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My Wedding Day Part 2

First we got married in the Redwoods...


Next we danced the night away...

Now it's time for Part 2 of my wedding day sneak peek. For even more photos and all the details head on over to Green Wedding Shoes to see their full feature on our wedding. 


photography: Ty French // venue name: Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel, California, USA // event design: Bride + Ryder Sloan Events // planning: Lauren Wakefield with Ryder Sloan Events // florals: Christine Cater // wedding dress: Galia Lahav // bride's shoes: Chinese Laundry // bridesmaid dresses: BHLDN// hair stylist: Hair by Chrissy // makeup artist: Moni Sebestyen  // groom attire: Suit Supply and The Tie Bar // bride's 2nd dress: Haute Bride // videography: Sharkpig // paper goods: Aerialist Press // calligraphy: Evalyn Duke // catering: Santa Lucia Preserve // cake: Susie Cakes // desserts: Smitten Ice Cream // tabletop rentals: Frances Lane // furniture rentals: Found Rentals // linen rentals: La Tavola Fine Linen // music: DJ Cams // officiant: Tim Draper // lighting: Impact Lighting // photo booth: Smilebooth // ceremony strings: Corelli Strings // silent disco: HUSH Concerts // cookie placecards: Grace&Gusto // rentals: Theoni Collection

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 9.07.43 PM.png

It was a day to last a lifetime and I'm so happy to share it with you all. And now.... it's time for baby! Stay tuned for all of my thoughts on motherhood, my pregnancy and a behind-the-scenes look into our parenthood journey. 

With love,


Sneak Peek into My Wedding Day

So... I got married.


And it was pretty amazing...

Here's a sneak peek of some of my favorite wedding day moments. For even more photos and all the details head on over to Green Wedding Shoes to see their feature on our wedding. 

Moments after putting on my dress, I burst into tears. Everyone, of course alarmed, asked if I was okay? I started laughing while tears kept flowing saying, “I’m just SO excited”! Looking through these it made me cry again, mostly because I’m now a pregnant hormonal lady, but also because I am still just so excited I got to marry you, Coulter. I love you.
— Chantelle Paige

Want more? Check out our feature in Green Wedding Shoes and stay tuned for Part 2 of my wedding day photo journal.

With love,


DIY Bridesmaid + Groomsmen Goodie Bags

What exactly went into my bridesmaid's and groomsmen's gift bags?

I wanted to show my appreciation for these boys and babes with tons of products to make them feel special on our big day. 


For the Gals

While in the middle of a wedding everything seems so revolved around me and my soon to be hubby I wanted to be sure to spoil the people taking their time to celebrate with us! I decided to put together these fun boxes for the bridal party, our parents, and our siblings. It was a little mixture of things I love and use all the time, like Invisibobbles and Bling Wipes, and things they might need during the wedding, like  Essie nail polish, Storybook Cosmetics makeup (btw this is my friend of 12 years company!!! WOOHOO), and dry shampoo. I also included a little something extra from my friend's beauty company Storybook Cosmetics. I put it all into an amazing Bridezilla inspired bags by The Wedding Chicks!

I also, included a necklace I had designed with Motif. It's a locket that comes in silver and rosegold (I included the rosegold) that says Sister, Bestie, Mother, Daughter, or Lover. I gave Mother to my mama + my soon to be mother-in-law, Sister to my sissy Savannah Labrant and sis-in-law Lisa, and the Bestie to the bridal party! If you want to buy your own locket click here!!! 


1. Liquid Lipsticks (Storybook Cosmetics)

2. Hair ties (Invisibobble)

3. Nail polish (Essie)

4. Dry Shampoo, Shampoo and Conditioner (Evo)

5. Body scrub (Mineral Fusion)

6. Necklace (Motif X Chantelle Paige)

7. Jewelry Wipes (Bling Wipes)

8. Makeup Brushes (Storybook Cosmetics)

9. Highlighter (Amazing Cosmetics)

10. Chapstick (EOS)

11. Eye mask and Misc Goodies (Behrman PR... PS thank you guys so much for the goodies!)

For the guys


For the guys, I gave them some love from The Tie Bar.... socks + belts (we also gave the guys all shirts and ties). Plus EOS for those chapped lips, some skincare love, and a few other goodies you can see below ;) 

1. Belt + Socks  (The Tie Bar)

2. Chapstick (EOS)

3. Misc. Goodies (Behrman PR

4. Hair Products (Oribe)

Shop this gift guide:


I really should have made myself one!..

