Let’s be real, every women is terrified of breastfeeding. Leading up to having the baby it was genuinely my my biggest post-childbirth worry! WHAT IF I CAN’T? Well, I’ve since learned there are SO many options if you can’t, if you have trouble doing so, or if you just need to up the supply! Today I’ll be focusing on what products I love for upping the supply + chatting about pumping! BUT I will also give a few tips and tricks I’ve heard in Mommy + Me from my new mom friends who struggled a bit, or weren’t able to at all.



If possible, and you haven’t yet had your baby, talk to your doctor about their thoughts on this.

I had my baby at CPMC in San Francisco, my doctor (and the doctors at this hospital) are firm believers that putting the baby directly on mom once he/she is born greatly increases the chances of successful breastfeeding/latching. I’m no pro, clearly, but there are SO many benefits to having baby directly on mom before they get weighed/washed/etc… Just look into it for yourself ;) It was the sweetest moment, and within 20 minutes Senna was looking for “the boob”.

** PS I am in NO WAY a doctor and everything written here i just my opinions based on my own personal experience, so please always talk to your doctor before taking my (or anyones) advice! ***


I’ll do another post about the magic of breastfeeding. It seriously is such a sweet moment that I will cherish and miss dearly when we are done! BUT here’s a few favorites…

The FUNNIEST is when she will stop and smile up at me in the middle of eating, and my boob (usually in mid letdown) will start spraying all over! I’m stuck between looking at her cute happy little face and frantically trying to get her to eat again so I don’t get milk all over her and my bed or couch or wherever I’m sitting!!! haha… It’s the best.

The other favorite is post feeding snuggles! When she is just so milk drunk and has the funniest little half sleepy faces that she makes, and we just snuggle up together every morning after her first feeding and cuddle and/or take a little nap together. She’s a close tie with Coulter for my favorite thing to snuggle (she might be beating him currently, just don’t tell him ;p)

my fav  third love bra  to sleep in!

my fav third love bra to sleep in!


Pumping. THERE ARE SOOOO MANY OPTIONS! I’ve tried 3 pumps this far. My go to pump is The Medela Sonata. It’s quiet and gets the job done, QUICKLY! Which lets be honest, is very important. My sister, Savannah Labrant, has this Medela pump (here) which is less expensive and equally as amazing, it just makes the classic breast pump noise VS the quiet sonata… BUT full disclosure, when Savannah and I were pumping together she was sad she didn’t get my version.

OK! The PersonalFit Flex Shield = Obsessed! It’s their newest edition that removes 11.8% more milk per minute! THE FASTER THE BETTER AMMMM I RIGHT!?!?! It’s the top reason I’m so obsessed with the Medela pump. It’s comfier than the other shields + works more effectively.

For cleaning the pump this is amazing (BUY HERE) and then for cleaning bottles that have had milk in them for awhile THIS!


  2. Savannah’s less expensive Medela pump

  3. The MUST HAVE PersonalFit Flex Shield

  4. Cleaning the pump wipes

  5. Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal soap



  1. Lactation Cookies… I’ve tried and few and THESE are by far my favorite!!!

  2. Making your own! I made lactation protein balls, SO YUMMY.

  3. Honest Lactation Plus

Lactation Consultant!

I had a few friends who had trouble latching! A few came to find that their baby was either tongue tied or lip tied (apparently very common and an easy fix, if you decide you want to). Others just had trouble latching and hired a lactation consultant. Ask your mom friends in your area if they used one they liked, or call the nearest mommy + me class and I’m sure the teacher will have a few amazing recommendations!

Alternatively, Medela has a 24/7 on hand lactation service as well. I have been very lucky so far not having any major issues (knocking on wood as I type, literally!) but they were amazing at talking me through how often to pump and when to do so. I called, it’s a face to face call similar to Facetime or Skype, and spoke to Priscilla the lactation consultant who answered within 30 seconds!!! She was incredibly helpful and walked me through pumping at night vs in the morning, and the difference between doing it after a feeding and an hour between. Then helped me figure out which option was best for me, considering my back to work timeline and how much milk I’d need how quickly. Basically, she was amazing! I can completely see how if I was ever having an off day feeding and needed help this would be INCREDIBLE for easing my new-mom-breastfeeding mind, and answering any and all of my questions!

Medela 24/7 LC


This section will be short and sweet since I’ve yet to use formula!

