What to pack in you pregnancy "Go Bag"

What I packed in my Go Bag!

Packing a Go Bag can seem overwhelming, how can you really know what you will need … and what you won’t use at the hospital? Well, here is my list of exactly what I packed to be baby ready!

For you: 

✓ comfortable leggings 

✓ loose fitting shirt, 

✓ Loose dress (in case of a c-section) 

✓ a robe

✓ granny Pantie underwear 😂 I went and got third love ones so I felt less gross. And knix cause they absorb so just in case the pad ... ya know ....

✓ nipple cream (hatch mama)

✓ socks, 

✓ rubber band for hair (invisibobble)

✓ nursing bra (third love, bravado, and belly bandit)

✓ toiletries 

✓ Gatorade

✓ water

✓ high protein snacks (lots of snacks) 

✓ head phones

✓ Your baby care plan in a folder 

✓ Gum

✓ Mouth wash

✓ Face wipes

✓ Pads

✓ Eye mask 

✓ Diffuser 

✓ Oil  (so your hubby / partner can rub you!)

✓ Pillows with bright cases or just not white 

✓ Glove (Amazon)

✓ Carmex 

For baby: I put baby stuff in my diaper bag 

✓ Swaddles 

        ✓    Receiving blanket

✓ Baby one piece outfit (2) nothing with leggings because of umbilical cord

        ✓    OUTFIT TO COME HOME IN 

✓ Pacifier

✓ A few newborn diapers (they will also have some at the hospital) 

✓ Diaper wipes 

✓ Beanie

✓ Diaper rash cream

✓ Car seat

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A quick trip to L'Auberge Hotel in Carmel

L'Auberge Hotel in Carmel ( it’s our favorite!)


Since Coulter and I got married in Carmel, it has become one of our favorite places for a weekend getaway, of course! We've stayed at a few hotels while there and there are some INCREDIBLE options!!! L'Auberge has has become one of our favorites!!! It's a boutique hotel with gorgeous amenities, an amazing restaurant, spa, and it's right in the heart of Carmel.


LOCATION: We love the location since you can eat breakfast and just head a block out to the main street of Carmel for shopping and strolling!!! A quick walk to the beach and tons of AMAZING restaurants as well! 

RESTAURANT: Award winning restaurant that serves an 8 course meal!!! WOW!!!! ...needless to say, your breakfast every morning while there will be sensational, even if you choose to opt out of the luxurious dinner option!

THE HOTEL: It's such a quaint and cozy atmosphere! The rooms have a charming feel but still feel fresh and new!!!! Our bathroom floor heated up, OMG! We had caramels waiting in the room when we arrived, the best I've ever had! Cookies came with our nightly turn down service (YUM)! The staff was incredibly sweet and helpful.... I mean I could go on and on. It's truly beautiful!

If you're taking off to Carmel anytime soon, I highly recommend staying here.

With love,


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IT'S A BOY!!!! (just kidding) ... It's an OOTD!

IT'S A BOY!!!! JK... It’s an OOTD!


I've been LIVING in Chaser this pregnancy! Their sweats (and clothes) are SOOOO soft and amazing! Check below to shop my full look.


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Bay Giveaway: Last day to enter!

Happ Brand is hosting a giveaway with me for you guys! YAY! They are giving away three Paige Carryalls so hurry and go enter to win!

How do I enter?

It’s simple, CLICK HERE!

Giveaway Rules:

1. Like this photo.

2. Follow @happbrand + @chantellepaige

3. Tag all your mama friends! (Separate comments)

Good luck!

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Benefit Pink Palace HQ Visit

I got to tour the PINK PALACE aka Benefit's HQ. It was amazing and amazingly pink. So, I’m clearly in love with Benefit and I love even more that they are a brand born and raised in SF, that's still based here. They genuinely have some of my go to makeup. The concealer, brow gel + brow pencil, and hula bronzer are ALWAYS in my makeup bag and the shadow has become a new favorite thing along with a few other products I’ve included below.

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....and thanks to Benefit for having me and Moni for always doing my makeup!

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'Tis the season...


We shot at Mission Loft , so fun and pretty and I had far too many cozy looks to share with you all!


