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Thanks to my 500k followers!

I hit 500k followers on Instagram!!!!!!!


I seriously cannot believe I hit 500k on Instagram.

This has truly been a whirlwind year! Getting married, getting pregnant, traveling so much because well a baby is on the way, and then figuring out this whole #BlogLife. I just wanted to say how thankful I am to everyone who has ventured over here to my blog! It's been so fun putting words behind all the photos and letting you get a glimpse into my life a bit more.

Photos by  Haley Jacobsen

Photos by Haley Jacobsen

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PLEASE let me know what you'd like to see more of, hear more about, or any critiques you have for me (as I'm still only 2+ years into doing this and new at it!) 

But seriously, thank you all so much for all the love and support!

With Love,


Repetto Ballet Every Day

Repetto - ballet every day!

I grew up dancing. As a girl, I was basically in a jazz, tap, or ballet class every day.  So, when Repetto reached out while I was in Paris I was ecstatic to collaborate! 

Refresher or T.I.L.: In case you weren’t a total dance nerd like me. Repetto makes amazing ballet shoes. They invented this specific process and type of stitch called the stitch-and-return that makes for the perfect ballet fit.

After years of perfecting their ballet slippers, they moved on to perfect the daily shoe and beyond. While visiting their store, I fell in love with a pair of black high heels that is a stiletto inspired by a ballet pointe shoe. You can see why the little dancer inside me is so #OBSESSED.

Here's a fun little shoot I got to do in their store in Paris, which was so dreamy. I've also included links for a few of my favorite shoes and corresponding outfits in the shopping guide below. Enjoy!

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Shopping Guide:

Pregnancy Style: Knotted Knit Dress
Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

Vici Dolls is one of my favorite companies to work with.

They constantly have new items and for great prices. I especially love easy anything- but - basic knit dresses that I have clearly been rockin' throughout the second trimester of my pregnancy. Because Vici Dolls gets new items so often I've also put similar dresses below. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for pregnancy friendly knit dresses. 

With love,


Shopping Guide:

Pregnancy Style: Cotton Printed Jumpsuit

My next (pregnancy friendly) Vici Dolls looks is this super comfortably and breathable cotton printed jumpsuit.

I paired this with my ultra-comfortable grey heels that I've been living in throughout my pregnancy as well as a classic denim jacket. Prosciutto, of course, is the ultimate accessory. That is, until baby arrives!

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for pregnancy friendly knit dresses. 

With love,


Shopping Guide:

OOTD: Baby bumps and band tees

I love rock & roll,

so put another dime in the jukebox baby.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

First trimester pregnancy dressing is difficult.

The bump is definitely growing, but not noticeable to everyone quite yet. I can't really show it off yet don't really feel comfortable in my crop tops and matching sets anymore. That's why I've been living in oversized tops and sweaters worn with leg lengthening jeans. These amazing flared jeans are so long they require sky high heels but I don't mind the extra height. This look is all Vici Dolls, one of my favorite places to shop right now. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for graphic tees and jeans. 

With love,


Shopping Guide:

OOTD: Striped Jumpsuit

Now you see it,

now you don't. That's the way I feel about my growing baby bump.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

jumpsuits as maternity wear...who would have thought ...

This striped jumpsuit from Swirl Boutique hides my growing baby bump surprisingly well. I had never considered jumpsuits as maternity wear but I am realizing quite quickly that I value comfort AND style while pregnant. But mainly I just want to be comfortable because when pregnancy fatigue hits, it hits hard. This little number is perfect for running errands around town and relaxing on the couch. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for red striped jumpsuits. 

With love,


Shopping Guide:

My top picks from the Nordstrom Sale

It's all across the internet right now, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here and all of the bloggers are on a shopping spree. Why do we all go crazy when the #NSALE is in season? Honestly, because there are a ridiculous amount of deals to be had on brands that we actually live-in like ALO, Rag n' Bone and Brixton. The hardest part about sales is really finding the time to search through all of the pages of deals in order to find the pieces that really speak to you. Good news! I've done the hard part for you and broke down my favorite sale items in each category. But first, a few pro tips about shopping the sale.