BUT, one mom friend whose milk supply was too low/ran out early swears by this formula HERE. She said that Hipp Formula is a little expensive but was the only thing her little man would take! Other’s use and love Enfamil cause it’s easy and ready to use and there’s no water/powder mixing mess. Again, I haven’t used either yet to give my own personal opinion, but formula can be a great tool!!! I won’t be afraid to utilize it whenever I might need to,


Whether it’s boob or bottle, milk or formula, mommy feeding daddy feeding or both….. I wish you the best of luck! And the main point is, everyone is unique and feeds their baby in their own way! There is no right or wrong way to do it!!! So don’t stress over something you can’t control, and just remember that no matter what your baby will be fed and loved!! :)

With love,



Soft hair, do care ;)


My little sister, Savannah, and I are HUGE fans of Pantene! I have since done a few campaigns with them, and I was so incredibly excited to try out their new Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots.

It really did live up to the hype. My hair truly does have that soft smooth feel that you get from the salon, and it was the perfect hair rescue ;) You apply it from root to tip, leave it in for 30 seconds, wash it out for 30 seconds (as to not over rinse). It doesn’t weigh down your hair, but just gives it a nice smooth feel. Highly recommend and just wanted to let you all know that I LOVE it!! The Pantene Pro-V Rescue Shots were imported from Brazil and just hit shelves in the US in January. You can get your hands on them now at Target. ENjOY!



Thank you for sponsoring this post, Pantene! …and for the amazing and affordable products!

Purchase The Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots


With love,


Labor and Delivery - Mommy Monday

Labor and Delivery - Mommy Monday

My doctors had been saying, “she’s going to be a big baby” for awhile. I guess my body knew best, because 2 weeks and 3 days before my original due date (Feb 5th) my water broke.

“I hope my water doesn’t break in public” 

“I hope my water doesn’t break in public”, I remember saying to my friends. I would then google and see that more often than not women’s water doesn’t break until they’re already in labor. It’s an 8-10% chance it breaks beforehand... making the chances of it happening in public very low! 

Well, at approximately 12:55pm on Saturday January 19th, after eating breakfast at Marina Deli with Coulter and his sister, I stood up and thought I peed a little. I rushed to the nearest bathroom and realized, “this seems different."

I walked out to Coulter and said, “Can you pick up the pig so we can walk to the car faster? I think my water might have broke...” His sister started to cry, he kissed me and we started to almost cry, and he picked the pig up as I uncomfortably rushed to the car, raced home to drop off the animals, and headed off to triage to see what was going on! 



Triage said I was in labor, but it was just the very beginning so they sent me back home until I was further along. Fast forward to being back home for hours and being antsy with excitement. We walked, and counted contractions, and walked some more. At 11pm, the contractions were close enough together and we headed back in, but I kept having peaks for a while, then it would die off. Not active labor. 


It was the night of the eclipse that only happens every 18 years, and apparently a lot of babies decided they wanted to be born that morning. We stayed in triage all night and didn’t get moved into a room until 7am. Triage beds are not all that comfy, and poor 6’5” Coulter slept on the floor using his sweatshirt as a pillow (for part of the night until I realized that’s what he was using and asked for a pillow for him haha). 


The other thing I hoped wouldn’t have to happen during labor was Pitocin. I read it makes contractions more intense and frequent, and basically to avoid it if possible. 

Side note: when your water breaks they like you to go into labor within 24 hours to avoid chances of infection. 

So, at 7am what happened? Yup. Pitocin. 

And we were off and running, from 8-10ish I felt contractions. Decided, these aren’t for me. And asked, “so when can I get an epidural?” Pitocin contractions are horrible, plus it gave me the shakes so between contractions my whole body would shiver violently.  It was exhausting. 

10am - epidural 
I was terrified of getting one. I saw my sister, Savannah, get hers when I was in the delivery room while she was having Everleigh. It’s a huge needle and it’s very very scary looking! 

Honestly, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The numbing is the part that hurts, not the mega-massive needle. Go figure. But my anesthesiologist was incredible and after injecting the numbing cream said, “welp, that will be the worst part of your entire day”.  Haha... he was honestly right. 

I went from my insides being squeezed to death with every contraction (and the shakes!) to that feeling you get when your arm goes dead, from my waist down. 



We said hi to Coulter’s mom and sister & then my mom and sister arrived at the hospital and they came in, then we took a nap. All four of them came back in and I remember Coulter sitting and rubbing my feet as we all chatted. He sat my foot down at the edge of the bed and it just completely slid off the bed! “Babe, I literally cannot move my legs at all” I said cracking up, as he quickly heaved my dead leg back onto the bed. 


At around 3:45pm we realized I was at over 9cm dilated. We kicked everyone out and my amazing nurse started talking me through what would happen next. 

From 4-4:30 I started to push and then the nurses had to switch shifts. I was frustrated because I was in love with our nurse. Also, I was getting in the zone and had to sort of break while they switched and got the new nurse up-to-date. 