Margaret O'leary sweaters are my go to this snuggly cold time of year, seriously beyond obsessed ...and then here are some other goodies that are the exact or similar product to all the looks in the video.


Shop items from these looks here!

Bestie Credits - Rachel aka 5oclocksunday

Photographer Credits - Haley Jacoboson


Happy Holidays!

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Don't be a Cheetah...

Don't be a CHEETAH!

...but do wear it.


During pregnancy, elastic waistlines have become my new best friend. Seriously though. I was honestly a little worried to try out this skirt since it's high waisted and I currently have, well, no waist at all! To my surprise though it worked just sitting above the bump.  I usually wear XS or S and have been getting a size M (for reference)... the belly is getting very big though so we'll see how long this lasts, haha. Skirt is from Vici, but I've also attached similar skirts in the widget below! Love this rust color sweater with it, since it's all the rage for winter. 


Frye booties, they were an old fav brand that recently became a new favorite brand. SUPER great quality shoes. Worth the investment! And then a cheetah purse from Becksondergaard, a Copenhagen accessories brand I've become OBSESSED with... because why not accent your cheetah skirt with a cheetah purse, right?


Have fun with prints, take a chance. It works, I promise. 

With love,


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GLDN GIFTING and my husband photobombing me!

I'm a fashion/lifestyle blogger. I live in SF with my hubby, deaf doggy, and miniature pig!!! Yup, I'm the weirdo that walks around the streets of San Francisco with a dog on one leash and a miniature black pig on the other. I'm expecting a little girl January 2019, so now pig/dog walks also include a massive belly ;) My husband and I got married (and pregnant, haha) May 2018, and that's when I found out about and fell in love with GLDN. Mother's Day was the day after our wedding, so I arranged to give all the mommies the initial necklaces with their kid's initials on them. EVERY mom fell in love with the personalized gift, and I was ecstatic with my choice to purchase the goodies from GLDN. They made the process SO easy for me. As just purely a customer (before we ever spoke about working together) they took insanely great care of me! For instance, I ordered a necklace for my mom with roman numerals of all three of her kid's wedding dates on it, but apparently, I picked the wrong type of necklace to put the roman numerals on. GLDN emailed me letting me know my options and made it so simple to fix my mistake. Their customer service is impeccable!!!! Plus all the necklaces came with their adorable little cards which saved me time (and money) as well!!! Most importantly, the products are beautiful!!! They are simple, yet gorgeous, pieces that everyone enjoys. I cannot express my gratitude enough for their taking such amazing care of me leading up to my wedding date!!! ...and to this day they are still my go-to present for friends and family. The perfect gift with a little personal touch and love added!!!!

It's Sweater Season!

Don't be afraid to be bold with your sweater colors. While I do have a few neutral go-to colors, I find that I honestly end up wearing my baby pink, bright green, and red sweaters the most during holidays. I mean the weather is starting to get a little gloomy and the world is a little less colorful, so why not add some color to it instead of blending in..... ammmmmaaaaaright!?

This sweater is from Vici but I've linked a few similar as well in the widget. Also, lets talk MATERNITY JEANS!!!! I literally had been living in leggings, no joke, until I got these goodies from DL1961 #LIFESAVERS I'm a huge fan of the stretch they have and the below the belly fit. While I am normally a tuck everything in sort of girl with high waisted pants and maternity leggings that cover the belly (or can be folded.... see my fav below in widget from Beyond Yoga. Another lifesaver for the pregnant mama), I wasn't loving the maternity jeans that go over the bump.... these jeans are great below cause you genuinely can't tell they are maternity unless you look INSANELY close at the extra stretch they give you on each hip. I promise you'll love them!!!! 

With love,


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Downward Dog
Photos by  Haley Jacobsen

Photos by Haley Jacobsen

Pregnancy Yoga is no joke. There's so much belly now that chatturanga is out of the question and I spend most of the class opening up the window in the back of the room as to not overheat... but at least I'm trying! I will say, I haven't done yoga in a few weeks because we've been traveling and my body is definitely feeling it. If you aren't a yogi, skip this post... if you haven't tried it, DO! I always thought it looked so slow and wasn't a "real workout" ... my aching body laughed at me after my first hot yoga class. It really is a life changer, not just for your body but more importantly for how you feel. Your energy is up, you become happier, more centered, and just a more centered version of yourself. 