  • Get a Nordstrom Card: Seriously though, if you are a cardmember you get early access to the sale this week (starting June 12th) and have a much better chance of securing the sizes and colors that you want. 
  • Buy online, try in store: My friend recently told me about this. You can actually browse online, make your purchases and head to the online kiosk at your nearest Nordstrom to try your purchases on. If you don't want to deal with the dressing rooms, just take your gear home and try it on in the comfort of your well lit bedroom. 

Now on to the good stuff!

1. Activewear

ALO is one of my favorite active brands and you can't go wrong with classics like Nike and Adidas.

Alo, High Waist Leggings , $72.90, After Sale $110

Alo, High Waist Leggings, $72.90, After Sale $110

Nike, Long Jacket , $96.90, After Sale $130

Nike, Long Jacket, $96.90, After Sale $130

Alo, Fluid Tunic Sleeve Top,  $64.90, After Sale $98

Alo, Fluid Tunic Sleeve Top, $64.90, After Sale $98

Adidas, Edge Lux Climacool Running Shoe, $67.9…fter Sale $90

Adidas, Edge Lux Climacool Running Shoe, $67.9…fter Sale $90

Nike, Tank , $21.90, After Sale $30

Nike, Tank, $21.90, After Sale $30

Nike, Speed Cool Tights , $59.90, After Sale $80

Nike, Speed Cool Tights, $59.90, After Sale $80

2. Shoes

I'm diggin' the red shoe trend, suede booties are my OOTD staples and these flats were too cute to pass up.

Jeffrey Campbell, Vanhook Ankle Boot,  $92.90, … Sale $139.95
Marc Fisher, Miggi Boot, $124.90 , After Sale $188.95
Leith, Finn Sock Bootie , $69.90, After sale $109.95

Leith, Finn Sock Bootie, $69.90, After sale $109.95

Sam Edelman, Chesney Loafers , $99.90, After Sale $149.95

Sam Edelman, Chesney Loafers, $99.90, After Sale $149.95

Vince Camuto, Jorlyn Sandal , $79.90, After Sale $129.95

Vince Camuto, Jorlyn Sandal, $79.90, After Sale $129.95

Cole Haan, Grandpro Tennis Sneaker , $86.90, After Sale $130

Cole Haan, Grandpro Tennis Sneaker, $86.90, After Sale $130

3. Beauty

Kiehl's is one of my favorite beauty brands so I love scoring a deal on their products. You have to try the NUFACE, Kate Somerville wrinkle cream is genius and diptyque is quickly becoming one of my favorite candle brands. 

4. Women's Apparel

This one was tough because there were so many cute pieces to choose from so I stuck with pieces that made good back-to-school choices and could be combine to make multiple outfits. Also, fall is going to be here sooner than I care to admit so I incorporated some jackets and sweaters that will transition easily into colder weather. Can we talk about how cute this SUPERWOMAN shirt is?? 

Rag & Bone, Simone Lace Up Pants , $216.90, After Sale $325

Rag & Bone, Simone Lace Up Pants, $216.90, After Sale $325

5. Accessories

Marc Jacobs, Convertible Backpack , $196.90, After Sale $295

Marc Jacobs, Convertible Backpack, $196.90, After Sale $295

Brixton, Fiddler Cap , $31.90, After Sale $48

Brixton, Fiddler Cap, $31.90, After Sale $48

Poppy Finch, Pearl Threader Earrings , $260.90, …fter sale $395

Poppy Finch, Pearl Threader Earrings, $260.90, …fter sale $395

Treasure & Bond, Mason Belt Bag , $52.90, After Sale $79

Treasure & Bond, Mason Belt Bag, $52.90, After Sale $79

Quay Australia, French Kiss Square , $39.90, After Sale $60

Quay Australia, French Kiss Square, $39.90, After Sale $60

Treasure and Bond, Suede Band Felt Panama, …fter Sale $49

Treasure and Bond, Suede Band Felt Panama, …fter Sale $49

Rag & Bone, Circle Bag, $259.90, After sale $395

Rag & Bone, Circle Bag, $259.90, After sale $395

DIFF, Skye Round Sunglasses , $56.90, After Sale $85

DIFF, Skye Round Sunglasses, $56.90, After Sale $85

Treasure & Bond, Print Silk Square , $25.90, After Sale $39

Treasure & Bond, Print Silk Square, $25.90, After Sale $39

6. Men's

I can't forget this hubby! I kept it classic and sporty in my choices for the men in your lives. 