Then it was back on! Baby girl had a few times where her heart rate would drop and we’d take little breaks. Coulter counted to 10 more times than I care to recall. All of my family decided it would be appropriate to stand outside the door giggling and chatting.... Coulter took a counting break and told them all to go back to the waiting room (haha)... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Three times with every contraction. She kept coming and then sinking back down. The third time she was almost out I decided I wasn’t letting her sink back again and continued pushing after the 3rd set of counting.... 


I laid back, happy and exhausted, but poor Coulter saw her head with the umbilical cord wrapped around it. Twice. The doctor unwound it, all while I laid there thinking all is well and I was done. “Push” I hear from my doctor, “you have to get the shoulders out”. I just remember thinking, “but? What? Ugh... I thought I was done!” Haha. 


The best moment happened. They laid her on my chest! It really is as magical as people say. I had had it explained to me so many times without any justice being done. So, I won’t even really try. All I will say is that I truly hope you get to experience that moment sometime in your life. It’s beautiful. 

At our hospital they put the baby right on you before weighing her, washing her, or anything. It helps the baby with nursing and bonding. Nurse she did. About 20mins of snuggling later she started nursing! Then it was Coulter’s turn for skin on skin time. The nurse said, “I bet you’ve been dying to see this cute little butt!?!?” As she took Senna off my chest and turned her around so I could see that cute little tushy. Yep. It was a cute little thing! Then she passed her over to Coulter. Lying there watching them together for the first time made me cry all over again, and I just started crying again now as I typed that. I felt so insanely lucky to have such a loving sweet husband, and watching him as he became a father was the sweetest moment imaginable. I still feel so lucky, and I still adore watching him stare lovingly at her every time she’s on his chest. Thanks for talking me into having a baby the second we got married, Coulter :)



About an hour and a half after we had Senna, our family finally all came in to celebrate with us! I held little Posie, my sister’s new little girl, while Savannah, Everleigh, and my mom went to meet my little girl (who was now being measured and weighed). I am so blessed to have such an amazing family, and I can’t believe I have my own little family of 3 now as well (Well 5, can’t forget Smooch and Prosciutto)! 

Holding my niece, Posie, after giving birth.

Holding my niece, Posie, after giving birth.

My sister, Savannah Labrant, and neice, Everleigh, with Senna!

My sister, Savannah Labrant, and neice, Everleigh, with Senna!


I absolutely loved the experience. Yes, there is pain, but there is also a reason mom’s usually do it more than once. It’s not THAT bad, and the rewards far out weigh everything else. 

Love you, Coulter for being such an amazing support! Love you, Senna for being such an angelic sleepy little nugget. 

With love, 
Chantelle Paige-Mulligan


Let the (poop) games begin! Mommy Monday Week 7

Mommy Monday Week 7

Let the (poop) games begin!


Let the (poop) games begin!

There I was: fresh out of the shower sitting on my bed, staring down at Senna’s sweet little face as she ate (for the second time in 3 hours!). Then, I felt something warm trickling down onto me. Yup, the poop strikes again! Did I mention I hadn't gotten fully dressed yet and was just in my bra and underwear?

My poor sheets…

Luckily this happened yesterday, on a Sunday, so my husband was home. I yelped and he came running in to take care of her diaper situation. I had tried a new diaper that a company sent me (the same diaper that had leaked pee all over me previously), and let’s just say I’m going back to Honest diapers from now on! Coulter took care of the explosion that had leaked everywhere, and I hopped back into the shower and then sprayed Oxiclean ALL over my poor sheets. A friend had told me about Oxiclean and it’s magical ways of getting rid of the yellow-y stains (sorry for the lovely picture I just painted!), but it really, really works (not an ad, just love this product!).

Link to some of my favorite mommy products on Amazon, HERE!


Smiling While Eating :)

On the upside, she is smiling SO much more and she’s very alert! I just took a mid-blog breastfeeding break and she locked eyes and smiled at me while in the middle of eating. I sat there with the biggest grin on my face for a solid 5 minutes. Similarly, my husband got his first direct smile the other day. He walked in the room to grab her from me and she looked at him and lit up with the biggest grin, he literally got teary eyed. It was precious!!!!

Going Through a Leap

All the smiles and alertness came during a leap, of course! For those of you wondering about leaps and when they happen, this app was recommended by a few friends to me and I am OBSESSED: The Wonder Weeks. With this leap came a lot of snuggling time because she didn’t want to be set down! Also, a new thing happened where instead of subtly letting me know she’s hungry and warming up to a cry, she now just burst into a full blown, panic cry. This happens the second she realizes she’s hungry and decides that she needs to eat RIGHT NOW! This is incredibly fun while in public ;)


This Swing is My Everything!!!