PS. BIG thanks to Minted for the amazing cards! I was obsessed and they made it so incredibly easy. Also, thanks to Behrman PR for the help with all the girlie goodies. 

The goodie bags were hits! I was ecstatic to show my friends and family how much I love them and how thankful I was for them being part of my big day. I highly suggest putting these goodies together for either your way to ask your bridal party to be in your wedding, or do it like I did where you're thanking them the day before for saying yes months prior. There is no wrong way to show your appreciation to the people you chose to stand beside you on your wedding day. I hope this helps give you all tons of gift bag ideas. 


With love,


Video: Recreate my Bridal Makeup in 15 minutes

I loved my bridal makeup so much I recreated it for an every day look.


I was so in love with the natural glowing makeup that Moni created for my wedding day that I asked her to translate it into a 15 minute look that I can wear any day. We used all of the makeup from my big day but limited the time we spent in order to make this a realistic every day look. How much do you love it? You can never really go wrong with a nude eye, glowing skin and pink lip. To learn how to recreate this look yourself see our full tutorial and shopping guide below. 

With love,



Shop this look:

My Bachelorette at Safari West

my second bachelorette party was pretty wild. ya know, because it was a safari. 

I have the best friends! The girls who couldn't make it to my bachelorette weekend in San Francisco surprised me with a day trip. They showed up to my house at 7am blasting safari style jams and dancing in full safari getup out front of my door. They took me to Safari West in Santa Rosa and we had the most amazing time!!!! 

It also gave me the opportunity to rock this amazing white leather jacket by dstld that was hand-painted for my wedding day by Debby Amosa. Be sure to check out more of her custom painted clothing on Instagram (@deb_Amosa). 

Highly suggest this for part of a bachelorette weekend. It was so fun, we drank champagne on the safari jeep and toured the grounds seeing all sorts of amazing animals. The best part was that I felt so loved by my incredible friends.

Love you, Haley, Holly, Kylie, and Breana! If you want to see more from the party check out the photo diary below and Youtube video of our day. 

With love,



My white custom leather jacket  is by

Dstld and was hand-painted by Debby Amosa Follow her on Instagram @deb_amosa.


OUTFIT Details


Jacket: dstld (use DISCOUNT CODE: IGCP for 10% off)

Shoes: Birdies

Shorts: ASbyDF

Top: Margaret O' Leary

Hat: Wyeth

Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear



A Funny Wedding Story x Secret Deodorant

Secret Deodorant Clinical Strength


So, I’m about to get super real with you guys. Take you back to May 12th, 2018…. The day I got married (OMG YAY!!!). Let me start off by explaining that I am insanely lucky to not ever really get stressed out. I’ve always been one to take things in stride and let what will be, be. To the point that it infuriated my poor mother that I was cool as a cucumber during very stressful times throughout life…. But, that’s me! With that being said, wedding week had be a little excited and maybe even anxious (in a very good kind of way) and dare I say…. Stressed?

Fast forward to moments before I hop onto the shuttle to walk down the aisle. I’m with my bridesmaids, my mom, and Ty French (the incredible wedding photographer) fixing up my makeup and getting so emotionally ecstatic that it’s about to be time. My mom leans over hugging me, telling me how gorgeous I look and how proud she is of the man I chose, then says “ the way sweetie you kind of smell”. I was mortified, I have never been a smelly type, I put on deodorant that morning, I’m about to walk down the aisle and hug so many people … I CAN'T SMELL. My mom runs up to my hotel grabs my deodorant (not Secret yet, unfortunately, or this story wouldn’t be happening), and we have an emergency wipe and then reapply session.



I head down the aisle, crisis averted. BUT, I wish I’d have had Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant then, because it is truly amazing. I got back home from wedding bliss and immediately decided I was never going to have a possible smelly moment ruin my confidence, high on life, or fun again. No one should ever be worried or self conscious over such an easy fix, the right deodorant… Secret Clinical Strength.