1901, Ballard Stretch Chinos , $45.90, After Sale $69.50

1901, Ballard Stretch Chinos, $45.90, After Sale $69.50

Nike, Windrunner Jacket,  $74.90, After Sale $100

Nike, Windrunner Jacket, $74.90, After Sale $100

Adidas, Swift Run , $71.90 After Sale $19.95

Adidas, Swift Run, $71.90 After Sale $19.95

Cole Haan, Warren Cap-Toe Oxford , $129.90, After Sale $200

Cole Haan, Warren Cap-Toe Oxford, $129.90, After Sale $200

Alright guys, what do you think? What were your favorite purchases from the sale? Comment below and tell me about your recent deals! And I can't wait to style my Nordstrom picks for you all.


With love,

Chantelle Paige-Mulligan

Summer whites + Vionic heels

Who would have thought that heels could be built for comfort...

....but these heels from vionic combine support and style. 

Also, let's talk about this white two-piece set from Swirl Boutique? I swear, they have the best selection of fun, trendy but versatile pieces. Swirl has mastered cool Cali-girl style. I picked up this tied crop top and matching mini skirt the last time I was in Orange County visiting my sister. I have been loving this tied crop top style for the last season or two and think it's such a fun, easy and sexy shape. This low neckline, however, definitely calls for some layered necklaces. I chose two necklaces with very special meanings. The first is a personalized vertical bar necklace from GLDN with my wedding date engraved on it. The second is a personalized moonphase necklace from Moonglow Jewelry with an image of what the moon looked like on the night that I got married. I really love that these necklaces each tell a similar story but don't necessarily match each other perfectly. 

Photos by  5oclocksunday

Photos by 5oclocksunday

Now back to those shoes. I'm not exaggerating the comfort. I was really impressed with Vionic's fashion-forward styles. I've included a link to these specific shoes below as well as alternative options in my shopping guide. My hat is from Lack of Color (my go-to hat brand), you really can't go wrong with their classic designs. And last but not least... did you notice my bright blue toes? 

Alright guys, what do you think? What's more important style or comfort? Do you have a favorite personalized piece of jewelry? Let me know in your comments below.

With love,



Shopping Guide:

OOTD: Sundresses and Iced Coffee

All you need is some sunshine,

some Philz coffee and a sundress from Swirl Boutique...

Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

Summer days call for a cotton sundress ...

This printed mini dress from Swirl Boutique was a great choice for a hot summer day. I love the simply, delicate print of the cotton which felt flirty and feminine as well as the flattering waistline. I accessorized this look with my personalized necklace from GLDN and my favorite weekend morning accessory... a Philz Coffee iced mint mojito. If you haven't had one of these babies you really need to head down to your nearest Philz and order one pronto. You may even catch a glimpse of me and Prosciutto waiting in line. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my favorite cotton sundresses.

With love,


Shopping Guide:

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

day in the life

of a fashion & lifestyle blogger

Have you ever wondered how bloggers take their photos, plan their shoots, how it really works, and if they shoot photos every day? Well, here's a sneak peek into a photoshoot to let you in on how shoots work, at least in my world. While sometimes I do take photos the day I'm wearing a cute outfit, a lot of the time I set up a shoot and take pics of 3-5 outfits at the same time. That way, when I do wear them, I don't have to make sure that I have someone to take my photo on hand. Shhhhh... don't tell anyone. Major blogger secret revealed! This is how all of the bloggers I know do it as well, I mean who gets THAT ready every day, right? I'm currently in no makeup, sweats, drinking a coffee while I write this at home... and I plan to stay that way most of the day. You see, so often I don't see anyone during my work day. That's the beauty of working for yourself, you can wear sweats all day if you want. So shoots happen where I put on all the outfits at once and get dolled up. We take a bunch of photos and while a lot of the time I do go back to my favorite places I've visited that week, or recreate fun moments snuggling my animals, sometimes I honestly just walk around the corner from my house and snap away! Well, now you know. So, if you were feeling bad today scrolling through IG and wondering how all these people get so perfectly ready every day, now you know their little secret. My daily routine is far more low maintenance than most of my photos may make you think.  

Stay beautiful, leave the house in just a little CC cream and mascara, and own it! We all do it. Want to see more behind the scenes from our day to day? I've included our BTS video from our photoshoot below.