The only thing that has kept her occupied for longer than 20mins is this swing. Savannah, my little sister, told me about it and it’s seriously been saving our life. We just bought a second one for Coulter’s den so we didn’t have to move it around the house (Savannah got these exact two swings as well). Needless to say, we are in love with these swings, and hopefully your baby will love them too!!!

The other thing that she is in love with is the arch that goes over the Dockatot. She sat smiling and cooing at it forever the other night. It was the sweetest thing, I just sat there and watched her stare at it in awe as my heart completely melted!!! :D

Next week I’m going to try and tell my Labor and Delivery story!!! Stay tuned!

With love,


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With love, 

Chantelle Paige-Mulligan

Fashionable Mom Style: How to rock your pajama pants to coffee

How to wear your pajama pants… to coffee…

Let’s be real for a minute. Every new mama knows that we spend most days in yoga clothes or realistically our pajama pants. It’s not for a lack of desire to put on clothes with actual zippers but we are just running around like crazy people and don’t have time to dress our kids AND ourselves. That said, I feel like I’m about to share a total life hack with you all. Read on to learn more about how I’m conquering my mom style game.


So there I was, in my pajama pants and I figured out the perfect compromise all thanks to a current street style trend. — Never thought I’d be referencing fashion week for my mom style game, but it was time to get my fashion mojo back. The solution? Silk pajamas pants, dressed up and oh so comfy.

As seen on the streets:


Styled my way:

I love the creative ways these ladies styled their silk pants but I need something that was a little more practical and nursing-friendly. Translation: I need a top that opens down the front for easy access and comfy shoes built to tote around this little nugget. I decided to pair my comfy silk pants by The Knot Sisters with a statement button down top by Storets. The giant bow scarf added a little bit of drama. Add my favorite run-around-town slippers by Birdies and this outfit was just as comfortable and convenient as throwing on my yoga gear. So there you have it, my life hack for new mom’s when you don’t have a lot of time (or energy) to get changed to go out. Don’t worry, pajama pants are absolutely acceptable day wear!


What do you think? I absolutely loved this look. Want to recreate it? Check out my shopping guide below.

With love,


Shopping Guide

Shopping Guide:

Check out the guide below for similar favorite items

Mommy Monday ... on a Wednesday

Mommy Monday Week 6

Is on a Wednesday… because #MomLife


How have 6 weeks flown by!?

This post will be short and sweet, but fun :) Week 6!! I cannot believe baby girl is already six weeks old now! TIME. STOP. PLEASE! I’m already missing the tiny newborn… mainly cause this hungry hippo is already bigger than her cousin, Posie, who is 2 months old!!! 22inches long, 11lbs… basically in the 85th percentile range and fully out of the newborn clothes [Pause as I wipe a tear].

Cousin hangs

We had our first road trip! We took off from SF to OC on Friday, nervous as could be, but her sleepy nature stuck and we stopped twice to wake her up and feed her. Feeling lucky!

Made it to OC and met my sister, Savannah Labrant, for a bday dinner!

Saturday we had a wedding in Palm Springs and left baby girl with my sister in the morning (she’s a saint for helping watch Senna on her own bday), and then my mom took over a.k.a. Gigi. We went from the wedding over to my sisters birthday party!


…but I have to say, I was far more at ease than I expected to be. I think it’s incredibly helpful that she was with my mom, who raised me and my siblings, and my sister, who has two little ones… so I know they probably know more than I do about babies! Although I did miss her SO much!

Sunday was dedicated to doing nothing! Baby snuggles x 2!

Onto how cute two babies are together!

I am obsessed with my nieces! So having my little one + my two nieces together was joy overload. I walked in on Everleigh, my six year old niece, bent over Senna cooing at her and giving her kisses. My heart exploded.

As for Posie…

For the most part they were just two babies simultaneously doing things next to each other… BUT THEN…. We put Posie and Senna face to face sitting on our laps and Posie started “talking” to Senna. Cooing away! Senna just stared at me the entire time, hah! But still, so cute!

Let’s just say I’m now seeing the appeal of multiple babies more than ever!

More in depth updates next week!!!

With love,


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With love, 

Chantelle Paige-Mulligan

Pregnancy Style: Leggings + Oversized Sweaters

PREGNANCY STYLE: Leggings and Oversized Sweaters...

It's what I lived in towards the end of my pregnancy, and let's be honest... it's what I'm still living in now! Here are some of my favorites that will take you through your pregnancy and beyond.

With love,


Shopping Guide:

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Wearing my heart on my sleeves

Casual and comfy, but with a fashionable flair…

Now that this little one is in my life I’m carrying my heart around in my arms but why not wear it on my sleeves - literally- as well! I love the color and texture of this sweater by Breath of Youth and they even make it in a cardigan version here. Senna’s adorable heart outfit is from Cozy and Mini Prep Boutique, I’ve included some other adorable alternatives below. I’m really enjoying just taking in each day with this little one and the simple things — like walks through the park to grab a coffee with Smooch.