I was once told that, "you leave a yoga class with more energy than you came in with" and I genuinely feel that to be true!!! 

My cute yoga outfit from Flexi Lexi and if you need a good yoga mat, my favorite and the only one I really ever use is SugarMat. I love the grip on top and that you don't need to remember two things (towel and mat)... because I am quite forgetful.

Find your inner Yogi! I'm off to re-find mine this week!

With love,


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Thanks to my 500k followers!

I hit 500k followers on Instagram!!!!!!!


I seriously cannot believe I hit 500k on Instagram.

This has truly been a whirlwind year! Getting married, getting pregnant, traveling so much because well a baby is on the way, and then figuring out this whole #BlogLife. I just wanted to say how thankful I am to everyone who has ventured over here to my blog! It's been so fun putting words behind all the photos and letting you get a glimpse into my life a bit more.

Photos by  Haley Jacobsen

Photos by Haley Jacobsen

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PLEASE let me know what you'd like to see more of, hear more about, or any critiques you have for me (as I'm still only 2+ years into doing this and new at it!) 

But seriously, thank you all so much for all the love and support!

With Love,


Video: Keeping those pearly whites with SNOW

I’m a big fan of SNOW teeth whitening! 

As an avid coffee drinker keeping my teeth white is always a thing! I’ve loved using Snow teeth whitening, it’s easy and doesn’t make my teeth sensitive plus there’s no harmful chemicals and they never test on animals (YAY). I also love that they give back to those who can’t afford dental care in the US. 

Here’s my how to, just to show you how easy it is! 

Buy it here, your white smile will thank you!


With love, 

Chantelle Paige-Mulligan 

Fall Fashion Haul VIDEO TRY ON!!!

Here are some of my go to Fall looks for 2018 :)

Repetto Ballet Every Day

Repetto - ballet every day!

I grew up dancing. As a girl, I was basically in a jazz, tap, or ballet class every day.  So, when Repetto reached out while I was in Paris I was ecstatic to collaborate! 

Refresher or T.I.L.: In case you weren’t a total dance nerd like me. Repetto makes amazing ballet shoes. They invented this specific process and type of stitch called the stitch-and-return that makes for the perfect ballet fit.

After years of perfecting their ballet slippers, they moved on to perfect the daily shoe and beyond. While visiting their store, I fell in love with a pair of black high heels that is a stiletto inspired by a ballet pointe shoe. You can see why the little dancer inside me is so #OBSESSED.

Here's a fun little shoot I got to do in their store in Paris, which was so dreamy. I've also included links for a few of my favorite shoes and corresponding outfits in the shopping guide below. Enjoy!

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Girl's Date at Senspa X Cosmedix

I took my bestie to Senspa for a girl’s date complete with Cosmedix facials.


Last week I took my bestie (aka Rachel from @5oclocksunday) with me to Senspa to get Cosmedix facials. Senspa is an amazing hidden gem located in the Presidio of San Francisco. I love that it’s a bit off the beaten path and a nice little surprise oasis on the north side of town. Our aestheticians were absolutely lovely and customized each facial to our unique skin needs. After check-in we each consulted with our facialist and they recommended the perfect Cosmedix products based on our areas of concern. We both decided that we wanted a boost of hydration but it was great to see how different our experiences were. Let’s just say, we both came out glowing!



A few things that I love about the Cosmedix brand:

  • They are cruelty-free! This has become more and more of a standard when I’m searching for products.

  • They believe that “what you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body” and I absolutely agree…. especially with this little one growing in my belly.

  • Their products are completely great for sensitive skin because they are free of harsh and irritating ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, PEGs, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone, glycolic acid and artificial dyes and fragrances.

  • And they work! That’s selfishly the best part. They make your skin look and feel really great.

My favorite part of my facial was the LED light machine they used after my amazing mask, it really makes your skin look and feel so plump and youthful. Rachel had them focus on exfoliating her skin and bringing back some glow into her new mom skin (as she calls it, I personally think her skin looks great). I will say, I’m going to spend as much time as possible indulging in the self love before my sweet little girl gets her because I’m sure I’ll have far less time on my hands post-baby.




After our treatment we drank some cucumber infused water and took a mini-tour of the Senspa facilities before I had to jump on a flight to Los Angeles. I wish we had more time to hang in their silent meditation rooms and cafe but that will have to be saved for our next facial. If you want to check out the full Cosmedix product line you can here. And definitely check out their spa exclusive product set as well. I can’t wait to hear what you think!


With love,


GShock S Series (Fashionably Fit!)

I'm trying (trying being the key word) to be more fitness oriented! Soulcyle , yoga, and pilates are all currently in rotation, but honestly, my go-to workout has been simply walking with my pup, Smooch. This new GShock S Series watch is amazing because it is pedometer-equipped and counts my steps. It's a sporty style that's easy to incorporate into my casual wear and also sleek and fashionable keeping up with the GShock signature style. On top of that, it's insanely durable, which is extra necessary in a household full of pigs, dogs and (soon) a baby. Ever since I started wearing my watch, I've been extra motivated to walk around the hills of San Francisco. I think that's why the animals are such big fans because they get twice the amount of walk time now! Walking is such an attainable goal that I really recommend it for anyone trying to make small daily changes to their health and fitness.  



GShock stated it best... "Starting from a sports concept, these models are packed with advanced functions that are suitable for the woman of today. Highly useful 3-hand analog-digital timekeeping, and a multifunctional second hand that performs various operations to support other watch functions. A 3-axis accelerometer performs automatic step counting, and even starts the count automatically when the watch is strapped onto the wrist." Basically, it serves a lot of purposes while looking super cute. 




Check out other GShock S Series styles/colors here.


With love,


Pregnancy Style: Knotted Knit Dress
Photos by Rachel Brooks of  @5oclocksunday.

Photos by Rachel Brooks of @5oclocksunday.

Vici Dolls is one of my favorite companies to work with.

They constantly have new items and for great prices. I especially love easy anything- but - basic knit dresses that I have clearly been rockin' throughout the second trimester of my pregnancy. Because Vici Dolls gets new items so often I've also put similar dresses below. 

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for pregnancy friendly knit dresses. 

With love,


Shopping Guide:

Pregnancy Style: Cotton Printed Jumpsuit

My next (pregnancy friendly) Vici Dolls looks is this super comfortably and breathable cotton printed jumpsuit.

I paired this with my ultra-comfortable grey heels that I've been living in throughout my pregnancy as well as a classic denim jacket. Prosciutto, of course, is the ultimate accessory. That is, until baby arrives!

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for some of my top picks for pregnancy friendly knit dresses. 

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We made our own custom wedding bands!

Building our own wedding rings was the best decision ever...


well other than saying "I Do" to spending forever together! 

But seriously, making our own wedding bands was one of the most fun things we did pre-wedding. It makes the band even more special, plus we got to add our own unique touches.

For instance, we got married on May 12th, so Coulter put the roman numeral for 5 and V  (for the 5th month of May) and I put 12 diamonds to represent the 12th. We also engraved our new initials CM into the rings when they are joined together, top of CM on his and the bottom on mine. Well, technically I'm Chantelle Paige-Mulligan but I let my feminist stance slide just this once.


All this to say if you have the opportunity to make your own rings you should do it! If you are located near San Francisco contact Christine Guibara. Even if you aren't getting married, it's still an incredibly fun thing to do together. If you want to see more on our custom wedding band experience, watch the video below.  Either way, best of luck and I hope you love your new ring as much as we adore ours.

With love,


Makeup Tutorial: Gigi Hadid

Makeup Tutorial: Gigi Hadid

Me and Moni are back at it but this time with a celebrity make-up tutorial. We decided to recreate a look from one of my girl crushes Gigi Hadid. I love the dark lip and soft wide eyed look. Luckily, I had a pro to help me try a more dramatic look for the first time. Check out our tutorial to recreate the look yourself. You can find the specific items we used in the shopping guide below. 


Makeup we used:

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