With love,



What I Wore:

matching set by Stevie sisters

belt by love strength (similar here)

shoes by bedstu


What Rachel Wore:

Top by Zara (Similar here)

Plaid pants by forever21

Shoes by berksha (Similar here)


What I Wore:

dress by rahi cali (similar here)

hat by lack of color (similar here)

shoes by bedstu


What I Wore:

Palm romper by vici dolls (similar here)

shoes by vici dolls (similar here)

purse by vici dolls (similar here)


What I Wore:

dress by vici dolls (similar here)

shoes by vici dolls


OOTD: embroidered summer dress

summer, summer, summertime...

in capitola, CA.


I can't get enough of these colorful walls, how picture perfect is Capitola? This embroidered white dress has such beautiful detailing that it truly speaks for itself. Delicate jewelry and a statement bag from Salar Milano gave my look the edginess it needed. Don't forget to check out my shopping guide below for similar styles. 

Look 1: (Insert Description/Outfit Title)

Embroidered Dress: Rahi Cali

Shoes by Bedstu

Earrings by @jemmasands

Purse by @salar_milano

Rings by @Luludesignsjewelry


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It's so fun meeting you all. While shooting photos someone yelled "Chantelle" and I looked around to see an unfamiliar face. After introducing myself I met the cutest girls!!! They were on vacation in Capitola with their family. It's seriously way too fun meeting you guys, please keep saying, "Hi."

With love,


OOTd: pink, ruffles and all things girlie

flirty & feminine

at it's finest in capitola, CA.


There are just some days that I want to dress unabashedly girlie. This outfit has it all: pink, ruffles, floral prints, heels. All of the feminine details that make me really "feel like a woman." Summertime in Capitola really did bring it out in me. How amazing is this off-the-shoulder top by Misa? The oversized ruffle is such a statement that I kept everything else fairly simple and let the neckline do the talking. It paired perfectly with a pair of printed high-waisted shorts by Rails. Once again, my all time favorite booties by Bedstu make an appearance because they genuinely are the most versatile and comfortable in my closet. 

Look 1: (Insert Description/Outfit Title)

Top: @misa_losangeles

Shorts: Rails

Shoes: Bedstu

Purse: @salar_milano


I wore this outfit on a day date in the cute little beach town of Capitola, CA. It's nice to spend a little time south of the city where the weather feels a lot more like summer. That's why I brought out some of the things I don't get to wear in San Francisco's June gloom... like shorts, for example. Love this look? I've included a shopping guide below so you can put together something similar. Enjoy!

With love,


Photos by Breana Taylor, Edits by Chantelle Paige

Photos by Breana Taylor, Edits by Chantelle Paige

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OOTD: Printed sundress in Santa Cruz.

Sunny and bright in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Photos by Breana Taylor

Photos by Breana Taylor

These last few months, I've been a lot more time in Santa Cruz with my fiancé. Although the drive out of the city can be a bit long, it does give me the opportunity to get an early start on summer dressing. It's nice to get away from the San Francisco wind to a bit warmer weather. This dress and jacket combination from N12H was perfect for the sunny streets of Santa Cruz. Did you notice that the bell sleeves on the jacket compliment the peplum hem of the skirt? If you have been staring at that necklace I'm wearing then note it's from my design collaboration with Motif jewelry that launched on April 9th. You can see the full collection over at Motif now. 

With love,


Shopping Guide:

Dress and jacket by N12H

Shoes by Bedstu

Necklace is my design for Motif that launched April 9th

Rings by Lulu Designs jewelry 

A year of white: My Bridal Style Part 2

Because it's a nice YEAR for a white wedding....

Alright, here we are with Part 2 of my year of pre-wedding outfits. In this edition we tackle what to wear to brunches, showers and my actual bachelorette party outfit that I showcased this last weekend in San Francisco. I'll share more on that amazing weekend later, but for now let's get to my favorite wedding whites. 



If you read Part 1 on the blog, then you already know that I am really enjoying having so many excuses to rock white this year. With less than a month left to the big day, I'm soaking up every last opportunity to put my favorite white outfits to use. Read on for shopping guides, tips on recreating each look and alternative events to show them off at.