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below.

With love,


Shopping Guide


Shopping Guide:

Check out the guide below for similar favorite items

Snuggle Me Baby

My Current Obsession: Baby Loungers

Senna loves to cozy up in her lounger and this lovely version from Snuggle Me Organic comes in so many beautiful colors (like this Rosewood Linen cover pictured above.) These are great for couches or beds to give me a free hand and keeps my mind at ease while still having this sweet baby nearby. Also, how adorable is the floral matching set? If you are going to live in loungewear it might as well be perfectly feminine.

Shown in This Look


Shopping Guide:

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Boho Mommy and Me Newborn Style

So, how has my style changed post pregnancy?

To be honest, not much. I still love my activewear and a great wrap dress - which is the perfect nursing option. Cute diaper bags (like this convertible backpack from Luli Bebe) have replaced my purses and I’m living in Birdie flats (which are great for carrying baby and all this gear up and down my front stairs.)

Want to recreate this look? Check out my shopping guide below for my new mom nursing style.

With love,


Shown in This Look


Shopping Guide:

Check out the guide below for similar favorite items

Getting Out With Ease - Mommy Monday!

Getting Out With Ease - Mommy Monday!

…Well As much ease as you can have with a newborn.

5 weeks


I'm not going to act like I have it all figured out by any means! BUT, this is what has been working for me:

Getting Out With Ease (kinda)

I think a HUGE reason that I felt so comfortable getting out of the house so fast was due to Senna's jaundice. When your little one has it, you have to go to the hospital labs daily to get their foot pricked. It's heartbreaking. She did that bottom-lip-quivering-cry that squashes my heart and makes me tear up. We had to do it her first 6 days home in a row :(

Sidenote: everyone is sick in the hospital labs and I've never clutched her so close as when I was in that waiting room. 

BUT, because we had to go there every morning it made it so we were already out of the house and we would go for a walk to coffee or go get breakfast after. So I got used to being out and about with a newborn. Would I have gotten out quickly after anyways? Who knows! Will I make sure to get out right away with my next baby? YUP!

I genuinely think it helped keep us sane those first few days. Everything is so new and hectic that getting outside and walking to your normal coffee/breakfast/lunch spot just seems to put you at ease and make you feel like you're still... well... you! 

Here are some of the things that made life easy for getting out!!!! 

CLICK HERE! or widget below to browse…

The Things That Saved Me!

THE MIMA STROLLER WITH BASSINET - We live in the city so I just keep this ready to go in the garage, so I can walk out of my house and put her in it and take off! 

THE NUNA STROLLER WITH CAR SEAT - This is the lightest stroller/car seat I've come across and I am obsessed. It makes traveling in the car and getting out and about a cinch! 

- CAR SEAT BASE- I have the car seat base (life saver and makes getting in and out of the car so easy!) 

- CAR SEAT ATTACHMENTS- These go onto the stroller and make it so you can just clip the car seat onto the stroller and go. Helpful if the baby is sleeping, of course, as well!

-DEMI GROW STROLLER is the one I have.

-PIPA CAR SEAT is the one I have.

LITTLE GIRAFFE + BAREFOOT DREAMS BLANKETS- A warm blanket is a must!!! These were suggested to me by other moms and have truly been magnificent. She LOVES them and because they keep her so warm and snuggly she stays asleep while out in the world ;) 


I am OBSESSED with these wraps. They are truly amazing! I sometimes skip stroller walks and just take her out on walks in these. Additionally, you can nurse with them!!! I literally can hands-free nurse now guys, AMAZING! 

The wrapping process scared me a little, I was afraid I would do it wrong and have it be disastrous! However, Moby has a specialist on-hand that you can facetime with as they walk you through how to do it! She was so sweet and helpful and made me feel confident in my wrapping skills... If only I could be more confident in my other rapping skills ;) haha... but really, she was phenomenal! She's the one that also gave me the insight into nursing in the wrap and it has saved my life! Rather than having to duck into somewhere, or do the awkward blanket over the shoulder trick, you can keep on walking around and nurse your baby and no one knows!!! Unless, of course, they ask to see her, which has happened multiple times and I have to nicely say I'm mid-feeding hahah! 

All this to say...

I have LOVED having these items to get out and about easily! Also, love having a hubby who helps get me out of the house as much as possible. I truly think it's what has kept me so sane during this transition and made it so I haven't had any major mom meltdowns (for now at least!). 

With love,


Mommy's a Milk Machine!

Mommy's a Milk Machine!

1 month tomorrow!


