is the one item that I always steal from my man's stuff in the shower. It feels amazing and fresh on your face! 

Gift Idea 3: Great Stocking Stuffer

Ok, I know it seems strange BUT how many times have you been annoyed in the shower having to bend over and find the soap that is practically suctioned onto the soap dispenser? I know... you didn't realize how annoying that actually is until right now, did you? Well the Soap on a Rope is kind of the perfect stocking stuffer for just that reason. Such a simple solution that will make any guy smile. 

Gift Idea 4: Long line tops for the tall man

These cotton basics from North and Acruz are essential if you've got a tall guy like me as most of them are longer lines. Is the man in your life shorter than 6'2", no worries, the long line trend is really in right now so it will give him that extra stylish edge. Also, how cool is their logo design?

Alright guys, I hope this helps simplify your holiday shopping. You can shop all of the products mentioned below and stay tuned for Part 2 of my gift guide for guys coming in a few days. Happy shopping! 

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Naughty Nice Whatever 12. 16.17.png

I'm obsessed with this pullover...

because who wants to choose between naughty and nice? My outfit details are below.

Shop my look:

Dstld Jeans 10% Discount Code : IGCP

Wildfox Sweatshirt

Fall Fashion Must-Have Trends: Part 2

Fall '17 Trends Styled My Way

Here were are, talking about fall trends once again; and today I'm tackling multiple trends in just two looks. I know, I'm a bit of an overachiever. Some of my favorite key items this fall have been statement-making tops, asymmetrical cropped jeans, 70s throwback styles and my absolute favorite fall trend: luxe slippers. Once again, I've tried to make each of these trends my own by adding a bit of color, playfulness and California girl casual.

Trend 1: Statement Tops and Asymmetrical Cropped Jeans

All photography by Rachel Brooks of  5 o'clock Sunday  and Breana Taylor of  Brilliantly Bre .

All photography by Rachel Brooks of 5 o'clock Sunday and Breana Taylor of Brilliantly Bre.

wide angle striped top w slippers.jpg

Wear it with

a statement top and luxe slippers. 

Fuzzy Slippers.jpg

This outfit is so versatile which is one of the reasons I wanted to feature it. Not only can it be worn from day to night but it's also a fashionable alternative to my typical jeans and t-shirt casual attire. Now let's talk about these slippers which are so comfortable and have become a surprising staple in my fall wardrobe. I was shocked at how many compliments I've received since I've been wearing them, from men especially. My fiancé absolutely loves them and they add that necessary playfulness to this classic outfit. I also chose to pair these jeans with a statement-making striped shirt with giant bell sleeves. This shirt is such a great find at only $10.99. These cropped denim jeans by AG are so incredibly figure-flattering. Choosing a high-waisted pair denim adds the illusion of an extra few inches of height-- which for those of us under 5' 7" is always accepted without complaint! 

Shown in this look:

Striped Statement Top

Assymetrical Ankle Crop Jeans

Luxe embroidered slippers

Shop similar items below:

Trend 2: 70s Chic

70s Chic 3:4 View.jpg

I love incorporating a good John Lennon inspired pair of sunglasses in my daily rotation for an ode to 70s style. I paired these bright pink Ray Ban shades with a cropped fringe sweater and simple high-waisted skinny jeans. I used a monochromatic color palette to help incorporate my love for color into this throwback look. It's also a fresh take on a classic trend. 

70s Chic with jeans.jpg

Wear it with

high waisted jeans.

Style Tip: A monochromatic color palette modernizes this look. 

Shop this look:

High-waisted skinny jeans (Currently on sale for $16.25) USE CODE: FASHION for an additional 10% OFF

Cropped and fringed sweater in Pink (Currently on sale for $11.49) USE CODE: FASHION for an additional 10% OFF

Note that I love this fringe sweater so much that I have it two colors. Here is another outfit option with the grey version that you can find here.  

Fringe Cropper Sweater - Image 2.jpg

Shop similar items below:

Brilliantly Bre Joint Photo.jpg

I always want to give a big thanks to Breana from Brilliantly Bre for helping take some of these photos because blogging is always more fun with buddies. So, what do you guys think about these trends, would you wear them? Which trend was your favorite and which new trend would you like me to try next? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments below!

With love, Chantelle


Fall Fashion Must-Have Trends: Part 1

Fall '17 Trends Styled My Way

If you are anything like me, you find runway trends intriguing in concept but hard to pull off once you bring them home from the store. I love playing dress-up, don't get me wrong, but sometimes trying out a new trend feels a little like putting on someone else's costume for the day. It's hard for me to take the risk of looking like someone else, rather than staying true to my own personal style. That's why this season I challenged myself to take some of fall's trickiest trends and style them up so that they could be seamlessly integrated into my day-to-day wardrobe. 