Look 1: A lace paneled cocktail dress  


I love the lace collar on this dress by Elliatt Collective and the length is very classic. The sheer paneled pieces add some sexiness without making my family blush to much. I added a simply nude sandal so that the shoes didn't compete too much which the intricacy of the dress design.  

But where do I wear it?

  • To your engagement party
  • To your rehearsal dinner

Style Tips:

  •  This look lends itself to more nude and natural makeup. The dress is glam enough on it's own so a nude eye and lip keep it feeling youthful and fresh.   

Shop The Look:


Look 2: a dress for the blushing bride


Don't consider yourself a traditional bride? Want to add a little surprise on your big day? Don't look great in white? Why not try a modern blush party dress? This dress is another win by Elliatt Collective - can you tell I'm a huge fan of this label? This style is from last season but I've included some equally jam-dropping blush dresses in the shopping guide below. 

But where do I wear it?

  • To your rehearsal dinner
  • For your engagement photos
  • As you reception party dress

Shop The Look:


Look 3: Let your Lingerie play peek-a-boo 


Why wait until the honeymoon to put all of that bridal shower lingerie to use? Let those pretty white lace pieces peak through with a sheer bodysuit and lace mini. What a great way to get multiple uses out of that white lace lingerie. 

But where do I wear it?

  • Your bachelorette party
  • Your honeymoon

Style Tips:

  •  Feel a little TOO flirty? Pair down this look by adding a wool fedora, booties and a leather jacket. Nothing says California cool girl that a little leather and lace. 

Shop The Look:

Missed part one? Check it out now!

With love, Chantelle

Photography by: Anastasia Sierra

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

A year of white: My Bridal Style Part 1

I'm going to the courthouse and I'm..... picking up my marriage license....

You know what, they don't write many songs about going to the courthouse to pick up your marriage license, or going to the bar for celebratory drinks with your future bridesmaids. I know, it's definitely a missed opportunity. Even still, these are both great excuses to wear white when you become a soon-to-be bride. I have tried to make the most out of my year and a half long engagement, wear a little (actually a lot) of white and really embrace my bridal style because Hey! I'm about to marry the man of my dreams and that is absolutely a reason to celebrate. 



I recently featured some an article on The Wedding Chicks called 5 Occasions To Wear White Other Than Your Big Day  but I wanted to take a second look and give you all even ideas of where to wear these looks. Read on for shopping guides, tips on recreating each look and alternative events to show them off at.

Look 1: A LWR (little white romper) is a great alternative to a LWD 


This look basically says, "I'm go-going to the chapel." You like what I did there? If you've always loved your legs then what better way to showcase them then in a Little White Romper? The beauty of this outfit is that you could where it to any of your pre-wedding festivities listed below AND then pack it with you to reuse on your honeymoon. The romper I've shown above is from Bless'ed are the Meek but you can shop alternatives here

But where do I wear it?

  • To pick up your marriage certificate
  • To your bachelorette weekend
  • To wedding dress shop with your gals
  • To celebratory drinks with your friends
  • On your honeymoon

Style Tips:

  •  This look screams sixties so go all out with some statement oversized shades and platform heels. 

Shop The Look:


Look 2: Go modestly alluring in A crocheted lace


Would we call this farm girl chic? If you want to avoid feeling like a tablecloth in an open weave lace crochet just skip the white slip. The open weave of this Asilio dress (similar here) allows just the right hint of skin to peak through and creates a surprisingly sexy silhouette. Not ready to ditch the slip? See my style tips below.

But where do I wear it?

  • Bridal Shower
  • Post-wedding brunch

Style Tips:

  •  Add a nude slip if Great Grandma plans on making an appearance! This beautiful little number can be shockingly revealing. Not worried about it? Be sure to invest in some white boy shorts or high waisted panties and let a little skin peak through.

Shop The Look:


Look 3: A classic strapless cocktail number 


...Because we all look good in a sweetheart neckline but not all of us get the chance to wear them on our wedding day. I think this cut can be so classic and flattering on so many different figures, which is why I chose this dress by Bless'ed are the Meek as a safe bet for most of your pre-wedding occasions. It's simple, classic, flattering and a length that is appropriate for most bridal situations. You can shop similar styles here. Of course, I added some sky high heels for a bit of glam (and height) but I kept the accessories to a minimum. All you need for this look is a great fitting dress, a smile and that beautiful bridal glow. 