So, this week I learned what cluster feeding meant. Basically, Senna finishes eating then decides “hmmmmmm, yeah, never mind. Still hungry”! about 15-30 minutes later… and roots (or cries) till a boob (or bottle) is provided. To be fair we’ve only fed her one bottle in her 4 weeks of life…I figure why pump then label then refrigerate then put in a bottle then warm up then feed…. if you can just feed her on command. Which, thankfully, I have the ability to do. BUT, either way, I would still feel like a human milk machine ( I feel you dairy cows).


I’m currently typing this post with only my right hand cause my left is propping her up while feeding…. Yup. I admire all you multitasking mamas who have mastered the Boppy, slings, or any other hacks that allow you to have two free arms during feeds. Please share your tips, tricks, and wisdom with me!!!!! Send help ;)

PS… here’s my weekly go to, MUST HAVE, mama items!


Explanation for why is at the bottom of this post.


Hello, World!

Senna has been so much more alert this week. It’s SO DANG FUN!!! She still is a sleepy little nugget, but there have been more eye open hours for sure! I’m in love. We have been jamming out to the POP CHILLOUT playlist on Spotify (it’s my fav and I listened to it all the time when she was in my belly), and of course Stevie Nicks my absolute fav! We dance around the house as I sing to her and she stares at me making all the funny faces newborns make. Heart. Melts.

Is this normal?

Ok, so I thought I’d mastered showers. To be fair, I’d only done the 10min rinse offs while home alone and saved hair washing for when Coulter was home to watch her.

*** Confession, I only wash my hair about every 5 days (sometimes just once a week). Don’t judge me :p

Anyways, I attempted to wash my hair on my own. It might sound like a small feat, but I have naturally wavy thick hair, plus a row of extensions so it takes a long time to wash my hair… BUT it’s also the reason I can go for so long without washing it ;) …Thanks, @Hairby_Chrissy!

So, I hopped in the shower after feeding her…thinking I at least had 20mins to do this! As I’m rinsing the shampoo I hear her start to cry a little. As I quickly throw in conditioner she starts doing this super sad cry she does when she’s really wanting to be held, it crushes my soul when I hear it. So I decided to hop out of the shower and grab her, then take her back into my walk in shower and sit on the seat with her while my conditioner sat in my hair. HAHA, yep.

IT WORKED! I successfully snuggled her back to sleep, put her back in her Dockatot outside the shower, then washed my hair and got out. Anyone else have strange stories like this, please tell me I’m not the only one?

Highlight of the week...

She smiled!!!! I got my first wide awake, I meant to do it, SMILE!!!! Not going to lie, I got VERY teary eyed.

I picked her up from her nap to feed her and she smiled at me! I thought, “No way! That wasn’t on purpose!”. So, I sat there smiling back at her and giving her kisses and…. she did it three more times. Let the waterworks begin.

She’s yet to do it again since, but I’m anxiously awaiting the next time it happens!

Want to Shop This Look? More details here.

These are a few items that are my daily must haves! I live in these Blanqi nursing pants! SERIOUSLY OBSESSED!!!

There’s a few of my favorite nursing bras…. Also, the Third Love bra I like to sleep in just cause it’s nice to wear a non-nursing bra sometimes! I have multiple colors and loveeee this bra.

Lastly, the only three makeup products I use when I’m being lazy!

  1. Erborian CC creme. MUST GET! I am beyond obsessed. It’s light and I use this instead of foundation, ALWAYS.

  2. Bronzer. Plus, the brush stays in the bronzer box, making it even easier for mamas! One less thing to find in your makeup bag!

  3. Brows. If you have a good brow, you’re good to go!

With love, 

Chantelle Paige-Mulligan 

Mommy Monday Week 3

Mommy Monday Week 3

Beds + Diapers = Disasters


So, diapers and I dont seem to be the best of friends. Not sure if you knew this, but apparently, you can be snuggling your little one and if they pee, and you’re tilting them just right, it can come sliding down their back & out the backside of their diaper. All over the bed. And you. Oh, did I mention there was just a little bit of that yellowish poop mixed in? Yep. 

Beds + Diapers + Me = Disaster

In other news....

Baby girl is now 3 weeks old and we have her sleeping in her nursery in the Snoo! She really is the sleepiest sleeper! We’ve been going to bed around 11, she sleeps till about 3 or 4am, then again ‘til 9-ish! We’re new parents who are sleeping!?!? We’re just enjoying this while it lasts ;) 

As for me...

I feel like I’m finally starting to feel my ab muscles (or what’s left of them) again. Hello old friends, it’s been about 6-8 months without you & you were missed. Thanks for finally allowing me to sit up without having to grab onto something for leverage.

Highlight of the week...