Trend 1: The Midi Skirt

All photography by Rachel Brooks of 5 o'clock Sunday and Breana Taylor of Brilliantly Bre.

All photography by Rachel Brooks of 5 o'clock Sunday and Breana Taylor of Brilliantly Bre.

Zaful Midi Skirt 3/4 View.jpg

Wear it with

a cropped sweater and wool wide brimmed hat for a touch of California wine country cool. 

I've always found the midi length trend tricky at my height but the key to this look is some heels and a flirty edge. These full skirted midis from Zaful are adorable and shockingly flattering on. The only issue I have is that they tend to make me look shorter than I actually am. That's why I keep them high-waisted and always throw in a good heel. For the first look I took note from Northern California wine country and kept the colors neutral and the accessories a bit rustic. I absolutely loved pairing this modest cut skirt with something a bit sexier like this grey cropped sweater. Just a hint of skin modernized this look and kept it feeling California casual. 

Shown in this look:

Midi skirt

Cropped grey sweater

Wide brimmed hat

Leather gladiator booties

Shop similar items below:

Hello, World!

Trend 2: Pretty in Plaid + Midi Skirt

Plaid Midi Skirt Full Length.jpg

It's okay, we have all thought it before, plaid can sometimes make you look at bit like a librarian. Always one to step up to the challenge, I decided to make this trend extra difficult by combining plaid AND midi length. My solution to add some edge to an otherwise conservative look? Layer on the accessories, add a pop of color with a statement shoe and throw in one of my favorite graphic tees. The result? One touch Carrie Bradshaw, one touch Zoe Deschanel and I'm completely into it. 

Photo Oct 19, 4 24 58 PM.jpg
Plaid Midi Skirt Cropped Details.jpg

Wear it with

layers of eclectic jewelry and statement-making heels.

Shown in this look:

Midi skirt

"BASIC" Graphic Tee

Blue Fringed Statement Heels


Fringe Earrings


Shop similar items below:

Trend 3: Suede Mini Skirt

Photo Oct 19, 11 06 15 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 19, 1 50 07 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 19, 1 52 12 PM.jpg

Wear it with

textured knits.

As you've probably noticed, mini skirts are a staple in my wardrobe. They have become a bit trickier to make seasonally appropriate with my move to Northern California and the much cooler weather. I absolutely love this trend and the lace up details of this sueded skirt and decided to pair it with textured knits to make it more fall weather friendly. 

Shown in this look:

Wide Brimmed Hat

Grey Slouchy Sweater

Sueded Mini Skirt

Slouchy Socks

Booties with Side Detail

Shop similar items:

Photo Oct 19, 7 28 06 PM.jpg





And that's a wrap...

Stay tuned for Fall Trends "My Way" Part 2 where I tackle nautical stripes, fringed jeans and more. 

Worn two ways: Dressy Tank

Worn two ways: Dressy Tank

Look 1: Girl's Night Out

Featured pieces: Dressy Tank

Paired it with: Velvet Suit

Photography by Breana Taylor of  Brilliantly Bre

Photography by Breana Taylor of Brilliantly Bre

I'm all about finding versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. That's why this sea foam mesh tank top was so appealing to me. Here I've shown two ways to wear it and transition this top from day to night. 

Velvet Jumpsuit Look 1

For the first look, I paired it with this amazing pink velvet suit from Shop Resurrection. If you are worried about what to wear underneath note that I wore a matching skin tone bralette that practically disappeared under this layered look. This outfit is perfect for a night out with the girls or a funky art show opening. This is something I'd usually wear if I wanted to be a bit more adventurous yet still keep the outfit more playful than sexy. 

Velvet Suit Detail Shot 1
Velvet Suit Detail Shot 2

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LooK 2: Girl's Night Out

Featured pieces: Dressy Tank

Paired it with: White Crop Top and Embroidered Denim

Embroidered Jeans

This second look is my casual alternative. I took a note from the 90s here by layering this top with a cropped white tee. As an added benefit it gave me a bit more coverage. Lately, I've had a thing for this embroidered denim trend and it added an unexpected twist to a dressier top. These Two Bandits earrings add a bit of art school credibility to any denim ensemble. This is such an eclectic outfit that I figured adding a punch of color with my new Zaful shoes was only fitting. Use CODE: FASHION for a discount + free shipping on these amazing fringed heels.  

Photo Oct 19, 2 11 59 PM.jpg
Look 2 Embroidered Jeans Detail

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Alright, I know you were all checking out this amazing birthday cake latte more than my outfit so go stop by Home in the Outer Sunset to taste all their colorful creations. Also, check this out for alternative looks with these embroidered jeans? 

With love, Chantelle