But where do I wear it?

  • A formal engagement party
  • Your engagement shoot
  • Your rehearsal dinner
  • As your after-party dress

Style Tips:

  •  Keep accessories to a minimum and play off of the classic minimal vibe of this look

Shop The Look:

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Wedding Style Series with (SPOILER ALERT) a subtle departure from your traditional bridal white. 

With love, Chantelle

Photography by: Anastasia Sierra

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

To see the original feature head over to The Wedding Chicks now!

One boho dress for three pre-wedding events

Have you ever found yourself wondering why it is that your friend that normally lives in sneakers, all of the sudden opts for 5-inch stiletto heels on her wedding day? Or the girl that you've never seen wear her hair up chooses a classic French twist rather than letting her wavy hair run wild.

I, personally, think it's because so many women feel there is an expectation on them to transform into "the perfect bride" from the minute they get engaged. And, in doing so, sometimes they lose touch with that special personal style that makes them so unique to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with letting your own quirky style peek through in your day-of wedding attire, as well as throughout all of the wonderful outfit opportunities leading up to the big event. Especially if you’re usually more bohemian casual than glam queen, like me.


To demonstrate how cool it can be to incorporate elements of your daily style into your pre-wedding looks, I've chosen this dress from David's Bridal and styled it for three different events in ways that playfully reflect my own everyday style. I've taken my casual bohemian wedding theme and translated it directly to each of these outfits.

P.S. you are totally allowed to use the same dress for all three of these events. There are no rules, just find fun accessories to jazz each look up!

This budget-friendly dress is a soft floral lace sheath gown with a blush lining beautifully done by David's Bridal. I love how soft and effortless it is while still feeling fresh and fashion-forward.


Look 1: Engagement Party


I love the playfulness of this look. Engagement parties are a time for celebration, without the stress and pressure of the big day. Why take yourself, or your look, too seriously? I loved the juxtaposition of a ripped denim jacket contrasting the tiara. The jacket screams "cool girl casual" while the tiara says "I'm playing princess for the day!"

Look 2: Engagement Photoshoot


For the engagement shoot, I wanted to incorporate something from my everyday wardrobe to keep the full length lace dress feeling more relaxed and more "me". So,I chose a cream fedora from my Lack of Color hat collection. Pro tip: I used this beautiful David's bridal headband as a hatband to add a little touch of sparkle. My amazing fringe sneakers are from Emonk Ibiza and added just the right amount of bohemian casual, and editorial edge, to finish this look off.

Look 3: Rehearsal Dinner 

dsc01163 2.JPG

One thing some brides forget to include in their wedding budget are all the pre-wedding outfits, including the rehearsal dinner dress. Why not buy one amazing dress for both your engagement party, shoot, and rehearsal dinner? It was so easy for me to completely transform the vibe of this dress from bohemian casual to rustically ethereal by quickly simplifying my look. Goodbye wool hat, hello sparkling headband. Wear those awesome sneakers again and save the teetering heels - and your sore feet- for the big day.

Shopping guide:


Thank you to David’s Bridal for sponsoring this post. I truly loved this dress! To check out more of their little white dresses click here. To find a location near you, click here! Most importantly, know that you are an incredible human being and there’s a reason he/she put a ring on it. Let that inner beauty shine and have fun being YOU on your big day.

With love, Chantelle


Photography by: Holly Dyche and Rachel Brooks

Floral arrangement by: Bloom Equation

Art Direction by: Rachel Brooks

Hair & Make-up by: Moni Sebestyan 

OOTD: The Perfect Silk Midi Dress

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

Photos by  @5oclocksunday .

Photos by @5oclocksunday.

...I feel pretty and witty and....."

But really! I'm obsessed with these Silk Laundry dresses. The way they hit your body and how they are loose at exactly the right places, leaving a little left to the imagination but hinting at all the right curves. In the first look, I chose to dress down silk fabric with a denim jacket and sandals whereas in the second look I glammed it up a bit with a studded tote and heels. These dresses are versatile and comfy, no wonder I got two of them!


So which dress is your favorite? I'll be honest, I've worn this floral number at least three times since I've gotten it and find it slightly easier to rock than the red. But, the red dress is the perfect bold choice for an event that you really want to make a statement. Want to get one for yourself? Head over to Silk Laundry or check my alternative options in the shopping guide below. 

