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MY TOP TEN Pregnancy Looks

Growing babies is hard work…

might as well look good doing it.

So I don’t know if you heard, but Meghan Markle had her baby this week. And— like a total superwoman— looked super chic for her first post-partum appearance. I’ll be honest, it got me a little nostalgic thinking about my own pregnancy fashion. So I’ve decided to do a recap of my top ten pregnancy looks for you all. Just in case you are new here and didn’t get the chance to follow along in my #dressingthebump journey! I started my recap during the second trimester because that’s when my little bump really started to pop. What do you guys think? Which is your favorite look?

Look 5 My Top Ten

Look 1: Emerald green slip dress

LOOK 2: Shades of Red

Look 3: mix it up with Plaid and Florals

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.15.45 PM.png

Look 4: Gettin’ Wild in Cheetah Prints

look 5: luxe Layers

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.16.10 PM.png

look 6: Stay active

look 7: Dark as Date Night

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.16.43 PM.png

look 8: (ice)Cream and Sorbet

look 9: Wrap Dressin’ it up!

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.17.33 PM.png

look 10: She’s coming BERRY soon!

Shopping Guide

Want to recreate these looks? Some of these items are from last season but you can find similar styles in the shopping guide below.

Pregnancy Style: Leggings + Oversized Sweaters

PREGNANCY STYLE: Leggings and Oversized Sweaters...

It's what I lived in towards the end of my pregnancy, and let's be honest... it's what I'm still living in now! Here are some of my favorites that will take you through your pregnancy and beyond.

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Shopping Guide:

Check out the guide below for similar favorite items

IT'S A BOY!!!! (just kidding) ... It's an OOTD!

IT'S A BOY!!!! JK... It’s an OOTD!


I've been LIVING in Chaser this pregnancy! Their sweats (and clothes) are SOOOO soft and amazing! Check below to shop my full look.


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Don't be a Cheetah...

Don't be a CHEETAH!

...but do wear it.


During pregnancy, elastic waistlines have become my new best friend. Seriously though. I was honestly a little worried to try out this skirt since it's high waisted and I currently have, well, no waist at all! To my surprise though it worked just sitting above the bump.  I usually wear XS or S and have been getting a size M (for reference)... the belly is getting very big though so we'll see how long this lasts, haha. Skirt is from Vici, but I've also attached similar skirts in the widget below! Love this rust color sweater with it, since it's all the rage for winter. 


Frye booties, they were an old fav brand that recently became a new favorite brand. SUPER great quality shoes. Worth the investment! And then a cheetah purse from Becksondergaard, a Copenhagen accessories brand I've become OBSESSED with... because why not accent your cheetah skirt with a cheetah purse, right?


Have fun with prints, take a chance. It works, I promise. 

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Repetto Ballet Every Day

Repetto - ballet every day!

I grew up dancing. As a girl, I was basically in a jazz, tap, or ballet class every day.  So, when Repetto reached out while I was in Paris I was ecstatic to collaborate! 

Refresher or T.I.L.: In case you weren’t a total dance nerd like me. Repetto makes amazing ballet shoes. They invented this specific process and type of stitch called the stitch-and-return that makes for the perfect ballet fit.

After years of perfecting their ballet slippers, they moved on to perfect the daily shoe and beyond. While visiting their store, I fell in love with a pair of black high heels that is a stiletto inspired by a ballet pointe shoe. You can see why the little dancer inside me is so #OBSESSED.

Here's a fun little shoot I got to do in their store in Paris, which was so dreamy. I've also included links for a few of my favorite shoes and corresponding outfits in the shopping guide below. Enjoy!

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Pregnancy Style: Knotted Knit Dress
Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

Vici Dolls is one of my favorite companies to work with.

They constantly have new items and for great prices. I especially love easy anything- but - basic knit dresses that I have clearly been rockin' throughout the second trimester of my pregnancy. Because Vici Dolls gets new items so often I've also put similar dresses below. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for pregnancy friendly knit dresses. 

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Pregnancy Style: Cotton Printed Jumpsuit

My next (pregnancy friendly) Vici Dolls looks is this super comfortably and breathable cotton printed jumpsuit.

I paired this with my ultra-comfortable grey heels that I've been living in throughout my pregnancy as well as a classic denim jacket. Prosciutto, of course, is the ultimate accessory. That is, until baby arrives!

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for pregnancy friendly knit dresses. 

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