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Benefit Pink Palace HQ Visit

I got to tour the PINK PALACE aka Benefit's HQ. It was amazing and amazingly pink. So, I’m clearly in love with Benefit and I love even more that they are a brand born and raised in SF, that's still based here. They genuinely have some of my go to makeup. The concealer, brow gel + brow pencil, and hula bronzer are ALWAYS in my makeup bag and the shadow has become a new favorite thing along with a few other products I’ve included below.

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....and thanks to Benefit for having me and Moni for always doing my makeup!

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A Day in the Life of a Blogger

day in the life

of a fashion & lifestyle blogger

Have you ever wondered how bloggers take their photos, plan their shoots, how it really works, and if they shoot photos every day? Well, here's a sneak peek into a photoshoot to let you in on how shoots work, at least in my world. While sometimes I do take photos the day I'm wearing a cute outfit, a lot of the time I set up a shoot and take pics of 3-5 outfits at the same time. That way, when I do wear them, I don't have to make sure that I have someone to take my photo on hand. Shhhhh... don't tell anyone. Major blogger secret revealed! This is how all of the bloggers I know do it as well, I mean who gets THAT ready every day, right? I'm currently in no makeup, sweats, drinking a coffee while I write this at home... and I plan to stay that way most of the day. You see, so often I don't see anyone during my work day. That's the beauty of working for yourself, you can wear sweats all day if you want. So shoots happen where I put on all the outfits at once and get dolled up. We take a bunch of photos and while a lot of the time I do go back to my favorite places I've visited that week, or recreate fun moments snuggling my animals, sometimes I honestly just walk around the corner from my house and snap away! Well, now you know. So, if you were feeling bad today scrolling through IG and wondering how all these people get so perfectly ready every day, now you know their little secret. My daily routine is far more low maintenance than most of my photos may make you think.  

Stay beautiful, leave the house in just a little CC cream and mascara, and own it! We all do it. Want to see more behind the scenes from our day to day? I've included our BTS video from our photoshoot below.

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What I Wore:

matching set by Stevie sisters

belt by love strength (similar here)

shoes by bedstu


What Rachel Wore:

Top by Zara (Similar here)

Plaid pants by forever21

Shoes by berksha (Similar here)


What I Wore:

dress by rahi cali (similar here)

hat by lack of color (similar here)

shoes by bedstu


What I Wore:

Palm romper by vici dolls (similar here)

shoes by vici dolls (similar here)

purse by vici dolls (similar here)


What I Wore:

dress by vici dolls (similar here)

shoes by vici dolls


Babes at Bottlerock

BottleRock Music Festival

in Napa Valley was amazing!

Since I just turned 30 I have this thought in the back of my head that festivals are only for the 20somethings. NOT TRUE. Rachel and I had a blast (plus she brought her baby and I brought Coulter on our second day). We decided to take on day one (the actual day 2 of the concert) of the festival just us girls, and it was perfect. We ran around exploring, ate wayy too much food, and listened to amazing music. We saw some artists that we knew such as E40, The Killers, and Snoop Dogg and then other artists that we discovered like Oh Wonder and The Head and The Heart. We got asked to take some pictures for BottleRock and we were honored when we showed up on their Instagram feed (woop woop). Needless to say we left filling very fulfilled.


What I Wore:

Skirt and Top by Anine Bing

Sunglasses by Krewe

My day one outfit wasn't exactly what I would call your typical festival attire but I fell in love with this combo for Anine Bing and wanted to wear something different and unexpected. The yellow silk skirt and matching ankle booties received tons of compliments as did my favorite new glasses that I picked up from Krewe in New Orleans.


What Rachel Wore:

Top by Zara

Skirt by XIXpalms

Shoes by Zaful

Glasses by Diff

Scarf by Vintage

Rachel edged up this XIXpalms skirt and wore it in an equally unexpected way with a leather crop top and motorcycle boots. She added a vintage scarf she picked up in her trip to New Orleans and some vintage-inspired sunglasses from Diff Eyewear to complete her outfit. 

Day 3 of BottleRock, was our Day 2.

I rushed in to hear my bestie and bridesmaid, Liz Huett, perform on the big stage. So dang proud. She killed it!!!!! I was late, as always, and Coulter offered to hold my bag so I could walk through the MUCH shorter no bag line. I made it halfway through her first song, he made it in by about song 3.5! This is why I married him ;) 

Liz ended up having a second performance on the acoustic stage. We got some food/coffee and ventured over to hear round two! She annihilated it! I hung out with Rachel and baby Lennon who was rocking the cutest noise canceling headphones... such a little rockstar. Then, Liz ended up getting us backstage and we danced our butts off to Halsey, I am in LOVE with her! It was so dang fun. Coulter tore his achilles recently and was champing it out post-surgery but I decided to be a nice wife and leave pre-Bruno Mars so he didn't have to stand from 12am-11pm.


What I Wore:

Dress by Cleobella

Shoes by Bedstu

Glasses by Krewe

BottleRock was an incredible experience. Girls day on Day 1, Hubby/baby/besties Day 2! So much great food, great music, and such a great atmosphere. I highly recommend it. Thanks so much for sending me, LiveNation. See you next year BottleRock Napa!