With love, Chantelle

Shopping Guide:

3 Ways to love on yourself!

3 ways to love on yourself! 


Self-love is SO important. We spend a lot of our energy loving on others, which is amazing, but we should spend a little energy loving on ourselves as well. There are a plethora of ways to self-love, from mani/pedis, to massages and facials, to just picking up a good book and snuggling in on the couch. I challenge you to love on yourself in at least one, if not all three, of these ways!


1: Lingerie

I don't know why lingerie is so taboo to speak about. Most of us have something lacy in our undie drawer, if not a whole drawer dedicated to these fun sexy pieces #guily. So, I wanted to come out of my shell a bit and tell you some of my favorite styles. I LOVE a good teddy, this one by Oh la la Cherie covers just enough, and fits so well! My all-time favorite, for my body type, is a bra/undie/garter/thigh high combo by Cosabella. It makes me feel confident in my own skin. I'm a firm believer that lingerie is as much for us ladies, if not more so, as it is for your S.O. It's a MAJOR confidence booster plus it's so incredibly fun to get out of your comfort zone and feel empowered in your own skin. Find a fit that makes YOU feel self assured, bold, and sexy and add it into your drawer ;) DO IT! 


Black is a great go to, but once you have that in your repertoire I highly suggest adding in some red. It's fiery, bold, confident, and sexy... in my opinion. 

Teddy by Oh La La Cherie

Bra + thong + garter + thigh highs by Cosabella


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2: Thistle

To say Thistle has changed my energy level and confidence is a MASSIVE understatement. I am the worst at eating salads, much less planning a healthy meal. Thistle delivers to my doorstep (on whatever day I specify) and then I just grab and go, or warm them up in a skillet and eat it at home. For someone who hates veggies, you can trust me when I say these meals taste incredible!!!!!  Your gut health is important, and what better way to love on yourself than to give yourself an energy boost and live a cleaner healthier life. Trust me when I say this is a MUST TRY DELIVERY!!!! 


Check out Thistle here 

Use Code: CHANTELLE2FREE to get 2 free meals in your 1st order!!!! 


3: Luxury Beauty Products

Lastly, when your face is glowy, healthy, and beautiful you majorly feel loved by yourself. Here's the products I've been using/rotating weekly :) 


Dr. Hauschka facial toner

Dr. Hauschka rose day cream

Kate Sommerville exfoliating treatment

Elemis day cream

+ Codage's goodies I highly suggest checking out their "custom-made" option. Do the survey and see what they say your skin needs!


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My Valentine's Day Looks

From Day to Night... 

I've shared exactly what I'll be wearing to work, drinks with my gals, and dinner with my love/fiance this V-Day.


Valentine's Day isn't just about having a significant other, there are so many different ways to spread some love. Self-love included! This year I decided to really go all out and incorporate something festive into each of my outfit options. I also tried to avoid the typical all-red outfit and chose key pieces that I already had hanging in my wardrobe... with some new additions. Recognize any of these items? That's because most have been shown to you before! So, here's my take on spicing up some items you might already have in your wardrobe with my "must-have" pieces ;)

Look 1: Not your typical pink + red 

Occasion: A festive yet casual outfit to wear all day

Must-have piece: Plaid maxi skirt by Vintage Havana (similar here

Pair it with: A blush bodysuit (similar here), suede bootie (update style here), layered jewelry, and the new Vogue Eyewear!

Photography by  5oclocksunday

Photography by 5oclocksunday

This plaid maxi skirt is by one of my favorite brands, Vintage Havana, I'm obsessed with them and wearing one of their sweatshirts as I type out this post ;p Skirt: I love that it has some red in it, without screaming "V-DAY!"... I've also gotten so much wear out of this skirt, now $30 :D (flannel top same pattern found here). Now let's talk about this top, at this point we should all own a great fitting bodysuit. One that can easily pair well with both jeans and skirts. The bodysuit is the perfectly fitting tee of 2018 (similar less fitted here). If you don't have one immediately go purchase one!!! I have worn this comfortable little baby, by kookai, time and time again and it has yet to fail me.  BRAND NEW VOGUE SUNNIES! I'm in love.  Plus my go to Chinese Laundry mules (similar here), you've seen me wear TONS. Tan booties are a must have, great at leg lengthening ;)


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Look 2: Can't go wrong with leather and lace.