Prosciutto (our pet mini pig) constantly comes up to Senna and sniffs her, then honks off. We’re pretty sure he realizes he is never going to beat his new lap competition & has decided to make his annoyance abundantly clear. To be fair, he’s been incredibly sweet with her and we couldn’t be more relieved. Smooch (our cavalier), on the other hand, I’m pretty sure doesn’t even realize she exists. I’m still the center of his universe & he lovingly follows me everywhere while completely ignoring her... even when I’m trying to force them to love each other. 

Senna’s highlight... 

She started laughing this week. Nothing makes me smile bigger. She does it when she’s dead asleep.... it starts with a little smile then she giggles out loud wholeheartedly. It’s amazing and I cannot wait for her to actually laugh at something we do or she does!!!! My heart might just explode when that happens. 

Aside from feeling like a walking milk machine still, I’d venture to say that I am absolutely loving motherhood. 10 out of 10. Would do it again. Highly recommended!

Off to snuggle the sweetie before I turn back into a cow.

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With love, 

Chantelle Paige-Mulligan 

Mommy Monday Weeks 1 & 2

Mommy Monday Weeks 1-2

The Love Bubble


So sorry for promising these posts and taking so long to get them started! …The love bubble is a real thing, and I’m so not ready to pop it yet . I’ve been enjoying every snuggle, smile, sad little cry, spit ups, all the funny faces, and so much more. Taking it all in, and I’m so glad I did because 2 weeks have already flown by. 

I’ll get into details of the birthing process and how it all went in another post, today’s post is all about my first 2 weeks with this little nugget! 

Our First Night

Our first night with her, in the hospital, I looked over to my left at my incredible hubby sleeping contently, then to my right to see this unfamiliar little face. She looked so much like me, while looking SO unlike me! I remember thinking, she’s mine? She’s so tan, with such dark hair!!! I must have sat there staring wondering if I was allowed to pick her up yet (or do I wait for her to start crying first?). She felt so foreign to me and I was completely unsure what to do. Couple that with being so sore, sleepy and in a haze from the day before….but also so happy I could (and did) cry.

I gave birth at 5:24pm. She was 9lbs 7.5oz and 19 3/4inches long! Our hospital does skin-on-skin for 45 minutes as soon as she arrives (before weighing or anything else). The reason they do this is they say it helps the baby connect and latch. It sure did… within 20 minutes this hungry little hippo was looking for the boob! She fed for 30mins as I stared at her… I CAN’T BELIEVE I MADE A HUMAN!!!! She then went over to dad for some skin-on-skin time. Looking over at Coulter whispering to her will forever be one of my favorite memories! Another notable memory was the nurse who turned Senna around before she passed her off to Coulter saying, “just in case you wanted to see how cute her little butt was.” I did!!! It was dang cute!!! 

At exactly 24hrs we took baby’s final test and headed home! We were missing our own bed, had Sav, Cole, Everleigh, Posie, and my mom waiting at our house, and we were ready to get home. The first few days back were a blur…between all the visitors, and the feedings every 2 hours. Senna was on the verge of jaundice and I had to feed every 1.5-2hrs until she passed her test (she finally did on day 6!) i still can’t believe the overwhelming feeling of being fully responsible for this tiny, sleepy human. 

Our First Weeks

I did all the things I swore I wouldn’t! I was adamant I would NEVER co-sleep. Well, when you’re feeding every 1.5-2hrs, your baby book knowledge goes out the door and you move the Dockatot between you and your hubby and co-sleep.

The Dock-a-tot

She refused to sleep in the Snoo, and hated being anywhere that wasn’t directly next to a human…. So, she won that round! (We’re now slowly transitioning her to the Snoo, and she seems to be taking it to it more now… fingers crossed!). 


The Snoo

We also decided that the 10 steps out of our room to her nursery changing table were too much at 3am, and that changing her on a pad in our bed was clearly the better option. That back fired… literally. One morning, post feeding, we jointly decided to change her diaper. We prepared for her to start peeing the second we took off her diaper, yes… that is something she surprised us with quite a bit and we now thought we had her figured out. As I sat there holding the diaper flap waiting to close back up once the peeing started….. she decided to up her game. SURPRISE! A shot of liquid poop came flying out onto my hands, my stomach, and our bed. I sat there in my nursing bra and undies in shock, turned to look at Coulter, and we both couldn’t help but start dying laughing. He finished up diaper duty, while I put the sheets in the wash and myself in the shower. Needless to say, we now walk to the changing table.

There are so many other adorable stories, funny moments, and sleepy mom times I’d love to share… but it’s my b-day and we are about to drop off the little one to Grandma’s house and head out on a date. So more to come next Monday!!! 

In the mean time, here are a quick bullet points to sum up week 1-2!