Photos by Holly Dyche

Photos by Holly Dyche


Since then, I have taken Secret out on the road testing it out and falling in love. I went to New Orleans with Coulter, my hubby (it’s still so dang fun saying that!), for his work trip. NOLA, for those that haven’t been before, is an insanely hot and muggy place to be! My deodorant was 100% being tested. We went out on a swamp tour surrounded by alligators, talk about exhilarating, in 95 degree humid heat, and I was dry and smelling fab.

Photos by Holly Dyche

Photos by Holly Dyche

I am honored to be a Secret collaborator now, and so excited to have a fool proof, no back up plan needed, deodorant. Use Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid just once for all-day strong wetness protection. I am genuinely obsessed! So, thank you Secret Clinical Strength for the amazing product and for partnering with me! Truly in love. Be smart, be confident, be your best self, always!

With love,


Video: My Bridal Shower

With just one week left until I walk down the aisle, I wanted to take a second to share some of my pre-wedding events with you all. Starting with my bachelorette brunch hosted by Birdies and now with my beautiful bridal shower hosted by my Maid of Honor and sister Savannah. Not only was the shower beautifully bohemian but it was a great time to share with my friends, family and bridesmaids. We played games, shared stories and feasted on far too many delicious sweets. Enjoy!


Shop this look:


with love,


Chantelle + Prosciutto

My Bridal Brunch hosted by Birdies

Bridal Brunch with Birdies + Bridesmaids.... alliteration at it's finest folks. I'll be here all week.

Okay, but really, my bridesmaids planned such an amazing weekend for my bachelorette. I felt spoiled. BUT, Birdies blew me away. They put together a breathtaking brunch! There was a balloon arch, flowers gallore, yummy savory and (most importantly) sweet crepes, and Table and Teaspoon (they are a brilliant "rent the runway" for table linens) decorated the table with fabulous colors.


Birdies gifted each of my ladies with a pair of shoes. Talk about nice! Just for transparency for you all, I got my first pair of Birdies a few months ago (the black pair with little leopard tassles) and I have been wearing them non-stop. I literally have them on my feet right now at this little coffee shop in Santa Cruz as I'm typing this blog post. That being said, because I fell madly in love with their shoes we discussed doing a brunch for all my friends in their store. With my bachelorette party right around the corner we figured it'd be the perfect opportunity for our party. Birdies blew me away with how thoughtfully put together the brunch was! Seriously, I adore you Marisa (one of the amazing owners in the photo with me below).


My surprise flower crown perfectly matched my earrings!

Crown designed by Ampersand in San Francisco

A little about Birdies

They are two amazing moms who were sick of wearing flats that weren't comfy. They took some high fashion slides and their favorite slippers and combined the two for what I venture to say is the perfect slip-on shoe. The comfort is truly that of slipper, but unlike the horrible Ugg phenomenon of our youth, they look INCREDIBLE and you would NEVER KNOW IT WAS A SLIPPER! Truly. I mean until I said that you were just looking at our feet saying "wow, cute slide" weren't you? 


A little about the guests

At this brunch, I had my bridesmaids- Savannah Labrant (sister and MOH), Madison Fisher, Marissa Mason, and Mackenzie Rylander (those three are my cousins), Rachel Richardson (Creative Director for this here blog you're reading and my bff), Liz Huett (incredible singer, check out her music video for H8U here... I'm in it!), and Lisa (my soon to be sister-in-law). Plus, some other amazing friends.... Melissa Richardson, Breana Taylor, Brianna Garcia a.k.a. Shop Tiki Girl, Rebecca Zamolo, Erin Maynard a.k.a. Storybook Cosmetics, and Trace Lehnhoff. 


 I felt loved, celebrated, and giddy all day. Thank you so much to all the friends I mentioned who helped make the weekend amazing (especially you Rach, as you did 99% of the helping haha!).

...and thank you SO much to Birdies for the immense amount of love you showed, the attention to details, and the INCREDIBLE SHOES!

With love,



Party Details


Hosted at Birdies Union Street Location

Photography by Shandru Photography (@shandruphotography)

Table Design by Table + Teaspoon (@tableandteaspoon)

Flower Crown by Ampersand SF (@ampersand_sf)

Chantelle's Dress by Show Me Your Mumu (get it here)

Chantelle's Shoes are The Wren by Birdies



A year of white: My Bridal Style Part 2

Because it's a nice YEAR for a white wedding....