With love,




Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Part 2

Holiday Gift Guide For Him: Part 2

Last minute shopping for that guy in your life? Here's part two of my gift guide for him for the holiday season! 

Gift Idea 1: Cologne

Giving a man cologne isn't exactly a new idea but it's a great go-to gift. This year, I spent far too much time on and got a Tom Ford cologne for my fiance but I was in love with this Santal scent by Guerlain so much I got one for myself. Does anyone else end up buying their own presents at Christmas like me? It's all about the self love, right? 

Gift Idea 2: A fitness tracker that doesn't look too sporty OR too high-tech

Another gift that I got him because I loved my own version was this fitness tracker ring by MOTIV. I have the rose gold version but I got him the darker color. I love the idea of a fitness tracker but I because they are so sporty and bulky, they aren't great to wear subtly with my every day outfits. These rings are really unique and beautifully designed so they actually add a little something to your look. Like most trackers they keep data on everything from sleep, to steps to heart rate. 

Gift Idea 3: More Shoes... Specifically white shoes from Greats

I remember when I was traveling Europe and crisp white sneakers were on every well dressed guy in sight. Flash forward to today in the Bay Area and clean white sneakers is one of my favorite streetwear trends for both men and women. My current obsession is pretty much any sneaker from Greats so I actually got my guy not one but two different pairs of white options.

Gift Idea 4: Hudson jeans for the tall guy

I know I keep mentioning this but shopping for a guy over 6'3" can be infuriating. Thankfully, Hudson jeans has this amazing dark wash with an extra long inseam and I have a feeling these will be his new go-to pants.

Gift Idea 5: A Thistle subscription for a New Year healthy start

Is your guy going to start a New Year/New You craze again this January? Thistle is a great company that provides easy, healthy snacks and meals to your door. I love having their fresh juices and smoothies always accessible in the fridge and what better gift for the guy who wants to start getting his beach body back this winter!

Gift Idea 6: Comfy commuter pants for a guy that dresses up for work

Rhone is one of Coulter's new favorite brands. The other day he actually told me that he could "live in anything Rhone". That made my job fairly easy, so I picked out a full gamut of clothing items from their shop. His favorite are the commuter pants which are perfect for a guy who has to dress-up a bit for work but wants to feel casual and comfy. 

Alright guys, that's all I have for you. I hope you got tons of ideas for the man in your life. You can shop all of the products mentioned in the video below or head back to Part 1 of my gift guide for the full list of shopping ideas. Happy holidays! 

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Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Part 1

Holiday Gift Guide For Him: Part 1

Looking for a gift for your boyfriend, fiance, brother, dad, hubby, man.....? Here's my gift guide for him for the holiday season! 

Gift Idea 1: Comfortable Shoes

I don't care what man you are buying for, they can all agree about one thing: comfort is key. Coulter loves these shoes from Viocin and I like to describe them as "walking in a cloud in heaven"... basically. Guys can be so particular about their shoes and clothing but once they put these puppies on, trust me they will fall in love. That, and the fact you will spend a lot less time massaging those sweaty toes because no woman actually enjoys doing that. Right, ladies? 

Gift Idea 2: Dress-up attire that is actually comfortable

How often have you heard your man, brother or dad complain about having to get dressed up for a holiday gathering? For as much as we love the holiday season for the many dress-up opportunities, men feel equally strong about how stiff and uncomfortable their holiday attire can be. Maybe we should have them walk around around in a pencil dress and 4" heels to feel our pain for a bit? OR... we could be a bit more reasonable and solve the problem with buying them dressy clothes that are as comfortable as their typical jeans and t-shirt uniform is. I love how soft the textures on anything from Mizzen + Mane are, which is where I got Coulter's full Thanksgiving outfit from this year. The men in your life will thank you.  

Gift Idea 3: Male Grooming Products

What is it about the grooming section that is so intimidating to guys? They don't want to actually shop for their own products but they have no issue using our luxury face creams within the confines of our bathroom. One of my go-to gifts is always to buy them something they won't buy themselves such as grooming products for hair/skin/beards/feet/etc. I've included some of my favorites from Jack Black, Bucklers, Oribe, R + Co, Ouai and Perricone. Check out the gift guide below for more details. Also note that the Energizing Scrub from Jack Black is the one item that I always steal from my man's stuff in the shower. It feels amazing and fresh on your face! 

Gift Idea 3: Great Stocking Stuffer

Ok, I know it seems strange BUT how many times have you been annoyed in the shower having to bend over and find the soap that is practically suctioned onto the soap dispenser? I know... you didn't realize how annoying that actually is until right now, did you? Well the Soap on a Rope is kind of the perfect stocking stuffer for just that reason. Such a simple solution that will make any guy smile. 

Gift Idea 4: Long line tops for the tall man

These cotton basics from North and Acruz are essential if you've got a tall guy like me as most of them are longer lines. Is the man in your life shorter than 6'2", no worries, the long line trend is really in right now so it will give him that extra stylish edge. Also, how cool is their logo design?

Alright guys, I hope this helps simplify your holiday shopping. You can shop all of the products mentioned below and stay tuned for Part 2 of my gift guide for guys coming in a few days. Happy shopping! 

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Naughty Nice Whatever 12. 16.17.png

I'm obsessed with this pullover...

because who wants to choose between naughty and nice? My outfit details are below.

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