  • She opens one eye (usually the left) to see what’s happening before deciding if she wants to open both and fully wake up.

  • Yes, she is genuinely that sleepy! 

  • When I burp her she sticks both arms out and lifts both eyebrows up (it’s one of my favorite faces she makes and it cracks me up)

  • She’s got these long dark eyelashes (they make me and my blonde lashes super jealous ;p) 

  • During tummy time she kicks both legs & we’ve nicknamed her creepy crawler during this time!

  • For part of my b-day present Coulter put a pen in her hand and helped her “write me” a card. It was the cutest. 

Week 1 Shopping Guide:

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  1. Dockatot co-sleepers

  2. Little Giraffe blankets

  3. The SNOO crib

  4. Hatch nightlight

Love you all lots and more to come soon! 

With love, 


What to pack in you pregnancy "Go Bag"

What I packed in my Go Bag!

Packing a Go Bag can seem overwhelming, how can you really know what you will need … and what you won’t use at the hospital? Well, here is my list of exactly what I packed to be baby ready!

For you: 

✓ comfortable leggings 

✓ loose fitting shirt, 

✓ Loose dress (in case of a c-section) 

✓ a robe

✓ granny Pantie underwear 😂 I went and got third love ones so I felt less gross. And knix cause they absorb so just in case the pad ... ya know ....

✓ nipple cream (hatch mama)

✓ socks, 

✓ rubber band for hair (invisibobble)

✓ nursing bra (third love, bravado, and belly bandit)

✓ toiletries 

✓ Gatorade

✓ water

✓ high protein snacks (lots of snacks) 

✓ head phones

✓ Your baby care plan in a folder 

✓ Gum

✓ Mouth wash

✓ Face wipes

✓ Pads

✓ Eye mask 

✓ Diffuser 

✓ Oil  (so your hubby / partner can rub you!)

✓ Pillows with bright cases or just not white 

✓ Glove (Amazon)

✓ Carmex 

For baby: I put baby stuff in my diaper bag 

✓ Swaddles 

        ✓    Receiving blanket

✓ Baby one piece outfit (2) nothing with leggings because of umbilical cord

        ✓    OUTFIT TO COME HOME IN 

✓ Pacifier

✓ A few newborn diapers (they will also have some at the hospital) 

✓ Diaper wipes 

✓ Beanie

✓ Diaper rash cream

✓ Car seat

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A quick trip to L'Auberge Hotel in Carmel

L'Auberge Hotel in Carmel ( it’s our favorite!)


Since Coulter and I got married in Carmel, it has become one of our favorite places for a weekend getaway, of course! We've stayed at a few hotels while there and there are some INCREDIBLE options!!! L'Auberge has has become one of our favorites!!! It's a boutique hotel with gorgeous amenities, an amazing restaurant, spa, and it's right in the heart of Carmel.


LOCATION: We love the location since you can eat breakfast and just head a block out to the main street of Carmel for shopping and strolling!!! A quick walk to the beach and tons of AMAZING restaurants as well! 

RESTAURANT: Award winning restaurant that serves an 8 course meal!!! WOW!!!! ...needless to say, your breakfast every morning while there will be sensational, even if you choose to opt out of the luxurious dinner option!

THE HOTEL: It's such a quaint and cozy atmosphere! The rooms have a charming feel but still feel fresh and new!!!! Our bathroom floor heated up, OMG! We had caramels waiting in the room when we arrived, the best I've ever had! Cookies came with our nightly turn down service (YUM)! The staff was incredibly sweet and helpful.... I mean I could go on and on. It's truly beautiful!

If you're taking off to Carmel anytime soon, I highly recommend staying here.

With love,


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IT'S A BOY!!!! (just kidding) ... It's an OOTD!

IT'S A BOY!!!! JK... It’s an OOTD!


I've been LIVING in Chaser this pregnancy! Their sweats (and clothes) are SOOOO soft and amazing! Check below to shop my full look.


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Benefit Pink Palace HQ Visit

I got to tour the PINK PALACE aka Benefit's HQ. It was amazing and amazingly pink. So, I’m clearly in love with Benefit and I love even more that they are a brand born and raised in SF, that's still based here. They genuinely have some of my go to makeup. The concealer, brow gel + brow pencil, and hula bronzer are ALWAYS in my makeup bag and the shadow has become a new favorite thing along with a few other products I’ve included below.

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'Tis the season...


We shot at Mission Loft , so fun and pretty and I had far too many cozy looks to share with you all!


Margaret O'leary sweaters are my go to this snuggly cold time of year, seriously beyond obsessed ...and then here are some other goodies that are the exact or similar product to all the looks in the video.


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Bestie Credits - Rachel aka 5oclocksunday

Photographer Credits - Haley Jacoboson


Happy Holidays!

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