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Mother's Day Giveaway Week Grand Prize

As you know, this week has been a week of giveaways on Instagram, and I have truly enjoyed sharing the love with all of you. Well, the week is almost over so I wanted to tell you more about— THE GRAND PRIZE! I will be choosing two winners for a chance to receive a the grand prize full of Mama Goodies! These are all brands that I use and love, and I took the time to personally reach out to each brand to see if they wanted to participate in sharing my obsession with their product with all my mommy friends ;)

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1. The Owlet sock

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2. Gldn “Mama” Necklace

 The code is: CHANTELLEXGLDN for free standard US shipping until May 4th on

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3. Slumberkins $100 Gift Card

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4. 1 Pair of Birdies shoes

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5. A 3-pack of bottles, 50 breastmilk bags, and pacifiers from Nanobebe

6. $50 credit to Cozys

7. A Medela Sonata pump

MSRP - $399.99

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8. $50 Giftcard to L’ovedbaby

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9. $50 Giftcard to Byta

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10. $100 Giftcard to Jamie Kay

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11. Soothe shirt by Lalabu

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 3.18.21 PM.png

12. $100 Giftcard to Kalin Marie 

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13. $100 Giftcard to Stevie Js

These are some of my favorite mom brands and products and I hope you love them as much as I do! If you want to purchase any of these for yourself head over to my Amazon shop here!

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What I put in Senna's Easter Basket!

Happy Easter!!!

It's Senna's first Easter!!!! YAY! I bought all the candy I personally wanted to eat and put it in an Easter basket for her. I’d call that a #momhack…

Head over to my Instagram to see how I put together her basket! 


Here's a list of all the cute things I included:

  1. CUDDLE + KIND lamby (in photo

  2. Sleep Sheep from Pottery Barn Kids (Senna loves this and it makes for a cute noise machine!)

  3. Minna Parikka bunny shoes, and mommy got matching ones! YAY

  4.  The most lifelike knit bunny! I’m OBSESSED

  5.  Slumberkins baby chickens

  6. ...and all the candy I wanted ;) AKA a lot of Reese's eggs.

Happy Easter everyone!

With Love,



Senna's bunny hat is from Ginger PIckles Knits

Senna's top is from Ponponia


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