Alright, here we are with Part 2 of my year of pre-wedding outfits. In this edition we tackle what to wear to brunches, showers and my actual bachelorette party outfit that I showcased this last weekend in San Francisco. I'll share more on that amazing weekend later, but for now let's get to my favorite wedding whites. 



If you read Part 1 on the blog, then you already know that I am really enjoying having so many excuses to rock white this year. With less than a month left to the big day, I'm soaking up every last opportunity to put my favorite white outfits to use. Read on for shopping guides, tips on recreating each look and alternative events to show them off at.

Look 1: A lace paneled cocktail dress  


I love the lace collar on this dress by Elliatt Collective and the length is very classic. The sheer paneled pieces add some sexiness without making my family blush to much. I added a simply nude sandal so that the shoes didn't compete too much which the intricacy of the dress design.  

But where do I wear it?

  • To your engagement party
  • To your rehearsal dinner

Style Tips:

  •  This look lends itself to more nude and natural makeup. The dress is glam enough on it's own so a nude eye and lip keep it feeling youthful and fresh.   

Shop The Look:


Look 2: a dress for the blushing bride


Don't consider yourself a traditional bride? Want to add a little surprise on your big day? Don't look great in white? Why not try a modern blush party dress? This dress is another win by Elliatt Collective - can you tell I'm a huge fan of this label? This style is from last season but I've included some equally jam-dropping blush dresses in the shopping guide below. 

But where do I wear it?

  • To your rehearsal dinner
  • For your engagement photos
  • As you reception party dress

Shop The Look:


Look 3: Let your Lingerie play peek-a-boo 


Why wait until the honeymoon to put all of that bridal shower lingerie to use? Let those pretty white lace pieces peak through with a sheer bodysuit and lace mini. What a great way to get multiple uses out of that white lace lingerie. 

But where do I wear it?

  • Your bachelorette party
  • Your honeymoon

Style Tips:

  •  Feel a little TOO flirty? Pair down this look by adding a wool fedora, booties and a leather jacket. Nothing says California cool girl that a little leather and lace. 

Shop The Look:

Missed part one? Check it out now!

With love, Chantelle

Photography by: Anastasia Sierra

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

A year of white: My Bridal Style Part 1

I'm going to the courthouse and I'm..... picking up my marriage license....

You know what, they don't write many songs about going to the courthouse to pick up your marriage license, or going to the bar for celebratory drinks with your future bridesmaids. I know, it's definitely a missed opportunity. Even still, these are both great excuses to wear white when you become a soon-to-be bride. I have tried to make the most out of my year and a half long engagement, wear a little (actually a lot) of white and really embrace my bridal style because Hey! I'm about to marry the man of my dreams and that is absolutely a reason to celebrate. 



I recently featured some an article on The Wedding Chicks called 5 Occasions To Wear White Other Than Your Big Day  but I wanted to take a second look and give you all even ideas of where to wear these looks. Read on for shopping guides, tips on recreating each look and alternative events to show them off at.

Look 1: A LWR (little white romper) is a great alternative to a LWD 


This look basically says, "I'm go-going to the chapel." You like what I did there? If you've always loved your legs then what better way to showcase them then in a Little White Romper? The beauty of this outfit is that you could where it to any of your pre-wedding festivities listed below AND then pack it with you to reuse on your honeymoon. The romper I've shown above is from Bless'ed are the Meek but you can shop alternatives here

But where do I wear it?

  • To pick up your marriage certificate
  • To your bachelorette weekend
  • To wedding dress shop with your gals
  • To celebratory drinks with your friends
  • On your honeymoon

Style Tips:

  •  This look screams sixties so go all out with some statement oversized shades and platform heels. 

Shop The Look:


Look 2: Go modestly alluring in A crocheted lace


Would we call this farm girl chic? If you want to avoid feeling like a tablecloth in an open weave lace crochet just skip the white slip. The open weave of this Asilio dress (similar here) allows just the right hint of skin to peak through and creates a surprisingly sexy silhouette. Not ready to ditch the slip? See my style tips below.

But where do I wear it?