Occasion: Galentine's drinks with my ladies (while maybe looking to flirt a bit, if single ;)

Featured pieces: Red lace bodysuit by GUESS

Paired it with: A fitted leather jacket by DSTLD (IGCP for 10% off!), black cropped jeans, and maroon sandals.


I originally showcased this lace bodysuit,  and this look's must-have piece, with it's matching skirt in my holiday dressing guide. Honestly, since then I've been dying for an excuse to wear it again. This time around, I dressed it down with my current favorite cropped jeans and a tailored leather jacket, my go to, by DSTLD (use PROMO CODE: IGCP for 10% off). A few layered gold necklaces similar here and here) and a simple maroon heel kept this sexy look from feeling too expected. 

I have been living in these asymmetrical cropped jeans by AG jeans. They are super flattering and super versatile with just the right amount of edge.  Get a pair here.&nbsp;

I have been living in these asymmetrical cropped jeans by AG jeans. They are super flattering and super versatile with just the right amount of edge. Get a pair here. 

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Look 3: Not so innocent

Occasion: Dinner date with my fiancé

Featured pieces: White lace dress by Saylor

Paired it with: Clare V. clutch (similar metallic here), Chinese Laundry heels, and 8 other reasons necklace


Whether it's a little black, red or white dress, they all share a common thread: simplicity and major sex appeal. This year I'm getting married and I'm all about the LWD ("Little White Dress"). This white lace dress combined with blush tones eludes innocence on date night, but - because it's still a tight little dress- says otherwise. My first choice for a date night heel is that it always needs to be over 5 inches, 6'5" fiancé haha, which is why I am constantly rockin' this suede heel by Chinese Laundry. I love non-matching matching, a.k.a this pink Clare V. clutch (similar here) with the blush heel (I did a similar color combination on Look 2 with my maroon heels and bright red bodysuit). It ties the outfit together without feeling too matchy-matchy. This delicate necklace by 8 Other Reasons is the perfect layered complement to my favorite plunging necklines. 


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So, I'm sure you are wondering what we are doing for our Valentine's Day date night. Well, this year part of Coulter's Christmas present to me was a trip to Tahoe. I had him postpone it, and now we are making it our V-day getaway! Bringing the little fur babies along and staying at the base of Squaw. So my date night outfit will involve a VERY large coat and some hot chocolate! BUT, I will be with the 3 boys I love most (Coulter, Prosciutto the mini pig, and Smooch). 


I hope no matter how you plan on spending your Valentine's Day this year that it's a day filled with lots of love -- and a ridiculous amount of sweets of course. If you have a S.O. shower them with love, if you don't shower yourself and your friends with it! Either way, love on yourself a bit this V-day, you deserve some extra love Feb. 14th!

With love

Chantelle, Coulter, Prosciutto and Smooch

OOTD: A boho maxi perfect for Valentine's Day

A bohemian maxi with just a little extra...

Valentine's Looks-7.jpg
Valentine's Looks-15.jpg
Photos by Nicole of  @43rdavephoto .

Photos by Nicole of @43rdavephoto.

You all know that I love a great maxi dress...

I live in them!!! So, I was thrilled when I found this maxi dress by Cleobella. It's a great day or night V-day date outfit, and I love the cleverly placed florals ;) Cleobella can do no wrong in my eyes though!!!  ...hence why I paired it with their clutch. Regardless of what you wear this Valentines Day though, I hope you feel sexy and loved!!! 

Valentine's Looks-17.jpg

The bodice of this dress is so beautifully detailed that I chose not to over accessorize it and simply let the neckline do the work for itself. I paired it with a maroon suede heel by Sam Edelman and this oversized embellished clutch by Cleobella. 

Valentine's Looks-5.jpg
Valentine's Looks-16.jpg

This outfit was originally posted on one of my favorite blogs, Advice from a Twenty-Something, my super cool girl crush Amanda Holstein's blog. She asked me to be a guest collaborator on her blog once a month (woohoo). If you want to check out our blog post on her site you can read more here. In the meantime, enjoy my shopping guide below with not only these exact items but my higher and lower priced alternatives so you can recreate a similar look that's all your own. 

With love, Chantelle

Valentine's Looks-19.jpg

Shopping Guide: