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GLDN GIFTING and my husband photobombing me!

I'm a fashion/lifestyle blogger. I live in SF with my hubby, deaf doggy, and miniature pig!!! Yup, I'm the weirdo that walks around the streets of San Francisco with a dog on one leash and a miniature black pig on the other. I'm expecting a little girl January 2019, so now pig/dog walks also include a massive belly ;) My husband and I got married (and pregnant, haha) May 2018, and that's when I found out about and fell in love with GLDN. Mother's Day was the day after our wedding, so I arranged to give all the mommies the initial necklaces with their kid's initials on them. EVERY mom fell in love with the personalized gift, and I was ecstatic with my choice to purchase the goodies from GLDN. They made the process SO easy for me. As just purely a customer (before we ever spoke about working together) they took insanely great care of me! For instance, I ordered a necklace for my mom with roman numerals of all three of her kid's wedding dates on it, but apparently, I picked the wrong type of necklace to put the roman numerals on. GLDN emailed me letting me know my options and made it so simple to fix my mistake. Their customer service is impeccable!!!! Plus all the necklaces came with their adorable little cards which saved me time (and money) as well!!! Most importantly, the products are beautiful!!! They are simple, yet gorgeous, pieces that everyone enjoys. I cannot express my gratitude enough for their taking such amazing care of me leading up to my wedding date!!! ...and to this day they are still my go-to present for friends and family. The perfect gift with a little personal touch and love added!!!!

Fall Fashion Haul VIDEO TRY ON!!!

Here are some of my go to Fall looks for 2018 :)

We made our own custom wedding bands!

Building our own wedding rings was the best decision ever...


well other than saying "I Do" to spending forever together! 

But seriously, making our own wedding bands was one of the most fun things we did pre-wedding. It makes the band even more special, plus we got to add our own unique touches.

For instance, we got married on May 12th, so Coulter put the roman numeral for 5 and V  (for the 5th month of May) and I put 12 diamonds to represent the 12th. We also engraved our new initials CM into the rings when they are joined together, top of CM on his and the bottom on mine. Well, technically I'm Chantelle Paige-Mulligan but I let my feminist stance slide just this once.


All this to say if you have the opportunity to make your own rings you should do it! If you are located near San Francisco contact Christine Guibara. Even if you aren't getting married, it's still an incredibly fun thing to do together. If you want to see more on our custom wedding band experience, watch the video below.  Either way, best of luck and I hope you love your new ring as much as we adore ours.

With love,