  • Bridal Shower
  • Post-wedding brunch

Style Tips:

  •  Add a nude slip if Great Grandma plans on making an appearance! This beautiful little number can be shockingly revealing. Not worried about it? Be sure to invest in some white boy shorts or high waisted panties and let a little skin peak through.

Shop The Look:


Look 3: A classic strapless cocktail number 


...Because we all look good in a sweetheart neckline but not all of us get the chance to wear them on our wedding day. I think this cut can be so classic and flattering on so many different figures, which is why I chose this dress by Bless'ed are the Meek as a safe bet for most of your pre-wedding occasions. It's simple, classic, flattering and a length that is appropriate for most bridal situations. You can shop similar styles here. Of course, I added some sky high heels for a bit of glam (and height) but I kept the accessories to a minimum. All you need for this look is a great fitting dress, a smile and that beautiful bridal glow. 

But where do I wear it?

  • A formal engagement party
  • Your engagement shoot
  • Your rehearsal dinner
  • As your after-party dress

Style Tips:

  •  Keep accessories to a minimum and play off of the classic minimal vibe of this look

Shop The Look:

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Wedding Style Series with (SPOILER ALERT) a subtle departure from your traditional bridal white. 

With love, Chantelle

Photography by: Anastasia Sierra

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

To see the original feature head over to The Wedding Chicks now!

One boho dress for three pre-wedding events

Have you ever found yourself wondering why it is that your friend that normally lives in sneakers, all of the sudden opts for 5-inch stiletto heels on her wedding day? Or the girl that you've never seen wear her hair up chooses a classic French twist rather than letting her wavy hair run wild.

I, personally, think it's because so many women feel there is an expectation on them to transform into "the perfect bride" from the minute they get engaged. And, in doing so, sometimes they lose touch with that special personal style that makes them so unique to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with letting your own quirky style peek through in your day-of wedding attire, as well as throughout all of the wonderful outfit opportunities leading up to the big event. Especially if you’re usually more bohemian casual than glam queen, like me.


To demonstrate how cool it can be to incorporate elements of your daily style into your pre-wedding looks, I've chosen this dress from David's Bridal and styled it for three different events in ways that playfully reflect my own everyday style. I've taken my casual bohemian wedding theme and translated it directly to each of these outfits.

P.S. you are totally allowed to use the same dress for all three of these events. There are no rules, just find fun accessories to jazz each look up!

This budget-friendly dress is a soft floral lace sheath gown with a blush lining beautifully done by David's Bridal. I love how soft and effortless it is while still feeling fresh and fashion-forward.


Look 1: Engagement Party


I love the playfulness of this look. Engagement parties are a time for celebration, without the stress and pressure of the big day. Why take yourself, or your look, too seriously? I loved the juxtaposition of a ripped denim jacket contrasting the tiara. The jacket screams "cool girl casual" while the tiara says "I'm playing princess for the day!"

Look 2: Engagement Photoshoot


For the engagement shoot, I wanted to incorporate something from my everyday wardrobe to keep the full length lace dress feeling more relaxed and more "me". So,I chose a cream fedora from my Lack of Color hat collection. Pro tip: I used this beautiful David's bridal headband as a hatband to add a little touch of sparkle. My amazing fringe sneakers are from Emonk Ibiza and added just the right amount of bohemian casual, and editorial edge, to finish this look off.

Look 3: Rehearsal Dinner 

dsc01163 2.JPG

One thing some brides forget to include in their wedding budget are all the pre-wedding outfits, including the rehearsal dinner dress. Why not buy one amazing dress for both your engagement party, shoot, and rehearsal dinner? It was so easy for me to completely transform the vibe of this dress from bohemian casual to rustically ethereal by quickly simplifying my look. Goodbye wool hat, hello sparkling headband. Wear those awesome sneakers again and save the teetering heels - and your sore feet- for the big day.

Shopping guide:


Thank you to David’s Bridal for sponsoring this post. I truly loved this dress! To check out more of their little white dresses click here. To find a location near you, click here! Most importantly, know that you are an incredible human being and there’s a reason he/she put a ring on it. Let that inner beauty shine and have fun being YOU on your big day.

With love, Chantelle


Photography by: Holly Dyche and Rachel Brooks

Floral arrangement by: Bloom Equation

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

Hair & Make-up by: Moni Sebestyan